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WOWEE!! That guy can sing!

Thanks OP. Great way to start this holiday weekend.

This should be a sticky, imho.

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Great Meme!! I love Constitution Pepe, especially this weekend.

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But are the laws that created them Constitutional? Or do they federalize something Constitutionally protected of the states (like elections)?

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EAC: Election Assistance Commission. National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)


Why is a National Voter Registration Needed? Is that Constitutional?

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I remember when I first got a reprimand from you when I joined from Voat (literally tens of thousands of comments and posts ago). I defensively blocked you, which was stupid. Now I would like to admit that I don't know how to unblock you. Please instruct how to unblock and accept my apology.

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It helps also to seek God's work in the unfair and unjust, I have found. I have discovered GOD works through all kinds of situations and circumstances and people for good. Sometimes that work is just a hint of the evidence of His presence. Sometimes it is a Great and Mighty Awakening.

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It is interesting that the collateral damage of the Deepstate vs Q war is everyone else. Everyone else is suffering the mental (and physical) manipulations done in this war.

I thought the war was supposed to be out of everyone else's realm, but no. "Everyone else" (We?) are war pieces too, unknowingly--without consent. War is not fair or just.

I like fair and just.

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The big question to decide is does it matter?

Does one believe that what our Constitution and Bill of Rights says "matters"? Then it seems that one would also choose to vote in order to uphold that Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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SauceFag Here.

Sauce please. Please provide representative samples of the "hilarious gifs and memes."

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Oh, you love it and you know it. Admit it. C'mon man.

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Thank you, Lord, for your healing power within Dr. Z. Thank you for his demonstration of faith and trust in You. We have learned a lot from this your servant, and even now we are learning of Your divine sovereignty over life and death. We praise you for Life and for Everlasting Life. In Jesus name, Amen.

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I found Q (or Q found me) while I was researching about Seth Rich and the DNC in late 2016. It felt clandestine because I had to page through many pages of the returned search results of my queries in the search engines before I found the credible news sources, those that told more truth about both the happenings and the open questions.

So, I started reading Q posts and following those that did decodes. I wasn't seeking verification of theories, I was on an honest quest for TRUTH. The more TRUTH I sought, the more GOD revealed. This evokes praise to GOD in me and leads to further revelation and discernment.

I began to notice parallels in the way GOD works today with how He has worked throughout the Bible. So, I found myself reading the Bible and Q posts in the same day. And, it became more and more apparent to me that Q is not independent of GOD. I found evidenced of TRUTH that made me search for more. I thirst for TRUTH.

It is curious to me that we have been migrants. Many felt comfortable enough to participate on pol (4 Chan then 8 Chan then 8Kun). I did not. Instead I followed aggregators and Twitter guys (until I got banned from Twitter--prolly cuz my moniker). Then it was suggested Reddit and I followed there until was sent to Voat. Gotta say, there were two communities in Voat--QRV and GreatAwakening. I didn't feel worthy of QRV. That was for the real autists, the real Anons. I stuck to GreatAwakening. Then the sad thing happened around Christmas when Voat shut down. Everyone suggested various places to go. I only came here because of the GreatAwakening. It took awhile before I liked this place. But now, it really does feel like a community dedicated to TRUTH. I miss voat and the quality of research that was done there and shared there. But, I see glimpses of it here. I am glad for this community, and that it has allowed me to share my faith and humor and interesting finds of articles and tweets.

GAW is my news aggregator, my social media, my fellow patriots (worldwide), my fellow believers, and my teachers. I love this place now. I hope GOD blesses it with great courage and endurance.

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