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Knowing what we know, and the horrors we've seen, I still had to take a couple of breaks watching his interview. I'm very visual and his descriptions are pretty vivid at times. I've shared it with several newbies.

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Not really, but I thought it would be enlightening to any newcomers.

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I had to look it up. Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones, often referred to as Mediterranean cyclones or Mediterranean hurricanes, and informally as medicanes, are meteorological phenomena occasionally observed over the Mediterranean

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Geez, just lie about it. You're willing to put poison in your body but lying is beneath you. Print out a fake receipt or whatever they give you when you get a flu shot and don't stress over it. It's not complicated. My grandkids are my world and I would take a bullet for them, but I would never let one of my kids dictate what I do with my body. I would, however, lie to them and say I did because it's the simplest solution. I would just act like it was no problem and I was happy to do it, and probably even take a pic in front of the pharmacy sign. And yes, I know lying is wrong, but hey, I'd do it to be able to see my grandbabies. Praying for you all. :)

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Whenever people post on our local community board about neighborhood dogs that have attacked family, or killed their pets and livestock but the county refuses to do anything, my advice is always the same; dispatch the animal and leave it in the woods. Don't post about it on a community board. We have a God given right to protect our families from predatory animals. Sorry, i don't have my glasses on, I can just make out stall and I think predator in the above post.

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Well, Trump said he needed one more indictment. Can't wait for him to wipe the floor with these idiots.

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Good people know they need the Lord to lead them. He can do the job far better than I. If I'm part of the force he marshals against this evil then He will lead me and others in how He would have us to accomplish it. God should always come first in any of our endeavors, and He expects us to ask his help first, always.

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Some people should learn the difference between a plea and a command.

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I posted an update but it's in the thread because it wouldn't let me attach to the original post. <3

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I posted an update but it's in the thread because it wouldn't let me attach to the original post. <3

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