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Look at nations with more than 2 parties.

Which direction do they move?

They have been divided and conquered.

Don't surrender the RNC, clean it and the DNC out.

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If you want diabetes, drink OJ. Any OJ. Store bought OJ has added sugar which isn't on the label. Even if you make your own juiced fruit it is absorbed much too easily. It's a sugar bomb.

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Really? Do you have a video of them running or jogging or biking? Something?

Energy is wasted if you don't have an exercise routine.

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I agree. I say anything that triggers an inflammatory response will increase those odds. Like the gliadin protein in wheat.

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I wouldn't try to prove a point with this. She was black, 51, overweight and I highly doubt she exercised. I wouldn't have expected her to live past 60 vaxed or not. Sorry she died but I was never fan of their commentary.


Feel free to down vote me, but you're not proving me wrong or changing my opinion. Why are people so offended when you point out their diets and sedentary lifestyles are killing them? She put on a lot of weight over the years. You think that wasn't a big contributor? If you have plaque (who doesn't at that age) it doesn't take much inflammation to soften it. Soft plaque pops like pimples and causes clots.

EXERCISE and stop choking down CARBS and you'll live LONGER.

Does it kill you people to hear the fucking truth???

Again I wouldn't try to prove a point with this. There are better examples of vaccine injuries and deaths.

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Soft plaque pops like a pimple and causes blood clots.

Inflammation causes plaque to soften.

Our diet from childhood onward is critically important if you don't want plaque. Once you have it, it's hard to reverse.

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calcification stabilizes plaque in your arteries.

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No. It has nothing to do with Q. It has nothing to do with politics. It is not even a scientific "hypothesis." Correlation is not causation. A parasite would play no role in which gender you fornicate with or which hole you use. Assuming his cousin isn't a complete fabrication, which it is, it's anecdotal at best. I'm tired of this retarded shit.

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Why the hell does this nearly 2 year old 4 chan post keep getting posted here? It screams disinformation psyop or slightly seasoned troll.

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