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Lizzy Borden Cheney.

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Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

Jim Quinn.

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This was also during the covid and mask hysteria that I saw him.

He asked me if I had covid and I said yes and he said then why do you have that thing on your face.

I threw it across the room and said finally a doctor who gets it.

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They asked her to resign.

She said no.

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Many people I know that have taken statins have become diabetic.

Then I started to research and find out Alzheimer's was never around before Statin drugs. That is because you need cholesterol in your brain and they're depriving it.

Then I figured my body was made this way for a reason and I'm not messing with liver functions to suit big Pharma.

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Believe it or not all of my doctors are constantly on me about hogh cholesterol.

I have a slight mitral valve prolapse and when I got older I decided that I better get a cardiologist in order to check my heart every so many years.

When he first met with me he asked me how my health is and I said oh you'll see I'm fine except I have high cholesterol.

Believe it or not he said no you don't you're good cholesterol is high which drives your number higher he says quit worrying about it.

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Obama ‘vented his concerns about Biden and said “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”‘.

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I agree but they did pull it off.

I heard Dave on X22 last night say it took six takes to get FJB to put that clip together to tell Trump to debate him.


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I was just making that comment about the area where I live.

I've never heard the birds so noisy.

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