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quai24 29 points ago +29 / -0

From a subsequent post by Brian:

"WHILE A NATIONAL EMERGENCY IS ONGOING any EO’s or PEAD’s made directly relating to that national emergency cannot be reversed by an incoming administration. Learn how this actually works. Don’t just believe shit some media talking head told you. RESEARCH IT. Those of you who keeping asking for explanations about all the weird shit we’re watching Biden and Garland either do or allow, I’m TELLING you what the reason is. They do it because they have to. The military was given standing orders during a national emergency. As long as that national emergency is in effect -and it still is- Biden is not a fucking king. PEAD’s and EO’s enforced secretly by the military, the courts, and Congress tightly control him. He has to do certain things and is prevented from doing other things. And nobody in Biden’s administration can reveal any of this. He can’t publicly say why he and Garland haven’t shut down Durham or Weiss."

OregonHonkFrog 40 points ago +40 / -0

I don't get it. These EOs and PEADS are just words on paper. Since when have words on paper stopped the dems from doing stuff? They break laws all the time, why shouldn't they just ignore the PEADs and do whatever they want to do?

In other words, what's the penalty and why is it stopping them from acting?

What gives these PEADs and EOs so much power?

GA-Peach-Patriot 29 points ago +29 / -0

Please help a lady out...what is PEADs?

quai24 16 points ago +16 / -0

Presidential Emergency Action Documents are draft executive orders that are prepared for the President to activate in emergencies. Highly classified, even from Congress. Iirc the only other person with access to them is the Attorney General, to ensure that everything is consistent with the Constitution.

Alot of the chatter that I have seen suggests that Trump activated Continuity of Government, and by extension devolution, through PEADs. This would explain why Schiff and other Ds in Congress are still trying (and failing) to get access to them, even though their man is supposedly in the White House. They know that Trump did something, but what exactly he did is the question that keeps them up at night.