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They’re so desperate to censor that data that they’ve even granted the public health agency, Te Whatu Ora, an injunction preventing anyone in the whole entire world (lol) from publishing the data, according to One News New Zealand. They’re also ominously accusing him of β€œspreading misinformation about Covid-19.” So much for freedom of expression and open debate.

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Amazon is clearly in on it, obviously.

The biggest giveaway is they are deleting reviews as fast as they possibly can.

It's the number one book, but only a handful of reviews? Yah, right!

This thing would be a solid 1 star in my opinion.

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Just read and came to post.

This is important for all Americans to understand.

The FBI has made itself all powerful and unaccountable to Oversight and We The People.

The FBI and Chris Wray could care less about the Constitution. They wipe their asses with it on the john every morning, laughing and cackling, gleefully snooping on Anyone they choose to.

The Blackmail that controls our government, our businesses, our community leaders, ALL of them, starts right here.

The FBI Snoops and Blackmails, all the live long day.

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I think they throw in speaking engagements too. You know, like $500,000 to stand or sit on stage for a few minutes and chat over coffee.

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For new birds here, if you want to learn to planefag, this is the place to start. Click the "U" to highlight only military aircraft.


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And most of our Founding Father's posted anonymously back in the day too. It's an age old way to communicate the message without worrying about the messenger.

In fact, three of them used the same name, Publius, to write the 85 Federalist Papers.

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She represented so many. I also remember people stopping traffic and absolutely losing their sh!t the day after Trump won. It was glorious!

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As they say, once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can't unsee them.

Regardless of the Swift relationship, the fact that Kelce is pushing Covid boosters says all anyone needs to know about him.


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Exactly! I started reading and couldn't stop laughing!

Sounds like the MSM realizes the right is way out in front with being prepared and they need to scare their sheep into doing the same.

Such lies about Trump's responses to storms too. Puerto Rico in particular. That mayor or governor or whoever she was, was acting like an African dictator letting the supplies rot on the dock until she got her cut.

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"The intensification of our natural storm seasons is the No. 1 thing that's going to happen to you," she said. "An electromagnetic pulse that takes out the electrical grid could happen. A nuclear war might happen. A civil war might happen. But a storm will happen."

"In the face of an apocalypse, I want to come out and calmly help people,” she said. β€œI want to be able to create a society that instead of wanting to shoot every stranger, understands our interdependence and creates a better society.”

Dear, I am sorry to say, you will be the first to have your supplies stolen. In the face of an apocalypse, there will be nothing calm when it comes to survival. Animal instincts, from even really good people, will take over and everyone's stash will be on the menu.

Don't be a Rachel Corrie.

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FYI, those are called talons. πŸ¦…πŸΈ

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I am convinced that entire thing is 100% fake.


  1. Swift is huge, anyone connected to her gets a massive boost.
  2. Kelce is a good Tight End but he is not super special.
  3. Kelce is receiving massive advertising dollars and is plastered on ads everywhere. He may be making as much from advertising as he is from playing ball.
  4. What ad sticks out to me the most?

The two things at once ad.

What are the two things? The flu and covid combo vaxx.

Who is that ad brought to you by?


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