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Inspirational 😊...until you realize it's probably faked😭.

Why do people pull stunts like this? 😡

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Hey, I shared this a few days ago and a mod removed it and said it wasn't relevant

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Who wears white lipstick?

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Really, less than 1% of population will ever use Algebranin their career. I'm not sure if this is a bad move.

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Why the heck did someone download this? Like Wayfaire, this is important to know!

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Not one pedophile symbol but 2! Its a Chinese shipping company no less

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Can someone explain this to me like I am a 15-year-old girl? Cuz that's what I am, LOL

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  • The Vatican has been ordered by English courts to disclose sensitive emails and texts between senior clerics.
  • Vatican lawyers attempted to keep the emails and messages secret, claiming they were covered by "pontifical secret."
  • The documentation is part of a legal battle known as the "Vatican's trial of the century," involving accusations of defrauding the Catholic Church.
  • The case revolves around a property deal where the Vatican invested £124 million in a former Harrods warehouse in Chelsea.
  • British financier Raffaele Mincione is accused of defrauding the Vatican by inflating the property's price when selling it in 2018.
  • Mr. Mincione claims innocence and that the Vatican has not provided evidence of his alleged wrongdoing.
  • This case marks the first time the Vatican faces trial in English courts in its 2,000-year history.
  • Lawyers for the fund manager requested communications between high-ranking church officials overseeing the Vatican's investment.
  • The Vatican argued that these communications should be considered state secrets under "pontifical secrets."
  • The court ruled in favor of disclosing the communications and ordered the Vatican to cover Mr. Mincione's costs.
  • The case has faced numerous challenges, including dropped charges and issues with freezing bank accounts.
  • Mr. Mincione hopes that the full facts of the case will become clear in due course.
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I never saw it. One of those shows that gets overly praised yet you have no interest in watching it. What was it about?

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What do you think is going to happen to the minds of these women once they're all used up on Only Fans?


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Video shows police leading peaceful protesters into the capital. Shows that the police greatly outnumbered the protesters

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Trump said something good was gonna happen in 2023. I think this is it!!

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