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Thank you again.

The brand I bought was Strok bold.

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I bought some cold brew in the store yesterday to try it before I bought the equipment.

You are absolutely right. I can drink it black, I usually use only half and half, there is no acidity and it tastes great.

I guess I will purchase the equipment to make my own.

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There is a local bakery in the liberal part of PA that is pretty famous in our area. Every election they make cookies for both candidates. They have never been wrong on any Presidential election. What ever cookie sells the most always wins the election.

In 2020 Trump cookies were outselling Biden by a huge amount. The crazy Karens went bat shit crazy and started to malign the bakery and causing havoc the bakery had to stop selling the cookies.

That's all you need to know.

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Here is the difference.

An abortion in their minds doesn't constitute a child. To them it is a clump of cells. This is how they justify it to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. You are thinking of an abortion as murdering a child they do not.

Trafficking puts an actual face and child to murder and horrific violence. Look how they go bat shit crazy with shootings when children are involved.

This is why it will work.

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Anybody with a half a brain knows variants get weaker.

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