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It makes you wonder if all this tranny stuff they shove down kids throats (sorry for phrasing lol) isn't a psychological attack by China. Look at many of the places around them that are basically widely known for that stuff (Bangkok, for example). What made so many of the men in those locations do that to themselves in such huge numbers (and young ages)

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The internet is one of the worst things to happen to humanity while simultaneously being one of the most beautiful

It's a loaded gun, plenty of power to be used for both good or evil

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The priest and his wife at the church I've been going to since I got Sober in July (Baptized in October) suprised me with a present today (I would have been grateful for just a greeting card but they gave me a 100$ gift card. . 😲 ) and an older couple that I see there every week also gave me a present (33 dollars to represent my age, as "they do for their grandchildren" to use their words) and both gifts came with a beautiful card..

I definitely wasn't expecting anything so that was an awesome suprise. As more and more people go off the hinges and turn away from God, I'm so blessed to have turned towards him during the hardest year of my life. It absolutely made the weight much lighter to carry

Just wanted to share that, in a sea of bad news it's always nice to have something wholesome to tell. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Yes but in a different way

Growing up I was always attracted to counter culture, going against authority and etc

Never would have expected being "normal" is the new weird. NOT being a tattooed colored-haired septum piercing having freak atheist IS the new counter culture

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Aside from wanting to quit there's very few things that'll stop you. I had multiple hospitalizations from pancreatitis and I still found my way back to the bottle

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Some of you may remember my comments on previous General Chats about the trouble I got into while still battling my drinking - I'd just like to follow up that my sentencing finally came on the 5th, and because I have been doing so well with my recovery they agreed to my plea for probation, so it went good and I can breathe a little easier

I also received my 5 month sober chip the same day

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Yeah, he really put it all out there

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I don't, cause for me I had to hit absolute bottom to finally climb my way out and that's not a method I suggest lol

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I'm about 2 weeks shy of 5 months

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My first Thanksgiving 100% sober.. also the first Thanksgiving without my grandfather I took care of for 11 years. Was a weird mix of emotions but as the world keeps gettin nuttier I'm just glad my heads getting clearer

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Don't forget Avicii, his music video about it has reached 95 million. He most likely knew they'd take him out for making it...but he still did it.

For those who haven't seen it: https://youtu.be/Xq-knHXSKYY

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They've already threatened him with them as the precipice.. I think that's why he's taking the gloves off. Once they got put on the line he realized it's all or nothing at this point

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I think I might actually fire up ol Majoras Mask after work today it's been too long

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I've been sick since about Friday night, no jab, it sucked but I feel it curving back down. Still dealing with phlegm and such, and nose feels like I been using sandpaper from having to blow so much... but, I have to wonder how much worse it woulda been had I took their shot

Most people at my work got sick too (small group, all in close contact with eachother) .. If it gets worse for any of them I'd be curious if they did take it.

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"Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making you believe he doesn't exist"

I might be paraphrasing, but point stands

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Rock bottoms basement

I've had pancreatitis hospitalizations several times, even my first DUI last year shoulda done it...but that couldn't just seem to break the chains

It took sitting in a jail cell and vowing to God that if when I got out I'd attend AA (which I do nearly every day),attend church, and get that baptism

Haven't touched a drop since those vows were made so I guess he knew I was serious

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With my legal situation, a relapse could result in quite a bit of jailtime so that helps get past any little urges that might pop up

But in general it's been pretty easy - AA helps tremendously

But yeah screw walmart for having beer and water in the same isle lol

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Haven't been on here much but just wanted to share I got my 60 day chip yesterday

Moving forward finally

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I don't believe really any of that actually happened but if they're no longer "teaching" the kids I'm all for it

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I see this being the future for my hometown (Denver)

I miss it, but I moved to Kansas in 2011 and the Denver I left already doesn't exist anymore

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Even back when I was a youngin I always understood school is about obedience not intellect.

You aren't trained to come up with answers, you're trained to regurgitate them

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Haven't been on here in a little bit... between the daily meetings and the new job I haven't been doing much else lol. But, glad to see you're all hanging in there. I hit weeks sober tonight. Still got a mountain to climb but already getting a good view

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