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I think you may need to be logged in to an Amazon account to see the "Write a review" link.

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This is a good read - thanks for posting. TL;DR summary - Leftists are liars. By knowing their various lying techniques, you can better point out their lies and use their lies to discredit them and their agenda.

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Even if she doesn't keep her word on leaving - she only needs three rooms: One for her husband, one for her, and one for her nose. She should lead by example and remove the wall around her property as well. I'm sure it was there when she bought the place and she just never got around to having it removed./ sarc

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I got a two week ban when I sent mine in...

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I have a question for you and maybe some advice that could help - you know your situation and the people you work for better than I do, obviously.

Question (2 part): How did your conversation get to the topic of abortion and who brought the topic up in the first place. If she brought it up, you're pretty much in the clear, IMO. She brought it up, you gave your opinion - end of story.

Advice: No matter who brought up abortion in convo, get ahead of it by telling your side to your supervisor. Not in a rat out way, just that you are concerned because it was obviously something that upset your coworker. Go on offense rather than try to defend yourself after she has complained. Or, do nothing and let the chips fall where they may.

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Second guy from the right didn't read the "White Shoes" attire for the day memo...

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We're all thinking too small. These asshats are small fish. Somebody ordered them to do this and THAT'S why you need these clowns to make a deal so you can get the ones higher up the food chain.

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Criminal Investigator with US Ppstal Service....the ones that covered up the mai-in ballot fraud.

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