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I'm sure they won't regret that decision.....

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Guess I was wrong...Everyone knew this commie was gonna abolish any remnants of this country. Lake made good on the Anon publicity and the basic fact [Hobbs is following the Cabal ](whatever that means anymore)] was slammed home for the normies. well not even normies at this stage.sidenote. How far ahead are we that I'm thinking of Bannons War Room as normie......Great time to be alive frens. Hope this was a test run.

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Thank you for schooling me and giving me the chance to look up all these kitties.

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jokes aside that cat touched more peoples lives than I ever will. Don't let them tell you memes don't matter. Authority can't defend ridicule.

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well said. you don't get a deal on NBC for years and not be involved in the rainbow. The beautiful part is that they can't call him out without exposing themselves.

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She's baiting Hobbs to project whatever bad thing she thinks Lake is gonna release about her. It's always the same strategy. Russia, Racism, Immigration, Pedo shit, etc etc.

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cmon man. think about what you'd think about!!

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