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Well then…let’s get this lady some evidence!! Shouldn’t be too difficult…

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The Wisconsin RINO’s think they can keep their jobs with the help of Liberal voters, because they know they’re currently hemorrhaging Conservative Voters…

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Wow! Keep on Trumpin’! Watch is a Q post. Red String is Kabbalah.

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They forgot to mention that we no longer want to pay money to watch a bunch of pedophiles spread their Marxist agenda. Thanks, but no thanks!

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Pretty secular view of the events unfolding. Paints a painfully dim picture of the future of humanity. I choose God.

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I actually did ask my state assemblyman how much we’d have to come up with to get him to represent us instead of Speaker Robin Vos in the Wisconsin Legislature…no answer.

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Hard to take seriously a user created clip that labels Dumbass as R-Delaware.

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Israel existed long before 1948, and was then destroyed.

This is what my pastor has to say about Israel and the Hebrew language:

For those who know the Bible is literally true: The Bible is full of prophecies that have been fulfilled, but also ones that are in the process of fulfillment TODAY. One of these is that five cities in Egypt will one day speak Hebrew: In Isa. 19:18 we read: "In that day five cities in the land of Egypt will be speaking the language of Canaan (meaning Hebrew) and swearing allegiance to the Lord of hosts...."

This prophecy was made 2,500 years ago. Since it was made Hebrew ceased to exist as a spoken language, and Israel ceased to exist as a nation. No nation spoke it. It was only an academic language, existing in books. How then could this prophecy ever be fulfilled? Further, Egypt, Palestine and all of the middle east have spoken Arabic for 1400 years. In all that time Israel as a nation did even not exist. Just the idea that Egyptians would one day speak a dead language like Hebrew was crazy.

So for this prophecy to be fulfilled, Hebrew had to be raised from the dead. Today, it is alive again! Hebrew serves as the only successful large-scale example of linguistic revival.

Today, Hebrew is spoken in nine countries.

And it is the ONLY official language of Israel. We see the fulfillment of this prophecy is just beginning. Israeli commerce will make speaking it advantageous for Egyptians wanting to do business with Israel. This is a miracle all by itself.

NO OTHER LANGUAGE has ever come back like this. It has never happened. The Bible is not just a history book, but God's road map of the future.

And another of our church members:

Not only is Hebrew as a language been the only dead language to have ever been brought back and widely used, Israel is the only nation to have even been completely destroyed as a nation, scattered around the globe, lose their land, yet retain their unique identity and come back as a nation - after 1900 years of not existing and being integrated into other cultures. No culture or religion has ever survived like this. Statistically speaking, the fact Israel is a nation today is completely impossible. But GOD!

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I haven’t read the entire article yet…I will, but my first thought is: why is the author referring to a past president by the title Mr.?? That’s very disrespectful, in my opinion…and I’m going to have a hard time reading it because of that. Just sayin’.

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