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C5 asked me to add this private discussion we had. It builds on the idea why it's important to inform all of you. The following is for a different case but relevant for this post. Here's what I said:


"It's nice to have a tight community, but our job is facilitate an awakening in individuals, that's how I see it.   Yes, it's a lonely path, but user/s seems to want validation, and talk to others, so that they have the tribe to do the thinking and decisioning for them, and to keep relying on the tribe?   A massive crash is coming, and both sexes need to get it in their heads to be self reliant, because what is about to come is going to test something on them that no one alive to this day have ever faced in their lifetime. I speculate, the reason why trans shit is being push deliberately out, is to get normie women to fight back against the current system, and if the SHTF, and since 50% of the population are women, developing resiliency may save a lot of them from hurting themselves and others."


Adding more here, let's not dance around the bush here and this is not an attack on women, let's be honest, if the power grid goes down, no water is being supplied, food supply is limited, desperate people roaming the streets, is it men or women that will take a leadership role? Even if some men are liberal minded, because of their nature they will quickly adapt to the situation, but can you honestly say this for women? If 50% of the population are women, and a collapse happens, that's going to be a massive problem for solutions being rolled out as quickly as possible, no?

  Which is why being informed IS NECESSARY.

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It's really not about Trump getting the job done.

We've been propagandized for decades that NK is a despot county who hate white people/Americans. We've seen photos of signs in NK of "Deaths to Americans" all over the place. Even NK children in classrooms chanting slogans of it.

If you were a typical westerner, you would think if you stepped inside, they would cut your head off immediately.

But when Trump step inside it, wow, what?

To me, NK was just a stage. A decade old production by the cabal, maybe to keep the public on edge, maybe to keep China and Japan in line, as good criminal organizations would do.

Remember the adage, the world needs a bogey man for the world to focus on, and NK was one of them.

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I've been totally onboard ever since Trump stepped into North Korea.



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I see Belarus, also doing this, at pretty much the same time as Russia.


The timing is interesting when Putin moved nukes into Belarus 4 days ago? 🤔

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Ericsson and their affiliates were also in charge of zoom lessons and cyber security during the plandemic.

Creepy as shit 🥶

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No man. If I had a kid in the army, even if they said something to me in the quiet, I would not release that info on a public board, for safety concerns.

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Here you go, more about Petey Hotez:


So many clear paper trails to these dirtbags. If Nuremberg does happened, there's no escape for them.

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These perverts need to be in front of God and face justice.

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There's no need for background music!!!!!

Hate videos like these.

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They do a psyop. So we do a psyop.

Think Mirror.

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Hope they stay alive long enough to get dragged into Nuremberg 2.0.

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This one always gets me.

They use this particular catch phrase, but except everyone else?

If I put one of them in a wet paper bag, we die of boredom before they're able to fight their way out of one.

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Almost all hollyweird movies is about predicative programming not entertainment.

For some reason, I always thought this one was made by bad guys to scare the today's young to take action now, or else, as per usual, the planet is going to die, hitler is coming back etc ....

But Pratt is a conservative and Christian, and did The Terminal List, which the left and radicals hated, because it was anti woke, and reflected right sided ideas.

I find it hard to believe he did The Tomorrow War for money, and he can command, pick and choose the movies to do.

To do this movie is telling.

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Yes, that was very off putting.

They had time to think of a way to kill the aliens effectively, but really, gave them potatoes to shoot and m&ms as ammo,

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