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Probably in 2020 when Covid was raging a lot of us found this online consortium of doctors and information a God send.

There are Covid Treatment Protocols, Medical Evidence, Resources, et al. It has a bunch of information.

Hope this helps.


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I agree with you. Did you notice how he was VERY careful to disavow any malfeasance associated with the jab.

Also I read with interest the diverse maladies and wide age-range of people suffering adverse health events.

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... over the weekend when New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins deflected a question about the vaccine-injured by saying, "...they ultimately made their own choices."

Unbelievable! I can totally see this coming to fruition. Can't you?

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I too do the eye roll thing when I see duplicate posts. Iirc I did a search for TrumpLatino and no joy. Don't hold me on that though. It was early and uncaffeinated. lol

But back to duplicate posts. I try to stop and remember we are not all on the same time zone, hemisphere, et al. For example, some folks work the night shift and can't peruse GAW while working. Just my opinion. But I don't want to be guilty of dup posts.

You guys do a great job. I can't fathom what you deal with to keep this place welcoming to all.

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Thank you for your service sweet lady. Rest in peace. 🙏

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I believe this still shaking my head in disbelief.

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