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The basis of your whole premise is already nonsense, because by every single account the US is still the greatest economic power in the world. You can't just assume the USA is bankrupt with zero evidence to back it up. Starting a theory from a completely implausible premise means you've got a shit theory.

Beyond that you're asking a bunch of meaningless questions that aren't even relevant to the original point. A different USA? You honestly believe the USA is suddenly going to blink out of existence and a new USA is going to come up? The largest economic and military power in the world?

Bankruptcy is a construct of local economies to protect debtors from unbounded servitude. At a national and international level things are very different.

A census is a count of all people in a given area. Could that play a role? A role in what?

Voter ID is requiring identification for all voters. Generally it's ID that indicates who the person is and it is used to determine if they are eligible to vote, or to supplement the audit trail for their submitted ballot.

I know you're trying to be all Q with these open-ended leading questions, but they really aren't leading anywhere.

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First hand witness statement from some paranoid busy body who doesn't like that some Afghan refugees have been temporarily housed in her neighborhood? Sounds like they're pretty polite about the whole thing and if they're hired to be a secret army they're doing a pretty shit job of hiding it.

You're going to have to do better than a third hand account by some xenophobic grannie.

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NAZI was an abbreviation for the party name "Nationalsozialist" and has nothing to do with Ashkenazi Jews. And "Ashkenaz" was a biblical character whose name was used to describe Jews who settled alone the Rhine.

Not sure where you are getting these wacky stories from.

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Have you seen what these immigrants look like? Unless they are arming pregnant women, children, and malnourished men they aren't getting a secret UN army out of that lot. Wouldn't it be easier to just issues nights visas for these secret UN soldiers?

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US mil is nowhere near depleted.

Biden can't arm illegals without an act of Congress allowing them to be military. And before you say he'd just do it anyway... Pretty fucking hard to raise an army of millions with someone noticing.

We had protests, riots, chaos, AND a global pandemic in 2020 and they couldn't even delay the election. It's in the Constitution and would take an act of Congress at least.

US gov does not control the airwaves or the Internet despite what the FCC might like to claim. A blackout would require hundreds of companies to willingly go along and lose billions in revenue. Not gonna happen.

Too many leaps here.

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No. This is a generic output when a character can't be rendered. He probably accidentally inserted some unicode character there and it prints out weird.

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Trump didn't use either. I see no reason to connect this to anything. It's a typo.

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You are so-called corporate MSM also did not report that any charges were filed. So we have a hearsay account that one incident was investigated, no evidence and no charges were brought, and yet somehow this article is supposed to make us angry?

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Don't waste your breath. This guy never makes any sense with his posts and when you try to argue logical points it goes completely off into the weeds.

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I don't get it. Jack Smith or his staffers leaked that this incident was investigated, and ultimately they didn't bring charges. What exactly am I supposed to be outraged about here?

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Then they aren't coincidences. They are manufactured.

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You can't just "add 12 hours" and claim a connection. That has no basis whatsoever.

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