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Sounds like some 2020 election truth is about to be exposed and Yutube is trying to get ahead of the narrative shift.

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Counter-point: Why does the debt ceiling even matter if our currency is all made out of thin air? I know, we all are living under the illusion (for now) that our currency has value. If you're about to blow the whole things to smithereens anyway, who cares what amount of worthless money the US gov owes to China?

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Drop from chopper, into a chipper - give the masses whay they want.

by jb12458
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Go north, to Alaska...

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You didn't get the memo - they switched from "debunked" to "baseless claims". C'mon man, get with the program.

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Go in the fall so you can enjoy the changing of the leaves, I hear it's amazing.

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I've boycotted Target for years already - I'm not going to go try this myself but I'm certainly not objectionable to others that feel the need.

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Fill cart with "Pride" crap and leave it in another part of store seems less confrontational and would achieve the same objective, IMO.

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I'm tired of talking about my health...let's talk about crypto currency instead.

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Dude - man advice: Start working out, find a hobby, stop internalizing every thing, and get right with God.

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They'd be shitting even bigger bricks if this was being entered into evidence in a court.

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FBI: "Who dat Qanon?" From article:

The FBI’s report also stated that it’s “unknown” to the FBI if the figure behind QAnon is actually affiliated with the government.

Edit: Thanks for the sticky, mods.

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