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More donations… and for what? Remember when millions were donated to ‘Stop the Steal’, the RNC and Trump’s own campaign fund to fight election fraud? What happened to that money? Pain coming… but only if you donate within the next 30 minutes! Come on.

by penisse
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Obviously fake but no one cares anymore I guess

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I was banned for saying “two more weeks” and here we are.

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On Tim Pool's podcast. Begging Tim to ask him a question about Q but nope. So disappointed.

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If the past 2 years wasn’t the “precipice” then the only thing left is nuclear war, starving to death or us being all thrown in camps.

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Tired of seeing “traps” set. Waiting for just one to actually spring.

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They’ll steal the election in ‘24 and this dude will still be saying “Two more weeks. We’ll fix it eventually!”

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I’m free to ask questions that encourage those reading to think critically. It’s the entire basis of the Q operation. If you don’t like it you are free to join the opposition and censor those that do.

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I’ve been focused. I just can’t bear to witness our country collapse like this any longer.

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Announcing it like that gives [them] plenty of time to prepare major false flags.

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I refuse to believe the plan involves hurting millions of innocent civilians for any sort of strategic gain.

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That dude is about 25 years younger than Gregg. Saying shit like that makes us look stupid.

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That’s definitely not Gregg, dude on the steps looks like he’s in his early 30s.

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You’re delusional if you believe Elon’s response at face value.

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It’s no coincidence that out of all gov. officials Trump spent the most time exposing Georgia’s Kemp and Raffensperger.

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Link to the article, please?

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