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I can think of one other leader who promised to fight the banking dynasties and end their Rothschild owned central bank and free his people from being usury debt slaves to the globalist New World Order.

Bolshevik academia, Hollywood pedophiles and the "enemy of the American people: our mainstream media" lie about him almost as much as they lie about President Trump.

I pray we can try to also free ourselves and our children and our grandchildren from being their slaves.

See Q post #135-138.

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Do you know why he was booted? Memes suggested he was ADL / JIDF and creating and pinning his own posts to "correct the record".

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99% of polling is fake.

It's more likely these stats were published by the MSM to set the table for keels-up-Harris to take over.

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That was beautiful.

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I love these "clone" posts because we get a new one every week and they all feature a low-resolution, blurred dull potato-photo compared to a high contrast, high-resolution photo with a bright light source.

Occasionally one of the photos are horizontally flipped for extra-excitement.

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Yes, there's a lot of difference when comparing a clear, high-resolution, high-contrast photo with a blurry, desaturated image of the same person.

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I think I've seen memes on Patriots.Win and Poal about that UhtredRagnarok user.

Was he an ex-mod from GreatAwakening?

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I'd question why they manufactured this data and chose to show it because it's almost guaranteed to be fake data that was created to support their controlled opposition.

These sorts of "polls" are often used to set the table for upcoming fake news narratives. Perhaps CNN and MSNBC will use this to incite more hatred against unvaccinated free-folk by showing how much we legitimately don't give a fuck about the COVID holocaust hoax?

The MSM are all working together to kill America from with, like a cancer.

They want us and our children to die screaming.

They are no our friends.

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Never trust mainstream media polls.

Have you learned nothing?

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I'm expecting a massive outbreak of the Coronasniffles that is so bad that it can kill your twice, or perhaps a terrorist bombing or a mass shooting.

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Ha ha ha - I hadn't noticed that before!

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People on T_D were discussing claims that Hillary had been arrested in October 2017 and I've been following, with an open mind, every since.

I largely followed because I'm interested in politics and I was certain that President Trump would use the midterms as the biggest sting operation in U.S. history to catch all the Democrat cheating...

...and I still think that's what happened, only the midterms were used to make the Democrats feel confident about cheating so they'd "go for gold" during the 2020 election, which they absolutely did.

I still think this was a huge part of "the plan" because election reform was a major 2016 Trump campaign promise that he didn't seem to act on in any meaningful way... but I think if Arizona is the first domino to fall or even it it's not then it opens the door for military intervention.

Or I might be completely wrong. Either way I am praying for the best and preparing for civil war.

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Agreed because people with permanently damaged immune systems will eventually die from infections, if blood clots in their hearts, lungs and brains don't kill them first.

It's just a matter of time.

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I suspect we'll lose far more than 4-6% due to the deadly COVID vaccines.

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This is history they are terrified you'll learn about because it destroys their entire narrative and makes an entire generation of certain people look like knowing liars.

If it's easy to find then they'll have already scrubbed it from the internet, however I've found some fantastic research in old encyclopedias and history books written in the early 1950s. Old newspapers from the 1940s and early 1950s can also be very educational.

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It's a prickly subject so I just PM'd you with some info.

Eisenhower's Holocaust is not disputed by any historian, so there is plenty of info available if you do a little digging because it is a subject they are TERRIFIED you'll learn about.

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It's almost as if Social Media and Google are conspiring with the House of Rothschild to hide the truth.

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