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I wish I could play guitar. The hubs and I just finished flipping his mom's house and we did everything but the new roof. I actually maintain our house except for really big projects and electrical. Hoping to do a kitchen reno this spring or summer. I just hate having to remove 65 year old cabinets that have been hung with 20 penny nails. Anytime we break something we call it a learning curve, lol. We're both mechanically inclined but truthfully You Tube is a goldmine.

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All my kids play video games and all three are 22, 34, and 37. They play games where they build and decorate and virtually hang with each other at least an hour a day. It makes me happy because they get to interact even though they live so far away from each other. And they take their building serious, lol. My youngest, my son, use to play little big planet when he was very young and my daughters of course played SIMS, and I think that's why they love those types of games today.

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