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When did these 1960s style glasses become the Juden gold star to identify cabal assets lol

Do they think they look cute? fags

side note: if we know their markers we can also don them (; infiltration goes both ways

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Movies and books will be made of this era for decades to come...

perhaps even centuries

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Now pair it with the "Climate Emergency" bullshit...and we have the formula.

Kill switches, climate emergency...

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Not really, more like the Last Days before Christ returns and puts the government on His shoulders, from my view

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The very last line of his monologue at the end of the clip "give it a break until the election is over" is quite telling. Idk if he's been "flipped / freed", but at the very least he's one of the more aware cabal assets and can see how bad this woke stuff is making "his side" look and trying to warn them,

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Lucille Ball was not directly involved with the 1967 film "Valley of the Dolls." However, her production company, Desilu Productions, did have a financial stake in the film. The company provided financing for the movie, which was based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Jacqueline Susann. Despite her company's involvement, Lucille Ball did not have a creative role in the film, and her focus remained on her own television shows, such as "The Lucy Show" and "Star Trek," which were also produced by Desilu Productions.

On the TV show "Here's Lucy" (1968-1974), starring Lucille Ball and her real-life children Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., there was an episode titled "Lucy and the Valley of the Dolls" (Season 2, Episode 14, aired on February 8, 1970). In this episode, Lucy Carter (played by Lucille Ball) gets a job as a secretary for a writer who is working on a novel called "Valley of the Dolls." Lucy's antics cause chaos, and she ends up helping the writer finish the book. The episode is a comedic take on the popular novel and film, with Lucy's signature humor and physical comedy.

I went and found the episode and it's a clear-cut promo for the book / author, though the names are altered a bit. An injection into the minds of Lucy fans disguised as an innocent topic for the episode's plot. Watch it for yourself, the show is on Tubi.

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In furtherance of my comment yesterday about pre-programming psyops being run on tv shows / movies from the 50s-90s, I just stumbled on something notable: Lucille Ball used as a vector to introduce Valley of the Dolls to America.

Here's Lucy, a popular American sitcom starring Lucille Ball, played a significant role in the huge commercial success of "Valley of the Dolls". In 1968, Lucille Ball, who was a huge fan of the book, purchased the film rights to "Valley of the Dolls" and produced a movie adaptation through her production company, Desilu Productions. The film, released in 1967, starred Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, and Sharon Tate. The movie's success, in part due to Lucille Ball's involvement, helped to further boost the book's popularity, introducing the novel to an even wider audience and contributing to its massive commercial success.

"Valley of the Dolls" was considered controversial upon its release in 1966 due to its explicit and frank portrayal of various themes, including:

  • Sexuality: The book featured open and honest depictions of sex, including extramarital affairs, promiscuity, and homosexuality, which were considered taboo at the time.

  • Drug use: The novel explored the use of pills, particularly amphetamines and barbiturates, which were commonly referred to as "dolls" in the 1960s. This was a sensitive topic, as drug abuse was becoming a growing concern in American society.

  • "Women's liberation": The book's portrayal of independent, sexually liberated women who prioritized their careers over traditional domestic roles was seen as provocative and challenging to traditional gender norms.

  • Abortion: The novel touched on the topic of abortion, which was still illegal in many states at the time, and sparked heated debates about reproductive rights.

  • Hollywood's dark side: The book offered a behind-the-scenes look at the glamourous but often seedy world of Hollywood, exposing the darker aspects of the entertainment industry, including the objectification of women and the exploitation of young talent.

These themes, combined with Susann's candid and unapologetic writing style, contributed to the book's notoriety and the controversy surrounding its publication.

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Written literally by a Gen Z fool literally

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I don't think this is the head of the hydra, as most people on here probably know of me by now haha. All will be revealed in proper time, and it's all connected anyway. I'd encourage you to look at the world and try to find the 1 institution who has had the most power and influence for the longest time. Let me know what you come up with!

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they will be clinging to their shadowban algo's like a lifeline, kek. "Nooooooooooo don't let that good talent's video go viral, once he gets a fan base he will be unstoppable and his messaging is toxic to our evil agenda noooooooooo"

x and Trump media group just became much more deadly to [them]

Even though I disagree with some of Bryson Gray's interpretation of the scriptures and doctrines I think his music is lightyears ahead of much of the rap we have available today and he should easily have multiple millions of followers on YT but of course his channel is throttled

Because he speaks about Christ and anti-globohomo everything!

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We're gonna need a complete exposè of:

  • the real reasons for the American civil war
  • the real reasons for ww1
  • the real reasons for ww2
  • the real reasons for the Korean war
  • the real reasons for the Vietnam war
  • the real reasons for the 6-day war & Yom Kippur war
  • the real reasons for Iran-Iraq war
  • the real reasons for the gulf war
  • the real reasons for the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
  • the real reasons for the Syrian civil war
  • the real reasons for the Russia-Ukraine war
  • the real reasons for the Israel-Palestine-Iran war

and the real ramifications of them. Our troops and those of other nations deserve to know and so do We The People worldwide. This bullshit has gone on LONG ENOUGH.


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Didn't trust the plan, and didn't believe God, or this would not have happened.

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if he's antifa like libsoftiktok seems to have found evidence of, he probably loaded up on fentanyl right before it. Antifa love love loves fentanyl, and meth, and weed..

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