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Dave also interviewed Kari Lake, too.

I am also grateful he touches on the Q posts in almost every segment, to point it out to the normies to dig into Q.

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You're 3 years too late to come this conclusion my maybe Godly friend.

Go and run for office and see if you do better than Trump, because this ride is hillarious and the deep state and their goons are getting their asses kicked left right and centre.

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Go and run for president then, and fixed 4,000 years of elitist rule. When you succeed, then come back and tell us how it went.

Oh wait, I get it, you can take them all down from the internet. I see your Godly plan. Smart!!

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And that would make the US to be in a terrible long term position to be in.

While the commies gain strength due to the US being isolated, all countries will start a plan to chip away on her sovereignty until it becomes a limp dick, with no juice to get hard again.

Not ONE country outside the US will help her, because they would be cowed to the satanists through and through.

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That twat Macron, knew what he was doing would bring the protestors out. There's no way the french would allow this.

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In fact, haven't you been banned a few times for pushing shill stuff?

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You've been here one year and you still don't have a clue.

Maybe this place isn't for you?

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You talk fancy but you haven't a clue what's happening, do you?

I'm serious. Do you understand what the great awakening really is?

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If you are squared away and able to survive for a while with food and essentials, I am betting heavy on twitter and doge coin.

If Trump is the future, then Musk certainly is a certainty.

So why would Musk allow Twitter to fail?

If Twitter is here to stay, you can be for sure it will be a platform everyone flocks to, and uses for unfettered free speech, from all around the world.

Now, imagine, each tweet, which is genuine and factful, can even be a edgy meme, or even digital art, get paid with doge coin. Wouldn't that make the platform free and clean, because the tweeters want to be paid, right?

Imo, it is only the start.

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Maybe some of you feel I am being ridicalous for pushing panic.

If it doesn't happen, no big deal, I don't care. But I did warn you.

As the saying goes, don't get your johnson caught in the zipper, becauseI am wearing button flies.

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