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It proves without race and sex. They have no real platform.

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We need special forces to be sent into all blue cities. That's the only way to clear up all the crime.

I so wish Trump and the white hats would do this.

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Thank you for this post. I hope more women see this.

Me personally... I think the implant business needs to be shut down.

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What if the white hats now control most of MSM. What if the white hats are nowing going to use Q drops to get the MSM to become apart of the movement?

Could you imagine CNN bringing in "decoders" live on TV. The decorders honestly tell the truth?

Once CNN does something like this. More and more people would visit the drops.

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This proves my point. If crime is in an area.

It’s because the government caused it and want it to continue.

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This is EPIC!!!!

We can rebrand BLM!!!!

Steal the branding from them.

So if they see another BLM shirt out there. They won't know if it's their movement or not.

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I agree it's a bad branding image for sure.

It has no real value to the MAGA movement.

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One other hole in your argument.

Did you know that patient rights and the policy of the LLC is what made innovators excel. Patient laws started in "April 10, 1790".

The reason why these laws matter to this debate.

Before patient rights were implemented.

STOLEN IDEAS was the norm.

Before 1790. You have no idea who stole what idea from whom.

So when you say that you see this so called 'White Culture' mixed everywhere.

You have no idea on where the idea really came from.

What if those "whites" saw the idea from another country. Then implemented back home?

LLC maters because it reduces the risk of getting sued personally for the innovator.

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And when you say it's shared with every other culture.

Then you aren't understanding how ideas work. When Elon and Jobs came up with innovations.

They do so by looking at 1000s of "other ideas". They combine those ideas and their own experiences.

Which produces a new idea.

There is no "White Culture".

There is only entrepreneurs who invent. And everyone else who uses their innovations.

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I don't call that white culture. What you are referring to is Entrepreneurs and Innventors who have an idea.

Defining entrepreneurship as exclusive as "White Culture" isn't logical.

Every human being has ideas. Very few human beings can execute an idea to success.

"Beethoven and Mozart, art like Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt and Michelangelo, Innovators like Da’Vinci, Ford, Jobs and Musk"

Yes are white. But that's "THEIR" innovations.

White people as a whole cannot take credit for what musk has done.

I am a black entrepreneur. Spent over 100k of my savings to get a business off the ground.

Using your logic.

"IF" my business venture takes off. Can other blacks say "Hey... it's our culture to invent XYZ because this other black guy invented it"?

If you understand anything about entrepreneurship. The mass majority of the population will tell you to get a 9 to 5 job and not take the risk of launching an idea.

Your response struck a nerve with me personally. That's because I am apart of the entrepreneurship "start-up" lifestyle.

Your message is telling me that the small minority of inventors "Who Took Risk" That since you look like them. You can now share partial credit saying look what "we" invented???

Innovations is not a whole ethnic thing. Innovations is an individual accomplishment.

It has nothing to do with the other people who live in your area.

An entrepreneur has to risk their time, money and social life in order to make something happen.

Elon's Musk success is his own success. Other white people do not get the benefit of Elon's success because you might look like him.

No offense.

But what you are saying is basically stealing someone else's success.

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I know this is bad.

But I think it gives whites a really opportunity to start winning law suits.

Once the law suits start to fly. Every organization's legal team will notice this.

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I have no idea what it is. I would like to see some type list.

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Progressive to me just means change. A true conservative would fight to keep the system as is.

We all know the system is broken. It needs a rebot.

It needs a major change.

Now what that change should look like. That's the debate right now.

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Here is why this helps our cause.

At this point. I think most of us here would agree.

There is no going back to the way things were.

In reality... We aren't conservatives at this point. No one is a conservative.

All of us are progressives who want to change the system completely.

Our side are progressives who want to return back to the original constitution.

Their side is progressives who want the Green new deal with a NWO centralized government.

If they ignore the surpreme court. This means you don't have a real offical government at this point. They are discrediting their own system.

In order to destory the Cabal's system. We need them to discredit it completely.

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Can someone explain to me what "White Culture" is? Is there some sort of proprietary set of values that you can only have?

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This once again proves that racism is a SCAM!!!

One minute they call my white brothers and sisters racist. The next minute they are doing what they acuse others of.

That's because racism has always been a tool in order to get money, votes and to influence opinion.

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Even if Q was bullshit. It has done wonders to rock the MSM!!!

The fact that they are saying that we are fighting against elite pedos.

The whole Trans push only will red pill more normies to consider Q could be legit!!!

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Calling it out isn’t going to fix it. It’s just finger pointing:

That’s the problem in politics. Too many finger pointers without any real solutions.

Saying that blacks cause a lot to street crime. EVERYONE knows this dude.

So here is how this goes:

1: Those blacks are committing the most crimes/ 2: We need to send them back to Africa


  1. We need to bring back Jim Crow


  1. If we just bring awareness to the issue. It’s going to make them stop.

Do you see where this truth takes you?

People say knowledge is power. That is 100 percent false!!!

Only knowledge that can be converted into tangible and measurable actin is power.

You blame blacks for crime. Someone else might blame whites for pedo and pushing transgender on kids.

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