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I understand what you're saying that you don't want to spoon feed him, we do need to think smarter how we spend our time

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"For the experiment, the team used a sperm enzyme to activate the egg (fertilising the egg with actual sperm for research purposes is illegal under US federal law)"

6th paragraph from the bottom

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This ^, no disrespect to OP, the amount of happenings each day it's hard to keep track of everything.

We do need to work as a team, we need to specialise in a subject and share our findings.

If one person researches into a topic and spends an arbitrary 5 hours, that person can share the findings to everyone instead of 100 people needing to do their own research and cost our community 500 precious hours.

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The event should be stopped, the "church" is full of the gay. Shame on them, they are in for a terrifying suprise if they don't repent, Jesus is the saviour and Son of God not your buddy that lets you do what you want

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You're welcome fren.

The whole world hated the Ulster protestants because the MSM told people the IRA are noble heroes in the war.

The truth is the IRA in the 60's onwards are a globalist front and today's new republicans are really into wokist bs.

The Ulster protestants are considered Britain's Bible belt, they're right wing Protestant patriots that were very supportive of the Trump train.

The only time we get to know the full truth is when the Lord reveals everything, until then we need to keep digging.

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Here's a few as it's hard to find incriminating evidence against the CIA on the internet. The troubles was a time when the American intel agencies were all over Africa, mid East and Central and Southern America engaging in regime change.

The troubles is the one they have kept a greater distance from as they were actively engaging proxy war with an ally.

Most of the funding and weapons for the IRA came from America, I'm going from word of mouth from family that we're fighting against them at the time but it was all indirectly funded by the alphabet agencies.

Here's some articles I've quickly found


"The five claimed they bought the arms from an arms dealer, who was an undercover CIA agent. The CIA, with a licence to export weapons, had aided their operation in order to monitor the flow of arms to Ireland and prevent the IRA from turning to the Soviet Union for arms, the defence claimed."


"From the start of the trial, the defendants had conceded that they had bought arms from a convicted arms smuggler working as an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation."


"EAST Germany's intelligence service believed that Noraid arms shipments to the IRA were controlled by the US Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents seen by The Irish Times in Berlin."

NORAID is a good place to dig, although it's not directly CIA they don't generally do it directly, they have business fronts, shell companies and NGOs to support their colour revolutions.

Edit: Also to add the IRA's and loyalists paramilitaries are drug dealers in peace since the troubles. Sometimes they get leaders that want to stop selling drugs to their own but it starts again when they get chased out.

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The IRA came up during the civil rights movement, they trained in Morocco with CIA assets. IRA are not a brave band of rebels they are a bunch of terrorists killing civilians with car bombs

Fuck the pope, CIA and IRA.

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For the Americans here the Eurovision is political, it's judged by who is doing the best for Euro Globalist policies.

Britain is usually down the bottom of the list as Europe hates us, so for us to be second means Boris is a treacherous cuck for [them]

Of course Ukraine won as they are so brave /s

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Americans love to support Ireland and IRA but don't understand their politics in the slightest.

Ireland has not even got a right wing party and IRA are a CIA backed terrorist group.

For God and Ulster

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Why have we slept of this, my brother told me about the treaty and searched our archives and it only has 9 upvotes, this is a big power grab of the globalists.

Thank you for sharing as usual u/ashlanddog

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But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Revelation 21:8 NIV

https://revelation.bible/revelation-21-8Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.” Revelation 22:11 NIV

Nothing is worth committing mass evil like that, I pray for the victims and their families and for peace between people.

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I use Snopes for validation,whatever they say I do believe the opposite, they're pretty reliable when you use them like that.

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The sky turned blue?! Pics or it didn't happen

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Could ring up the police or even send copies, might get a patriot police chief that gets in touch with truethevote wanting the cell phone data to arrest the mules.

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Thank you fren I've been looking for a link.

Wish I could updoot you more

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I know it's hard to talk to people operating in fear, but she is causing more harm by over exaggerating her irrational fear of bugs and viruses.

So many studies have been done showing that bleach cleaning everything weakens the immune system. By having bacteria enter our systems we grow a stronger and healthier defense for them.

I pray that you can get through to your irrational SIL and make her see common sense and I pray that she can get out of the spirit of fear and I pray the eternal judgement of Christ upon those that put this psychosis on the world.

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Here's a video on quantitative tightening. I'm only just hearing about this from OP, so I'm no expert.


It does look like we going ino a recession. They're are allegedly attempting to controlledly deflate the bubble so it doesn't burst. We know they have more malicious intentions than that.

The video is only 7 mins long and the last slide he presents shows what It us all about, a giant central bank cash grab.

They inflated our currencies with the COVID stimulus make all their buddies rich and now are recalling other money back into the Rothschild's hands leaving us in a situation where everyone not wanting to spend their money.

Assets prices will decrease and you will own nothing and you will be very pissed off about it

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I'm glad you realised it brother, it wasn't just you it was the whole nation.

We took a lot of shit in the early years, had to be careful who you speak to as you could lose your job, lose friends and family or get stabbed by a newcomer.

I'm happy that were are finally talking these topics again and more people finally see the conditioning and genocide of Europe.

It was horrible watching everyone be tricked into our own ethnic cleansing and seeing how much they wanted to show how much a better person they were.

The last election we had, the majority we gave Boris gave me a lot of hope, that all is not lost.

The only problem now is apathy

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I was right wing since I was 18, I was a bit harder back then I had more fire in my blood, was a member of BNP for years.

I hated and still hate the mass immigration of Muslims bit what I hated more was my fellow countrymen falling for the more the merrier bullshit.

I felt betrayed as everyone followed the current thing and sold our country out, I'm still pretty salty over it all.

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Here in Britain the African immigrants are heavily involved in the churches, they have old traditional beliefs and attitudes.

The black culture is strong over here too, a lot of whites in it as well and I cant stand it. I go around my estate on a weekend and you can spot the African immigrants, they're smartly dressed going to church on a Sunday. They're not loud or boisterous at all, I'm jealous of them tbh, I wish we were still like that.

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I keep thinking about these Satanists, the must know satan is a fallen angel and not even close to God and his power.

They actually sell their souls and go to the fiery hell for eternity for what? A job as a senator? Easy money and children?

I thought Esau was bad selling his birthright but these elites are dumber than we can ever imagine.

Fuck em

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The love of money is the root of all evil.

I think what people are saying it's not just women that are perverted in today's world.

Instead of just blaming women for their evil, call evil out itself.

Men were making women into whores, women become whores to please men. Then add this feminist BS women don't need men anymore but love money as it makes them independant and special.

Andyman and Martha1776 are just saying there are a lot of evil people and not all of them are women.

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