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hes getting ready for part 2

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what is the punishment for treason? they get the fkn wall

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sworn affidavit from Yoel Roth the former head of Twitter's trust and safety, he was meeting every week before the election with the FBI and other intelligence officials, and they warned specifically of what they called a hack and leak operation, a dump of Russian disinformation and Yoel Roth says that in those meetings he was told there was a quote rumor it was about Hunter Biden.>

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it does when the orders Come from the govt

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Elon just dropped email evidence that the Biden campaign were working with Twitter behind closed doors and they themselves ordered Twitter to censor the Biden Laptop story.

The DNC just caught circumventing the Constitution and conspiring with Big Tech to censor the truth, to interfere in an election, and cover up crimes carried out by the Biden family via Hunter.

Ummmmm this is TREASON!

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