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Never said you were lying. Just called bs on the “everybody” part.

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I call bs on that. I didn’t get any money…not that I want it.

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It’s good that you look elsewhere. We don’t need your pity. Georgia is a great state full of very proud patriots. Like everyone else, we are just trying to get by the best that we can.

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Not sure what you’re really asking. But the real play is to keep Stacy A. Out of the governor’s office. Kemp is the only one who can beat Stacy….again. Perdue isn’t even campaigning. I loath what Kemp didn’t do with regard to election fraud. But it’s a many layered onion that we can’t begin to understand. He will win the primary and he will beat abrams again…he has the cheating savvy to beat them at their own game. Georgia is not a blue state. Full stop.

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Just followed you. Welcome to the party!

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Well I would just like to say that although the primary is the 24th, early voting for the primary began this week.

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Turning over our sovereignty to the WHO allows them to deem guns harmful to the the health and well being of others. Therefore, they must be confiscated…out of an abundance of caution for public health. Mark my words, it’s coming.

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What's the context here? I gather this is a pissed off medical doctor?

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I'm glad Rick Scott spoke out but IMO there's not really a story here. TGP tries to capitalize on very tiny nuggets of information and turn them into big stories when they really aren't that big. When Rick Scott and other members of congress successfully block this from happening...well that's a big story. Come on GWP, call a spade a spade.

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Seriously, Trump knows all he needs to know about the NWO handlers and their orders. He said this for the normies. Of course he can believe what SloJoe is doing. He expected it, after all.

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Its like the situation with Trump and the Fiji water

Would you mind elaborating a little more on this please. I'm not aware of the connection.

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Hope you got your things together Hope you are quite prepared to die Looks like we're in for nasty weather One eye is taken for an eye…

Fitting words frens.

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Tragic. I guess MSM got their white male maga extremist narrative. Cue more attempts at gun grabs.

Prayers to the families of the victims.

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