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It's increasingly harder to figure things out when logic has long since died and people allow their false memories, and discussions of such, to become "their reality"

Perfect example?

"10 days. Darnkess"

And everyone keeps assuming or misremembering as "10 days of darkness"

If you can't read a map, you can't find your way anywhere using it.

If you can't read it, you definitely can't get anywhere by misremembering aspects of it.

I'm certain Q gave everything we need, I'm also certain they didn't anticipate how deep the ideological subversion has gone.

You don't wake people up to have them sit idle.

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It's really easy if you're single, much more difficult if you've got a lot of mouths to feed.

A system is an absolute must.

My system:

When building my stockpile, I would spend an extra $50 each time I went shopping on non-perishables. Always seeking sales. You'd be surprised how much mac n cheeze or soup or broth or other canned goods you can get when they're on sale. Just recently I got corn and green beans for $0.55/can.

Now that my pantry is full, I'm stocking up on other items but only as they come on sale/clearance. Things like tooth paste, tooth brushes, cleaning supplies, bathing supplies, trash bags, OTC meds, etc. etc. Couponing will really help here if you're inclined to do it.

When eating, I pull from the front and slide everything new in the back.

This is where I think it would be difficult with the family, you're probably better off having 2 or 3 "pantries", or it's how I"ve planned to do it.

first one, is your eating food. It's the stuff you're working on right now. All the stuff closest to your expiration goes in here.

2nd one, is your backup stock. That's where everythying is that's good for a year or more. Move to the 1st pantry as room permits.

3rd, overflow. Buying sales is key and it's harder to convice 3 other people to cut down rations for a while than a single guy. When you're buying in bulk, you'll end up n eeding extra space. Put the extra here and use it to keep the 1st 2 full. As things get moved up to the main pantry, refill and organize by date.

It only takes a little extra money at first and once you get into the practice of shopping smart (so many people have no idea how to actually shop) and eating healthier (even more people don't realize how much money and health they're tossing out by buying processed crap, premade crap, and sugary drinks) you'll find your bill will go down anyway.... so make that difference your "prep" supply.

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Bartering is already in my plan.

I make mead and it's generally pretty tasty and strong. It holds on the shelf for a very very very long time.

So, I'm keeping my "brewery" (have a large closet in the kitchen which holds all of my fermenters and brews) full as well as supplies on hand (again, honey is great because it holds on the shelf for a long time) to keep brewing.

When life gets shitty, alcohol helps.

I'm also debating raising some chickens in my basement. It's not a huge basement but it's not useful for anything.... so building a pen on 1/4 of it gives enough room for I believe 6 hens.

Not only are eggs a super food (especially when you're feeding your chickens right) but they are used in a lot of food, giving them a lot of value. 6 hens could give me up to 3 dozen a week. People are already selling their eggs for $5/dozen. I can get by on 1 dozen a week. The extra eggs could probably get me some decent stuff.

Being able to PRODUCE food is going to be key.


So, be able to produce food and if you hunt don't fucking over hunt and fuck yourself and everyone else.

Being able to get clean water, also important. Berkey filters are expensive but can pretty much filter piss into pure drinking water (they also have fluoride filters, great for your tap water if they poison it) so you couple that with some cheap buckets to collect rain and you're set there.

Power is nice. My camper is equipped with 120aH in batteries and a 160W mounted panel with an expansion port for an additional panel. I have more than enough electricity with that to cover my basics. Can't run a fridge that's bigger than a cooler, but some extra batteries and panels will make that a possibility.

Think about EVERYTHING you use each day, for meals, for cleaning, for entertainment, EVERYTHING, and find a way to reproduce it or provide some it from scratch. A little money goes a long way, If you cut out fast food, junk food, and soda, you could probably afford a solar panel and battery set-up within a month. Another month, you could have the berkey filter. Another month, enough jars to can 6 months wroth of food.

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We know VAERS is under reported. 20 years ago it was under reported by line 98%.

The spike protein seems to cause damage, other than fucking up your blood, via inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response.

Inflammation is also common in fat people.

If you're reasonably healthy, the virus will not be able to load you with the spike protein.

If you get the shot, your body will have to deal with the spike protein.

Inflammation from the spike and from a very strong immune response, results in all the young and healthy people having issues from the shots.

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That's because Healthcare is literally free,or close to it.

Eat whole foods, not boxes of crap



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Holding the line is to doing nothing as curvy is to being a fat landwhale

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It means you gotta put tinfoil on your head and come up with the most illogical and retarded shit you can.

I don't know why Qs "Think logically" is interpreted as "twist anything in reality until it fits my feelings" but people are REALLY REALLY REALLY trying their best to invent new forms of stupid and retardation.

If you ever want to learn how a communist revolution is just going through so easily, look around at many here.

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Influenza didn't disappear, people are just too retarded to know they're sick unless they're forced to think about it

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750,000 people died after a positive covid test. Only 5% of those were deaths to covid, as per CDC.

They don't hide anything, they know the media and media induced paranoia have control of people

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What if people quit trying to justify the ideological purges and other actions of the communist revolution, and started accepting the reality they're trying to rationalize away?

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Go get the virus. It's real. Denying it's existence at this point is just as retarded as saying it's a very serious virus.

Seriously, go outside. Get the virus. Talk to people. Realize that circle jerking is not helping you.

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The issue is that people think doctors are Healthcare, they're not.

You're your Healthcare. You're diet, exercise level, the amount of rest you get, your stress levels, etc. ALL IMPACT YOUR HEALTH.

You let those slide, you do damage to your body.

If you don't change your behavior, you need medical care to keep you alive.

Your doctors aren't helping you by keeping you on pills, you're already on a subscription based service for that.

All of my grandparents lived very long and healthy lives. They exercised regularly as they had farms and gardening was an every day activity. It kept the nutrition high, stress low, and exercise was just a way of life.

They had excellent Healthcare despite not having a doctor

I've been in manufacturing for 5 years now. It seems like EVERYONE over 55 is fat, on some sort of medicine for heart/blood issues, and none of them ever think to change their lifestyle.

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If he's not MAGA, he's uniparty.

Is he MAGA?

Are people forgetting that all the republicans work with the dems rather than for us?

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Why would the uniparty (swamp) fight their own actions?

Are you people really this surprised every time the uniparty acts like the uniparty?

It's like everyone is living in a fucked up cross between groundhog day and 50 first dates, which is actually my own personal hell.

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I don't understand how so many have this assumption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In January they said it was only good for this year and they reduced the cycles.

It was around Jan 20th.

Cases dropped SIGNIFICANTLY that day.

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I've been saying this for a while: Use the rapid antigen test if you have to get tested.

It's not the same as a PCR test and magically, we haven't had a plethora of asymptomatic positive cases (we did have some from those that went out and sought a PCR test on their own)

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