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You do you, IDGAF. My point is that this is actual denim care advice.

It's even on the Levi's website

You follow it, you get more time before you gotta buy new.

I DO wash mine and they definitely do fade abs eventually start tearing

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You do you, IDGAF. My point is that this is actual denim care advice.

It's even on the Levi's website

You follow it, you get more time before you gotta buy new.

I DO wash mine and they definitely do fade abs eventually start tearing

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Personally, I wash my denim but I buy cheap anyway.

Was told years ago that a day in a deep freeze does the trick, might need a hand wash

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Atheism is the lack of belief in a deity.

Given what Atheism is, the rest of your statement is nonsense.

With that said, YES there are plenty of atheists who need to worship something.

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I'm both And being a Satanist requires you to be an atheist, otherwise the entire philosophy and practice makes NO SENSE.

You don't have to be a Satanist to be an atheist... to be an atheist you simply have to not have a belief in a deity

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I'm an atheist because I lack a belief in a deity.

I'm a Satanist because the satanic Bible articulates very well what I've always seen and thought about the world.

Satanism is a philosophy based on being the best you that you can be while recognizing that humans are animals and that you can overcome it.

Read the satanic Bible instead of acting like a 23 year old fat white chick with an arts degree who thinks she knows economics better than anyone with a job

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  1. I'm an atheist, it's the lack of belief in a deity. Prove one exists, I'll change.

  2. I'm a Satanist also. It's a philosophy based on getting the most out of life and doing no harm unless harm is done against you

  3. The consistent comments and posts about things that people have NO FUCKING CLUE ABOUT BECAUSE 5 MINUTES OF READING IS HARD shows that the communist mindset is prevalent, judge entire groups on your preconceived bias and don't bother to seek the truth. Just pretend your being under absolute control of your feelings is how a rational individual should be.

I really fucking wish Satanism was like you retards believe because there's a lot of identitarians, communists, and people who's ignorance is otherwise fucking up the world who would better serve us all if removed permanently.

Unfortunately, since no direct harm is done I personally can't justify any attacks and the philosophy also says so.

So I guess I'll continue to educate myself, become the best person I can be, and get my goals finished.

Happy new year, you ignorant boomer

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This is just basic denim care, when you wash you damage. If you want them to last you keep them out of the washer as much as possible

Learned years ago that you can actually freeze them to get odors and whatnot out, a lot of soil will simply chip away.

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These don't change DNA.

This is really fucking simple and available information:

ALL of these shots deliver instructions to your cells to produce the spike protein. There are mRNA shots and the adenovirus vector, fundamentally they're both making your cells produce the spike protein.

If you can't be bothered to find this easily available information, you should get out of your relationship and NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

We don't need people who can read and understand simple things procreating.

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We would literally need 3 trucks for ingredients and new containers, a handful of engineers, and changing our setup to put out half a million OUNCES, NOT DOSES, of the vaxx if we needed to.

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My Company makes pharmaceuticals. My facility makes and bottles liquids.

We've got one central system where the ingredients are mixed, upwards of 200,000 lbs of product mixed within an hour or 2. There are 31 total tanks for this, so as batches are completed just some cleaning and valves to get the next run started. These tanks are 3 stories tall.

These are piped to the appropriate filing line (2oz, 8oz, and 32oz)

Each of these lines operate at 1,000 -1,500 BOTTLES PER MINUTE.

We've got temperature control and facilities to put any liquid in any container, some containers may require small modifications.

1200 8oz bottles per minute equates to 576,000 ounces per hour we are producing, just on the 8oz line.

2oz line has 2 parallel fillers, capable of 950 2oz bottles per minute each machine.

That's 228,000 ounces per hour.

Please don't talk about what you don't understand, this is all on late 80s and 90s technology. Our new line, not fully running yet, can do 1900 2oz bottles per minute.

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Seems my enemies aren't the ones suffering, I am

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Your looking for the number so you it everywhere.

Watch 23, with jim Carey

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Honest question, if God helped him get out.... why did God let him get in?

This has always been a curious function of religion to me, same with the new covid religion.

"God helped my husband get out of hospital!!!" Despite god allowing him to get in

Is like

"The vaxx saved my life" despite the person making the claim generally discussing a negative effect or infection.

How do you folks rationalize that?

Like, did God decide a stroke was necessity and your hubby learned or experienced what was necessary to be let free?

It looks to be like someone thanking their governor for repealing a few of the restrictions they imposed

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Gas prices are down 10 cents after rising 115 cents here.

I paid $30ish per tank under trump, it's $50+ now

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If you can't recognize the difference between opinion and fact, you're likely reading opinion pieces.

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Yeah, totally comms rather than commentary on something fucked up that was brought to the public

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This doesn't prove anything.

You can't simply say 'no coincidences' when there's nothing provided to prove its anything but.

If it's not a coincidence, then there's something for us to find.

Think logically, as Q said

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The virus was here before the clotshots, I'm so fucking sick of retards saying retarded things.

The bioengineered cold was meant to kill and maim large swaths of the world, but it was made in China.

So they had to do it another way, injections that get your body to produce the spike protein.

There's no reason to be stupid folks

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