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Incredible video. Thank you for sharing, u/Angela84.

People on this site have differing experiences of diet, but his encouragement of living a healthier lifestyle and his willingness to walk away from an incredibly lucrative profession because of his moral and ethical integrity is extraordinary. Perhaps Dr. Goobie will return to practicing medicine once the whole diseased temple is brought down....

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Lord, please help the poor people who have suffered the devastation of Hurricane Beryl to recover quickly. Give them strength and energy to heal and spare them from affliction. Amen.

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Things Are So Much Worse Than Anyone Knows

Journalist Todd Bensman Exposes The Largest Illegal Migrant Camp In America. It’s “massive and almost no one has heard of it”

“It's a 60 SQUARE MILE CITY of illegal aliens in the middle of Texas — That is absolutely vast. I've been up there over and in a helicopter — it's to the horizon. You can't even see the end of this thing”

“Colony Ridge. I think this is important. Explain to the listeners what Colony Ridge is and why you were so concerned about it.

It's a 60 square mile city of illegal aliens in the middle of Texas, uh, old East Texas, about 40 miles northeast of Houston. That is absolutely vast. I've been up there over and in a helicopter and in a plane, and I've flown my drone. I mean, it's to the horizon. You can't even see the end of this thing, how vast it is of just kinda dilapidated trailers.

And the developer's been selling land marketed to illegal aliens. — We're probably gonna have at least another couple million in 2024. They have to live somewhere.”

More info: Just outside of Houston sits the largest illegal alien housing community in America - and almost no one’s heard of it.

Roughly the size of Washington D.C, Colony Ridge is home to more than 75,000 illegals and recent reports say that number could easily swell to 200,000.

Real estate developer Trey Harris started this third world city nearly ten years ago. How? By giving illegals direct home loans so they don’t need social security numbers.

The community is also full of stray dogs and cats, gang activity and has become a strategic hub for the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels.

Import the third world and you become the third world.

(Speaking is journalist and author Todd Bensman)

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Prayers sent to NOT_A's dad. Good chance the CT will tell him/you quickly what you need to know to move forward

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She expressed her thoughts in a beautiful, gentle, and pithy way. Very sad to hear of her passing. My deepest condolences to her family. She did God's work.

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Would also include autoimmune disorders, such as ulcerative colitis and possibly Crohn's Disease

Dosing: Best guess 15 mg daily

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EDIT: RNC Convention starts 7/15 in Milwaukee, in 9 days, and ends 7/18. Usually the VP candidate gives a speech before the convention ends (7/16 or 7/17), with President Trump giving his acceptance speech 7/18. This means we should know who his VP pick is within the next 11 days.

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Very interesting outcomes re: your dreams. In the last two weeks I've had two different dreams where I failed to reach a certain goal and was saddened/disappointed by it.

Every day I try to put forth the best version of myself, and I pray for the best outcome. I don't know what the future holds, and trying to guess is futile, so I'm doing my very best to be in the moment. Entheos says we have the wind to our backs. This gives me hope.


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United States v. Trump (Docs Case)

Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, informed the Florida court about the Supreme Court's recent ruling on presidential immunity. Blanche argued that this ruling undermines the prosecution's claim that Trump has no immunity and exposes the politically motivated nature of their actions. Blanche also noted that the prosecution cannot rely on evidence of "official acts" in this case and requested permission to file additional briefings on these issues.

Furthermore, Blanche indicates plans to revive a motion to dismiss the case on grounds that Jack Smith's appointment was unconstitutional.

He cited Justice Thomas's concurrence, which raised concerns about the validity of Smith's position under the Appointments and Appropriations Clauses, suggesting these issues should be resolved before the case proceeds.


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The Communist-infiltrated Vatican sure moved quickly on removing Abp@CarloMVigano. Takes them YEARS to take action against pedophiles in their midst. Imagine that.

Doesn't matter what the deep church says...Abp Viganò's voice remains THE most important voice in shining the light on and speaking out against the heretical regime led by Francis.

Lisa Mei


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You're completely right. Compassion is crucial to helping her and those like her who are lost. It becomes too easy to ridicule when the proper response is at least restraint from comment, if not kindness. In the future, I'll think this through more carefully before posting. Thank you for your observation and wisdom.

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