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Where did I say that blacks are not committing crimes??

I live in Chicago!

OF COURSE, we know that blacks are committing crimes.

What I am saying. It's a minority within a minority that is doing it.

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Here is a good stat website http://www.kpimegalibrary.com/

As you can see. There are over 36,000 KPI stats. So you cannot just take one stat to make a theory.

You need to take stats from MULTIPLE ANGLES!

You are emotional and cherry picking stats that support your emotional biases.

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Observation is a poor way to look at crime.

Because you are not a purely logical being. You are an emotional being as well.

As I mentioned before. You are observing INTENSE crimes by a minority within a minority. This intensity that you are observing is EMOTIONALLY charging you to think that blacks are a lot worse than reality.

So when you look at stats after you see this and observe this. You now will look for stats to back up your emotional state.

Tons of studies prove that people are emotional first and logical second.

Humans over-dramatize things all the time.

That's what you are doing in my view. Then you are using weak stats to support your emotional state.

You don't want to respond because you know I am right about this.

Sorry, brother. But you are biased and have emotional issues with blacks.

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Your way of looking at the data would create tons of biases. In data science. Good data eliminates biases:

The reason why blacks look worse than we are is because of crime intensity.

God says thou shall not kill for a reason.

When a person kills another person.

That’s like the emotional equivalent of like 100 thefts.

That’s why blacks look worse than it actually is.

Physical crimes are extremely emotionally intense. So humans will over dramatize how bad blacks are/

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The way you are looking at it provides a false narrative.

You are saying. That is a none black person who ran into me randomly. They should be worried that I have a much higher chance of attacking them.

This is a lie.

The best way to understand how bad it is. Is to use a per capita formula.

For Example:

Econ folks use Per Capita GDP to determine the quality of life per person.

They take the total revenue of the country and divide that by each person that lives in the country.

This gives them an estimate of the average salary per person.

If you are going to say the total population is bad. You would need to compare crime stats against that total population by distributing that amount of crime to the whole group.

So my formula is implicating every black person as a criminal by distributing the total amount of crime to the whole group.

This percentage tells you the odds of the whole group committing the crime.

The pit bull is a bad example. Pit bulls are bred by a lot of owners to be fight and protection dogs. Remember the football player Mike Vick and dog fighting?

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Because humans want to know what is the chance it will happen to me.

Studies use randomize trials right?

So a good randomize trial would be a white person walking outside and randomly seeing a black person.

Ok... what is the chance this person might attack you?

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Well said!

This is why forcing people to stay in their area with their people. That is assuming that the total group is the same.

I know whites that would never want to live with trailer park whites. Thomas Sowell talks about this.

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You just don't like me dude. You want whites to live only with whites.

I can save you all the debate here. I know what you want.

Just be up front dude.

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I said 99% in terms of MURDERS. Since we are talking about crime. Most of us are talking about murders.

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Yes... but who said burning stuff is needed to make change.

To make change. Shut down the economy. Watch what they do.

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Look at what Trump posted. I don't see him posting content like this too much.

Posting criminal acts will not decrease criminal acts. Unless you created some type of hotline where you wanted people to send you the content so you can report it to the police.

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You really are fucking DUMB dude.

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The 6% of the population is a repeat message from IDIOTS like you. That's why I said it lol!

So you can debunk your own low IQ thinking.

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Here is data from the "Department of Justice"


It's from 2020. I couldn't find 2022.

But this gives you an idea. So take these numbers and divide by 47 million people.

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So why don't you just come out and say it? You want Jim Crow back again.

You see. You guys that say this shit is hiding what you want. You want racial separation again!

The people who post this shit. That's why they post it.

They are KKK/Nazi type of people that is telling you what they really want without saying it. It's race war hype marketing.

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There is no other reason to post this garbage.

The devil likes to insight violence with the ability to deny it.

The people who post this crap will say.

"But I am only posting the truth of what happened".

That's a cop-out. They know they are insight violence.

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Hey trolls.

The 3 of you that want me gone. The mass majority are ok with the post.


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Let me guess.

You want whites to think all blacks are like this. Got it!

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When you say there is more to crime. What are you talking about?

Are you saying blacks are killing more? But they are assigning the crime to white people?

Or they are deleting records from the database? Do you have any evidence of this?

Or do you FEEL this is happening?

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The worse case situation is "One crime per One black person".

That's the worse case.

Now if one person commits 10 crimes.

That will substract the number of crimes per person. Which means one person is inflating the how bad it is for the group.

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I said in my post.

There are people on this board that want me gone out of the country. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

Stop bullshitting and wasting my time. Just say what you think.


That's what you think.

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