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Disavowed. As in Scapegoated.

Wake me when they've completely collapsed and people stopped drinking rice brewed piss water.

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That didn't come from Hunter's laptop. I suggest you stop posting it before you get perma banned for posting border line CP. GTV was a compromised shit hole that didn't vet anything being uploaded because they only cared about clicks.

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That site had an amazon affiliate link on the right hand side. Funny how it disappeared from the front page.

Also funny how you've been here for three months and your first post is to the aforementioned website, which I just removed.

I'm guessing this is another one of your sock accounts that I missed.

I suggest you peddle your shit somewhere else.

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I've told people before, just add archive.today/ at the start of a URL to generate an archive if one hasn't been generated already.

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"Why did I get permission from people on GAW"

I think you answered your own question. The reason you don't see beggars every day is because they are taken down.

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Careful, sometimes those discounted products are on the verge of expiration.

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I'm trying to clarify our spam / self promotion policy.

If you want to promote fenben that's fine, be cautious posting links that appear to be from somebodies marketing hype campaign.

People don't need amazon affiliate links or supplement sites. They can easily find it online themselves.

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Yes. An affiliate link generates money for whoever created it. It falls under the self promotion and spam rule.

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Tractor Supply, Farm & Fleet, Rural King etc etc.

Just plan ahead. Cheaper than domestic shipping.

Also you can get it on amazon.

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Fiction, nothing but fiction Fren. Time to hunker down because no human is coming to save us. Only God and Jesus can do that so you’re best to get right with them and quit hoping for some miracle from “Q”

Maybe not draw attention from a mod when you have a history of zingers like that.

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"I use the horse paste which doesn't require a prescription and I have had no problems"

Why do you need links to buy it online? You can buy name brand horse paste locally for next to nothing. And you can see reviews on amazon. Your problem isn't a problem.

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Further clarification: This will be a **From Here Forward ** enforcement.

Older posts that get reported will be removed and noted.

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Amazon. Local store. See Amazon reviews. Why do you need a link to a hack marketing site or brand?

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Already addressed that in a reply, now let me take care of that sock account for you.

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FBZ isn't banned. Links that fall under the category of Self Promotion are. Don't make the mistake of using sus links.

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We don't allow gofundme e-begging type sites.

If a news site is behind a paywall we'll often take it down and ask them to repost using an archive link.

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