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Yeah, my personal style is a little different than his. I also don't have my face all tattooed either like some of the guys there yesterday. Having said that, I loved watching all of their enthusiasm! I would totally hang with any of the people at the Bronx rally and one of the most fascinating things would be listening to their perspective on the world.

If this guy is dropping bombs about Joe and Ashley in the shower it tells me the Great Awakening is spreading far and wide.


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One of my favorite parts was when Trump said (paraphrasing):

I'm sick of talking about politics. I know I have to because I am running for office. But before politics, I used to speak at the Learning Annex. I really enjoyed that. I would speak about personal development and inspire people to be their best. I want to talk to the people of the Bronx about being their best for a little bit.

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And let's remember what came from 9-11.

Patriot Act: "Lawful" spying on American Citizens. Allowing the CIA and FBI and all the rest of the IC to collude with each other through the newly created office of DNI.

An entire new government department, the Department of Homeland "Security". This new department created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Travel has never been the same and every TSA agent gets to stare at our nuts and tits as we go through their scanners. Total invasion of our privacy and normalizing it.

In reality, what these laws, rules, and new government departments and agencies have accomplished is a complete destruction of our privacy rights, complete control over our borders, and complete control over our elections.

The most egregious evil of all that's been created by the unified government intelligence agencies is their reckless and malevolent spying on all Americans, especially politicians, judges, business leaders, community leaders, church leaders, media leaders, tech leaders, and everyone else in positions of power so that they can be blackmailed and controlled. If you ever wonder why politicians and leaders go against the majority of those they lead, it is because of blackmail.

All my personal opinion.

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^^^^ This. πŸ’―

because democrats usually put in fake orders

Remember Oklahoma City? Dems bought a ton of tickets and then the MSM was all prepped with their stories to say Trump can't pack a stadium anymore.


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And there in lies the exact strategy Soros used, in reverse.

He filled blue states, counties, and cities with commie DAs.

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β€œThe right to vote presupposes the rule of law governs elections. If elections are conducted outside of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the government. Such elections are unlawful and their results are illegitimate.”

~ Justice Bradley, pg 12

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Maybe it does, but we all know what the left is going to do.

  1. Flood the nation with ballots for illegals.
  2. Media promotes record turnout for Joe, even more than 2020 cause Trump so bad!
  3. Courts, courts, more courts, 4 more years go by.
  4. Oops, yah some illegals voted 4 years ago in 2024.
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u/#pony u/#wildwest

Apply Here.*

*Only VAXXERS Allowed. (Must be their way of screening out any infiltrators that might get some bright ideas.)

Biden for President requires all employees to be "up to date" on COVID-19 vaccination status as prescribed by the CDC as a condition of employment, unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law. If you seek a reasonable accommodation in relation to the campaign's COVID-19 policy, you should speak to the HR Department prior to reporting to an office location.

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Agreed. They have absolutely zero clue what they do to themselves.

Having said that, if a bunch of Bronx residents show out for Trump, that really might start waking people up. Holding a rally in a place like this will show the TRUTH and there is nothing the media can do to stop it.

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Loved it!

And to think the Bloody British think they have proper English!

Always spoutin' off that Americans bastardized their language, do they?

Bloody right, ya damn fools!


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Illegals can vote as long as they believe they are citizens.

Oddly worded indeed?

Not oddly worded at all.

Precisely worded as the Uniparty wanted it worded.

~ πŸ«πŸ‘ΊπŸ¦

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"Everybody’s struggling. People are getting desperate!"

"People need to see that their leader cares about them β€” and Donald Trump does care about them, and that's why he's coming here."

"Donald Trump is the MAN!"

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