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Now the sun never sets on the American empire. Except that shouldn't be the case; we shouldn't have a military presence all over the world.

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What really worries me is what will happen to/what will people do when everything gets restored, and we have so many low skilled/unskilled workers whose jobs are easily replaced by machines? How many were replaced at McDonald's by kiosks?

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I'd love to know what kind of assurances Trump gave those governments that everything will be okay in the long run, and not to worry about short-term saber rattling.

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That's the wrong spelling in that situation, it's spelled 'massa'.

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When they quit in disgust en masse, then maybe we could give them respect. Police cling to their dictatorial roots; they don't want to throw away their brown shirts.

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It only had just gotten started though. Would be great to see a second book.

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When I do catch movies, they're a little older. Tombstone, Twister, stuff like that, great movies.

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