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Wrong.I didn’t ask you who wrote it.

It wasn’t even made part of the bible until a few hundred years after Christ.

Your misunderstanding relies on complete ignorance and denial of literally everything going on at the time it was written, and then favors a literalist, current interpretation 2000 years later.

It’s dumb.

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they will gladly take the fall for destruction of evidence vs stealing an election

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Discovery due by a few months after all states involved can LEGALLY destroy elections records


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The apostles were catholic homie

it is literally how their successors described them and themselves.

Read some church fathers.

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You have poor discernment so I am recommending avoiding a platform that is only ever fake. But you go ahead - continue to gave poor discernment.

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It has to be believable to be a good deception.

That’s why sourcing is all-important.

My advice to you is stop reading telegram.

Nothing but fake bullshit has ever come from it.

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What is the source of the pdf? If Georgia released it, it should originate from Georgia.

“Not sure who would fake an 8 pg pdf”

Why not? Are you that naive? Are there not entire branches of government whose sole purpose is to discredit truth especially about election fraud?

Wise up, dude.

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Maybe because a telegram account saying something happened doesnt mean it actually happened

you got a link of them actually releasing it?

If not you’ve got a discernment problem

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Oz is a fucking Turkish national dude. He is a fucking babykilling anti-gun pro-trans DEMOCRAT.

Trump’s first term was CURSED with bad “friends.” Didn’t you fucking learn anything in those four years?

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Oz is pro-abortion, pro-trans kids, etc. He’s dirty. This author saying trump says so so just don’t bother thinking for yourself is a dirty grifter. Trump is about to be 55-2.

We have to vote our consciences - not vote a political strategy. Otherwise when he votes pro abortion etc we will have our own inability to think critically to blame.

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Ah, so you’re more interested in internet points, and happy to spread a retarded falsehood than to safeguard the truth.

People like you make conservatives an easy target.

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Why don’t you take down your dumb ass post then?

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That’s because you’re not thinking critically. There is literally none of the code words in this email.

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Correct! Salvation is granted by the blood of Christ, once we are baptized and repent of our sins.

Again, Christians have eaten the Bread of Life and understood it to be His Flesh from the time of Christ to the present day, except for those who apostatized after Luther and continue to this day in rejecting the Gospel of John.

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