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  • 6% of the Internet's IP addresses left the Pentagon minutes before Trump left the Pentagon and went to an unknown company in Florida. They have now returned to the Pentagon.

  • The inflation ball started rolling in 2020 by giving Covid unemployment checks to millions of American, but giving all the blame to Biden. Now these checks are stopped as scheduled to start a reversal. If this is a show, everything under Biden must be a disaster, and Trump must be shown as the solution.

  • Jill Biden has announced she is returning to working in a classroom.

  • The vaccine mandates certainly seem to signal we are reaching the promised "precipice." (On Sep 21, 2018) Q said "We are at the PRECIPICE.")

  • Trump asked the country to pray for 21 days. Such an odd number of days to request. A past Q post said "Within the next 21 DAYS BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place." Related?

  • In August Mike Lindell was asked if Trump would still become President that month. He replied with something like "That was being optimistic. I might have been a month off."

  • The Maricopa audit report is pending. Yes, it has been for six months, but those involved are now saying it's just a matter of days until it is released.

  • Maricopa County Attorney take leave of absence just as Audit is delivered to Arizona Senate."

  • Fencing is being put around the White House again. (prepping for rioting from very angry liberals?)