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Phoenix rising!

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Some other thoughts: It's great (in a twisted way) that both AZ and GA had Dems and Reps collaborating on the steal. It takes it above party sniping. Also, this conspiracy to steal an election is as much of an insurrection as anything could be.

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@JovanHPulitzer #BREAKING the ARIZONA ballot printers are bring removed from the MTEC on Jefferson and 3rd. They are potentially being destroyed Get your cameras on and find out what's going on ASAP. 3:36 PM ยท Jul 15, 2021 ARIZONA

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I hope that if they're having a senate hearing they have all the information they need. Jovan is smart enough to keep an eye on everything.

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The real question is what happens next? Who does what to actually get the election re-done? Or do they just reinstate POTUS? Does the military do a paper ballot style election to re-test the results? Man either way this movie is getting fucking sweet!

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I really dont see any way that would be acceptable to normies to reinstate President Trump without a new election.

The military can re-run the November election, all the way down to dog catcher, with all the same candidates on paper ballots. I am sure it would be a MAGA sweep.

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Can't thank you enough for the rundown on AZ. Appreciate it!

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About Pennsylvania. Think back. Remember when Giuliani held a press conference in an obscure parking lot? It was next to a funeral home or something like a crematorium and across from an adult bookstore. We have yet to find out what that was all about. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

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This is the first domino to fall. Whoever is in trouble in AZ ain't goin' down alone. They'll name names for less time/trouble. Other states will be implicated as a multistate conspiracy. Maybe other state audits won't be necessary (but we should still have them.

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I wonder if this is all of it or just a taste, a tease if you will. I wouldn't be surprised if they are saving a few Booms for later.

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Jovan described it as an aperitif before a huge spread of food. Lots more coming.

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Oh! Glad to hear that! Thanks

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How many ballots were for Biden with no down ticket?

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not just in arizona

just in maricopa county

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Alright already but who did they supposedly vote for? My bet 105% Biden....Yeah I know

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Is the 18,000 number a true number or is it just a rounding? Because if it is a true number, it seems a little odd.

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Thats just one county... right?

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you do not understand what they said. There were ballots that were returned that there was no record of them being issued.