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Some fuckin user community noted the tweet:

“”While Gates did meet Epstein several times, there is no record of him visiting Epstein's Island. Flight logs from Epstein's private planes note Gates as having flown on one of Epstein’s planes once, but this was to Florida.



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how deep is this rabbit hole?

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When you have guns and power and secrecy….

What would you do

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Nobody publicly criticizes a dictator.

The fact that they can spray all kinds of shits at Trump PROVES THAT HE AIN'T NO FICKIN DICTATOR

What a bunch of IDIOTS

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In the end, Mr Larry Nassar was sent to prison for 175 years.

His reign of terror went on for decades.

What I learned? Yes many young women and girls had gone through unspeakable horrors and oppression.

Be patient.

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☝🏻except the “beheading babies” was a propaganda from …you guessed it …Israel

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He might have a plan B although his social media pages looked really rushing leading up to the explosion.

He seemed to know he got no more time.

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Aka :

there was no robbery he just gave the gold to the senator then claim there was a robbery…

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