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God Bless Brazil. I hope the people take their country back.

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People in Brazil are doing it because they are poor so they need to not have to, take action.

People in China are doing it because they've been put in longer lockdowns and still are under zero covid policies.

People in America aren't doing it because they are richer and can survive risk of ruin longer.

And that's the point. Because Americans can last longer and have the 2nd amendment, it is a tricky situation, because no one, except America's enemies, want to start a civil war. HENCE a slower approach is required.

No one is telling you to wait for white hats to save you. The great awakening is safety in numbers, more awake, more safety. In America, you have the first amendment, so go and exercise it by writing emails, talking to neighbours, canvassing, attending school boards etc...

AND, we are winning. Just step back and look with your own eyes.

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I did sticky this but then I unstickied it because our very own bubble_bursts beat me to it.

Thanks for your contribution πŸ‘

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You're makng a mistake of putting a lot of absolutes in your analysis.

I love your fire but if you haven't learned anything yet from data fagging, it's going to bite you back.

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The plan is The Great Awakening.

Is the 'Awakening' habbening?' Yes.

Is it 'Great?' I think so. Still much more to awaken.

That's the plan.

AZ is part of the plan not the be all and end all.

Have faith. We're getting there.

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NYT seems to think this is about Q and Q anon.... and not the pervasion of kids??

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Love Liz πŸ’•πŸ™

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Yep, not organic. GA Mods are on top of it πŸ‘πŸ’―

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Where's the pdf?

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Dooming all the time doesn't help you or the cause. There's too much estrogen flowing in your system and you're being silly with all this talk about going kinetic. Grab you balls and put on your big boy pants, the country ISN'T completely lost. You doomers still think voting and guns are only one way to fight back. Because you have the 1st, you can easily go out in the streets and cry your heart out.

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I waiting for the US to finally do what it needs to do. No US, then the entire planet is lost. Outside of the US, nothing else matters.

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You do understand that if America goes into civil war, you will be eating China's asscrack forever, yes? You understand basic economics, yes? While you are shooting each other in the face and once the dust settles, China will hold America by the balls when they've surrounded America. But at least you got the traitors lined up, huh.

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"denying people are being pushed to their limits"

We all are. And?

I live outside the US so I don't even have rights like Americans, do you see me panicking? I'm still in lockdown and prevented from going into certain places. Masking is mandatory, I have more to complain than those in America, right?

In the US why are you complaining when they can't do this to you, huh??

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Yes, criminals will stick to those dates because they are criminals, nothing can stop that.

But in the US, it ain't happening.

First, your 1st amendment is there.

Second, your 2nd amendment is there.

Can't find the study now but something like 55% of Americans say they will never take a vaccine again.

You really think we're losing?

The ship is sailing in the direction we want. If there is war then it will turn where we don't.


Get my point?


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