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Q had posted that this was an 8 year battle which would go into 2025. Think of this as now being well into the fourth quarter.

And we have the playbook.

And they're out of time-outs.

And...oh yes, they suck.

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Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Those who come late don't get fruit cup

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A couple of months ago I posted about seeing panhandlers honing their skills and working in concert with each other to collect more money. The question was asked if they were from the local area, and I said I wasn't sure, and that it was hard to know.

Turns out these same people are being seen in counties 30 miles away, so it looks like they rotate to different areas, and are clearly not from the local county. Given that, is there anything that can be done about it? The police do nothing about it and give tacit permission to let them do this.

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Never heard this version before. Excellent

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Very well thought out assumptions...don't know details about the family's reaction yet, but I think shock would definitely be one response...

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Great song. Thank you! Needed it this morning

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A top administrator at the primary hospital system where I live required all the employees to get vaxxed in 2021 to keep their jobs and got jabbed herself. Her family was proud of her being a tough negotiator. Recently she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Privately she has shared with her family that she now seriously thinks the vax is the cause. This scenario is playing out repeatedly across the country.

One would hope that, in a situation like this, the admin would at least quit. Maybe she thinks she needs the job for the health insurance, which of course, is circular logic as it was "health care" that caused the cancer in the first place. To quote Aldous Huxley, β€œYou pays your money and you takes your choice.”

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