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purkiss80 [S] 26 points ago +29 / -3

Cigarettes contain pesticides, ammonia and bleach, but don’t cause INSTANT blood clots like Covid vaccines...Anything to blame except the Actual cause...The VAX...!!

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LeoDavid 1 point ago +2 / -1

Did you know there is a conspiracy theory that cigarettes improve health. Given what I have learned about government's roll in health care, I wouldn't be surprised.

ElectionPredictor 3 points ago +3 / -0

Doubt that one, but they do impede COVID virus replication, apparently. I think it’s the nicotine.

suave200 4 points ago +4 / -0

I read that nicotine can help keep the virus from attaching to the ACE2 receptors in the lungs.

ElectionPredictor 1 point ago +1 / -0

Correct! :) Finally a side benefit to smoking, lol.

justicein2020 2 points ago +3 / -1

They actually do.
If you snapped your fingers and made all tobacco on the planet vanish.

You'd see a massive wave of people with gut problems. Billions.
And all the actual diagnosed crazys would run amok hardcore.

They're all self-treating with tobacco and don't know it. because it works.

QuantumLegion 2 points ago +2 / -0

Smoker: When I try to quit, my energy level goes through the roof. ADHD would be a mild side-effect. I'm so hyper I can't sit still and can't focus. I lose weight, and not in a healthy way, because the energy I'm experiencing won't let me sit. I'm not crazy, but I do tend to talk faster, move faster, and experience more irritability and snap anger. Smoking keeps me calm and under control and allows me to chill out. When I can't smoke, I chew Nicorette 4mg like a fiend.

We're not crazy, btw. Just hyper.

justicein2020 1 point ago +1 / -0

thats just mild crazy. i'm talkin the hardcore psychos and skitzos.

tobacco helps keep them square too!

we're all better off that it does.

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r_u_srs_srsly 2 points ago +2 / -0

yes, after all the rules about smoking:

  • never in a workplace
  • not within 100 feet of a door
  • not in the car with kids
  • not outdoors at outdoor events

all of a sudden, now it's a problem

And the idiot liberals will believe it

Windows8866 13 points ago +13 / -0

In advance, I don’t have the sauce to back it up, but it’s been posted here several times that a study revealed that nicotine users were staying healthy despite exposure to the coof, bad health habits; no vitamin therapy, shitty diet which indicated that nicotine somehow blocked the so called virus. Wasn’t to soon before the CDC, FDA were saying the opposite that smokers were at a higher risk of the virus and I read in our local paper that menthol cigarettes were being taken off the market. Most of my black friends who smoke, smoke exclusively menthol cigarettes. Soooo….. read into that what you will.

MYHM 6 points ago +6 / -0

Here is an incredibly long, sourced comment posted the other day by Kek Saved the World talking about the S-1 proteins, among other things:


Here is another article: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34328284/

The gist of a bunch of reading I did the other night following that comment by Kek is that nicotine induces non-classical monocyte apoptosis that causes the zombie monocytes to die at a more normal rate and filter out of the body. Otherwise they are estimated to stick around in the body for 180 days to 15+ months. The implication being that long-term build-up of the non-classical monocytes is what is causing the nano-clotting and other long-covid health issues. This happens whether exposed to the virus itself, or the vaccines. Somewhere in all that also says that omicron is mutated in such a way as to NOT cause the shearing of the S-1 protein that creates the zombie monocytes. Could certainly be the "cure" that will spread worldwide Q mentioned in post 556: https://qalerts.pub/?n=556

muhqtardtho 3 points ago +3 / -0

Well to be fair smoking while sick tends to keep you sicker longer.

Edit: It's like when the starcraft 2 korean stream introduced the heartbeat monitor. Every single time a smoker got on stage they had to remind people they just smoked and aren't nervous or anything. It's just how the body responds to inhaling shit that for a millennium killed us before we started to smoke it recreationally for a few hundred years.

DIAFhillary 2 points ago +2 / -0

I have a friend who is a long time smoker, now vapes... got covid. He got over it without any major medicines or therapies in under 10 days. He never got the flu shot either and is several years older than me. Compared to Covid nearly killing me...

detransthrowaway 5 points ago +5 / -0

This image has been disproven to be photoshopped. Putting this through a reverse image search only yields the original image. The photo on the right is visibly photoshopped and edited. Plus, don't you think if it had changed more people would have noticed by now?

frazzledrip 5 points ago +5 / -0

They've had warning like this on smokes in Canada since the 90s actually.

Strokes, heart complications, blood cots, etc. Been looking at that shit for 30 years now.

Cloe123 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yes, that’s it. Switch the blame.

QuantumLegion 2 points ago +2 / -0

Meanwhile, in France: https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2021/10/13/smokers-are-less-likely-to-get-covid-french-researchers-explore-whether-nicotine-might-prevent-transmission/

The claims were made using results from a school of 700 teachers and pupils and their families in a section of France with high levels of COVID-19. Only about 7 percent of smokers were infected while the rate among non-smokers was 400 percent higher. Obviously that’s not an endorsement of smoking, smoking kills. It is, like alcohol, a known carcinogen. The benefit, the authors say, is derived from the nicotine, not the cigarettes. Smoking kills people, but nicotine does not.(1)

Yet nicotine is great for warding off some pests in nature. A modern class of targeted pesticides called neonicotinoids revolutionized agriculture by protecting plants from pests when they are most vulnerable and without mass spraying, and nicotine is common and affordable. The authors believe that the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) means that nicotine may act to protect it from attack by SARS-CoV-2.

If this result ends up being real, and not just correlation, it would mean an easy preventative measure. Nicotine gum is available and affordable. Some studies have found chewing gum already helps generate 10 times the normal amount of saliva, which plays a role in preventing lots of infections, but gum companies can’t talk about that because they don’t want FDA thinking they are talking about themselves as a drug.

That wouldn’t prevent people from chewing it anyway.

russiah 2 points ago +2 / -0

Beating the dead horse...

momster2 2 points ago +2 / -0

WOW! They remove the dangers to nonsmokers and children to cover their asses.

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Tewdryg 1 point ago +1 / -0

How convenient of them to try to conceal the adverse reaction of the gene modifying injecticide by pointing to tobacco. Is this not a form of projection?