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Graham is a sour soy girl wearing no names stinky panties.

She isa farce and joke ... This Biotch needs to be gone from Congress

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Ohhhh .

This Patriot is EAGERLY

Waiting for these






To fully come to Light..

How this wicked web weaves into

BOTH parties corruption at the highest levels..

Me thinks I better get my arse busy

Poppin Corn


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Hmmm... Comes up with 404 error msg

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This is awesome fellow Patriot!

Definitely appreciated!

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Suppositories for the Deep State B*tches !

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Unsure which type(s) of browser you utilize.

Link works on my end.

Search for ' sky news Putin White Falcon '

That is what used to find another link then from Telegram

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"Shape" 1) = physical size dimension of mass ie human body

"Shape" 2) = hive mind thinking ie Orange man bad

Spot On assessment Patriot...

Your statement covers the above

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A capacitor (also known as a condenser) is also an electronic component that stores electrostatic energy in an electric field.

They are more like a battery but they are used for entirely different purpose. While a battery uses chemical reactions to store electrical energy and releases power very slowly through an electronic circuit, capacitors are capable of releasing energy very rapidly.

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Ab so flippin lutely!

Our creator made our human body for various Cannabinoid receptors...

The DS knows this as continues to spew false bullshite about this

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Thank you fellow patriot.

Did not know this sick shizzz

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Anne wrote the body of her diary with

a fountain pen—that is, a pen that uses wet ink.

The only traces of ballpoint pen ink are confined to two loose scraps of paper put with the diary materials later (probably by Otto Frank)

They are clearly in a different handwriting than Anne’s.

When Otto Frank organized the books and papers after the war, he also numbered the pages

partly in ballpoint pen and

partly in colored pencil.

No single entry from Anne Frank’s diary is written in ballpoint pen.

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Sad fluckin truth for sure..

One of my older brothers was in the hospital for Coof related pneumonia.

His lungs were chunky but not filled with fluids.

They wanted to intubate him ASAP.

He immediately called me...

I IMMEDIATELY became his Lawyer - POA -

....COUGH .... ....COUGH....

Some docs might have been * amended* to ensure NO UNNECESSARY medical procedures were done without my consent.

Had a fake filling rdy to go for medical malpractice along with the POA Provided..

I'm good standing b4 God with these lies.

Saved his life.

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Ummm uhhhh...

I identify as a GUY...

Ya know with THAT thing.... 🖊 pen is

Blue 😁

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The More You Know...

Connections are EVERYWHERE

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Oh WoW...

Wasn't aware of THAT additional creep factor fellow Patriot..

Sauce plz..

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Wholly Shizzz-Bawhl...

Damn creepy arse genetics skips generations...

Just realized that Chester Bennington looks more like HIS EVIL Grandfather then his evil minion dad.

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