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It's called "banging the walls".

If you want to kill the rats in your walls, you bang on them and scare them out and start swinging that bat.

Imagine you're a local town sheriff and there is a huge meth dealer in your town and he is well armed and promises to shoot cops if they come for a raid...

your best option?

start a rumor that there is a raid scheduled for 4 days from now, get them to panic and try to move the drugs and money, then you pull them over on a country road away from everyone where they don't have a defensive position and homefield advantage.

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this has been a projected disaster for decades, it's not as sexy as some of the other ones because it's somewhat localized but ironically it's the one that is actually possible to happen soon.

there is a massive split in the land, and if it slides off into the ocean all you east coasters are going to have an issue.

it's something that could happen, but most people don't talk about it... they'd rather talk about yellowstone or an asteroid or whats happening right now.

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military CAN do their own investigation, and perhaps Durham is doing just that, but what i believe is more likely is Durham is working in his official capacity to finish the investigation he started, recommend charges for wrongdoing he finds, then conclude his investigation by forwarding his findings onto all appropriate agencies.

If Durham feels the level of corruption he uncovers justifies a declaration of 11.3 via military action then this will happen and there isn't a damn thing the elites can do about it.

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it would make this the 3rd time he faked his death...

so there's that.

i was only half joking when i posted that, but there is a lot of possible tie-ins with this entire situation and this is just one of them.

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anyone feeling froggy enough to leap on the similarities between dWAC and WHACKDcoin?


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Lets say you sell lemonade and so does your neighbor.

Your neighbor has been selling lemonade for decades, they are really good at it, they have a huge competitive advantage over you.

You'll never catch them, your only option is to fight dirty...

Pay their employees extra money on the side to steal their lemonade recipe, pay them to "accidentally" dump a whole days worth of lemonade onto the ground, maybe even pay them to steal money out of the register or lie to get one of the best employees fired.

We have a government being ran by the type of employee that would take your side money to do those things to the lemonade stand they work for.

They have no morals, they have no qualms about destroying something so long as they make money nothing else matters to them.

They are the asshole from the matrix who wanted to eat steak everyday in the simulation.

This is who and what we are dealing with...

They sold our IP, they sabotaged our economy, they allowed an invasion of people who will drag our country down and make us more dependent on china for manufacturing.

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I think thats a horrible way to teach that lesson if thats what you took away from it...

Let me give you a real world example of the harm being caused by stuff like that:

I grew up going to mandatory "just say no" classes in school, in those classes the cops come into the room and equate all things as "drugs"... alcohol is a drug, marijuana is a drug, crack, heroin, meth... drug drug drug...

Then I grow up watching my parents drink at parties, and none of the horrible things the cop told me were true... I loved my parents, and they certainly didn't act like violent murderous savages after a few sips...

So the cop was lying?

Then I get a little older and see all my peers having a few drinks, having a few tokes off the joint... and they don't flip out and start stabbing people, they don't start raping women and robbing banks for beer money...

So the cop was lying?

After seeing this, after noticing the cop was probably lying, I start drinking some beers at parties, even take a few hits off the joint, i have way more fun, way more comfortable around people and become more social, have deeper more meaningful conversations about interesting topics... wake up the next morning feeling fantastic, feeling like every single thing the cop told me was a blatant lie.

So the cop was lying... what else was he lying about?

Was he lying about coke? crack? heroin? meth?

Luckily i was smart enough to see exactly what was going on but a LOT of kids i went to school with weren't able to distinguish the truth from the bullshit.

When you equate everything as "a drug", when you tell people a few sips of beer turns you into a rapist or a rape victim... you run the risk of everyone then ignoring every good intended thing you tried to tell them.

Honesty is the best policy... "you can have a few beers, but if you drink a lot you'll get drunk and loose control of yourself"

"if you just sit around and get hammered all day you'll make a complete fool out of yourself, probably throw up a lot, possibly get into a car accident or a fight and hurt yourself or someone else"

"you can hit the joint a few times and have a little fun, but if you sit around all day doing bong rips you'll wind up being a demotivated worthless piece of shit"

honesty gets you further than well intended lies, kids aren't stupid, and they are rebellious by nature... they usually assume older people don't know what in the fuck they are talking about... and you are encouraging behavior that enforces that assumption.

stop lying to kids, it's just doing more damage in the long run.

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yeah, and i'm telling you thats a loser who smokes pot, not a pot smoking loser. lol.

there are just as many types of smokers as there are types of people... for obvious reasons.

i worked the sales counter at a med and rec legal dispensary for three years before i started growing full time. people from all walks of life, all types of people, all coming in there for the same thing... some good weed they can trust.

i saw people like you describe, and i saw the complete opposite end of that spectrum... all buying the same exact things.

i really appreciated my med customers, most of them were great down to earth people who were coming to me for pain relief or to stop their seizures or to reduce the ocular pressure in their eyes...

the most drastic customers i served were the people with MS... i always knew that it helped but never really got to see it in action till one day i had this guy come in who could barely talk or walk he was constricting so hard. i helped him quickly with his purchase and got him out of there asap because i could tell he was uncomfortable. he left and i went back to business as usual. about 30 minutes later this dude comes walking back into the store and says "hey man i forgot to get some edibles"... completely normal, walking with a stride, speaking with perfect non-shaky voice...

i'll never forget it...

anyone who tells you weed isn't something people should have open and safe access to is a clueless heartless piece of shit.

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man, i haven't seen that movie since the year it came out... so i must apologize for missing the quote and being defensive... i was in mid battle with a throng of anti-weed weirdos.

anyway, aside from the many quotables from that movie, my favorite part was the narration on the way into the circus casino while on the devils ether.

Raoul Duke: "Bazooko's Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday nights if the Nazis had won the war. This was the Sixth Reich."

lol, good stuffs.

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yeah go fuck yourself too there buddy.

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i told you exactly why, you just didn't like the answer.

we don't need to be in an "anti-satanists" religion to oppose perverted evil satanists.


religion is used as a rallying point, something to unite behind.

i don't believe in god, i don't believe in satan either... but some people do, and some of those people do some horrific shit.

i don't have to believe in god to believe the shit those people are doing is wrong.

...but some people do, and i'm not against that.

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because faith in the unknown has been used for centuries by elites and people wishing to command the masses to give them a rallying point.

if we all crashed on an island and one person stands up and says "you guys over there go get water, you guys go find food, you guys go build shelter, etc..."

many in the crowd would say "who the fuck put you in charge" and fighting would happen... a struggle for leadership and rank and duty sharing...

however if that same guy grabs a shell off the beach, and pretends to have a convincing conversation with that shell, then announces "i just got off the shellphone with god and he said if you guys don't go get water, and you guys don't go get food, and you guys don't go build shelter... he's gonna send a huge tidal wave to kill us all...

it's far easier to get stupid people to do things they know they should probably do anyway if/when you threaten them with the unknown.

you write down a bunch of common sense shit in a book and get people to live by them for the good of everyone... and it's easier to do this if you give them fear of the unknown.

fields don't plow themselves, you can't have your farmers killing each other because one guy fucked another guys wife, or letting them get sick because they were eating filthy pigs in the days before refrigeration and sanitation.

i'm all for religion, it keeps stupid people in line and is an overall net gain for society to have all these people afraid of offending a magic man in the clouds or afraid of having to spend eternal life in the scary burny place with the mean guy...

but it's all nonsense and deep down we both know it.

be a good person, you don't need an old book or a man behind a podium passing around a collection plate to accomplish that.

well... some people do...

but i don't, and i won't be lectured.

it'd be like me trying to convince you that santa clause is a real thing and if you don't leave out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk you'll get coal in your stocking.

it's silly and childish.

but i'm not gonna ruin a kids christmas by telling him.

merry christmas kiddo...

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lol, you just said cope?

haha what a fag.

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ok, lets play...

lets assume that scientologists decided to wage a holy war on society, they based it all on thetans and xenu and that stupid alien movie with john travolta...

do the rest of us have to take on some anti-scientologist religion to battle them?

no, we don't.

just because a bunch of elite pedos worship some fake bullshit satan nonsense doesn't mean i have to be a Christian or Catholic to fight them.

however... it would be advantageous to identify them as such in order to define the enemy and what they believe in.

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you claimed altering your mental state was something bad...

i'm just playing by your rules.

kids spinning till they get dizzy are drug addicted losers

  • you
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"it's going to be biblical" isn't exclusive to religious terminology, it's a movie quote (law abiding citizen).

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friend of mine spent a whole summer selling and doing copious amounts of acid...

at the end of that road he walked out of rehab somehow owning a coin-op laundromat.

he has no idea how that came to be.

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sorry weren't you the one typing in all giant ass letters about god in a topic that had nothing to do with religion?

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your body can't become dependent on weed, it's not physically addictive, but people can get addicted to it like anything else... sky diving, running, fucking, working out... it's a mental addiction.

sounds to me like your older brother and his loser friends have more problems than weed, weed is just something they all do while being a loser and not the other way around.

i own multiple businesses, i'm building my own home, i run a homestead here that provides food for me and my family... and i smoke a little weed every now and then to relax... i barely even drink alcohol.

if you honestly think weed makes people turn into the kind of person your brother is i can't change your mind... but as someone who knows dozens and dozens of very wealthy and successful motivated people... who also happen to smoke a lil weed every now and then... i can tell you that you shouldn't judge the world by the standard of your loser brother.

i think it would shock the hell out of you if you found out just how many people you meet and interact with on a daily basis that smoke weed... they just don't talk about it with people like you cause... well... i think you know.

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lol, i said you weren't allowed to fuck or jerk off because your body releases chemicals into your brain that alters your state of consciousness...

which you defined as bad.

i asked you if you drink coffee or alcohol, you lied and said no so i figured i'd hit you with the sex drugs.

i happen to have a rather normal sex life but thanks for asking. i've got a girlfriend young enough to be my daughter if i started early, i can barely keep up with her and i'm having the time of my life.

i just wanted to assure you that smoking a little weed every now and then isn't this horrible thing you think it is, and shoving your religion down people's throats isn't helping your case.

Gen 1:!2

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the dude just said "unnatural sex" in reply to me asking him about sex...

like just talking about the brain chemistry changes that happen when you get off and this dude spikes the ball and starts ranting about religion.

he's a repressed religious nutjob, and you can't change my mind.

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when you want to get all shitty about altered states of mind, it's fucking relevant.

how bout we start calling kids who spin around till they get dizzy "drug addicts".

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says "biblegirl"

gen 1:12 bitch.

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lol, yes, a piece of rolling paper appears shiny and somewhat translucent when you burn something inside it... it then appears to resemble the shiny back of a roach.

i'm not sure what this has to do with anything but i'm glad i could clear this misunderstanding up for you.

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of course you're a repressed religious nutjob... of course you are...

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