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The image name is TT.png. My first thought in seeing this is that TT is short for "Trump Time."

I remember several of Trump's staff referring to Trump's speed in execution of plans as being referred to as Trump Time.

For example, Trump's first Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was a sandbagger and bogged everything down. Definitely deep state in my opinion. When he was fired and Mike Pompeo was brought in, it became fairly well known that he was a fast mover and worked on Trump Time.


Trump: "Tillerson, get to North Korea and diffuse rocketman."

Tillerson: "Why do I have to do that? My schedule is really full."

Trump: "Pompeo, get to North Korea and diffuse rocketman."

Pompeo: "I am already over the Pacific. Heading there now."

If Trump is Q (17), then TT is 17.

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Sounds like Bannon thinks so.

To me, Thiel and Musk are very similar. I see both good and evil in both of them. I'm hoping for the best from both of them, but I don't think I can ever truly trust either.

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I agree that Putin and Xi are not specifically called out, and should be due to Ukraine and the Uighurs. However, Russia and China are definitely called out as the greatest perpetrators of mass genocide by referencing past communist leaders from Russia (and the USSR) as well as Communist leaders from China.

Perhaps, with so many RINOs bought and paid for by Xi, they simply can't pass the resolution with his name in it?

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Normies don't but many of the things TGP shares, we share, and we get it out to the tight patriot channels.

We are all in this, not just news sources. It's information warfare and we are the warriors.


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Well, you never know with the Clinton's. Sometimes people commit suicide with two bullets to the back of the head. Or, they hang themselves with extension cords and shoot themselves with shotguns.

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They've been dropping over and over on this.

This is just my opinion. I feel like there is such a massive quantity of corruption worldwide, that if everything is dropped at once then nothing gets traction. Imagine the agony Obama, Biden, and everyone else has to go through every day knowing more and more is coming put and nothing can stop it from coming out?

I fully understand your point and I want that too, I just wonder if my sense of urgency isn't as important as waking normies up to everything.

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