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I saw a guy at Sam's club a few weeks ago.

His shirt read "I'm voting for the convicted felon" "Trump 2024"


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There are many many signs that say BIden You're Fired. I went back and watched the video I downloaded. She does do some other possibly suspicious things. At 7: 04 she touches / readjusts her eyeglasses. She does seem to turn to the right a few times, and take additional videos. She reacts to the crowd. She mostly looks to her right. Adjusts her top at 7:39. Shooes away mosquito at 7:45 but its actually the sign next to her touching her arm. Then at 7:51 she raises the phone to her head as though she has someone on the phone. But her lips don't move.

Her reactions to his speech are normal. Sits down at 8:15. Readjusts her eyeglasses again, and a couple seconds after that, shots start.

Suspicious. Not enough to arrest. Need to identify her and where she works. Don't worry I'm sure the FBI is on this and will do a crack job at investigating.

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60 miles away and the media is not covering it

"maybe they will now"

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3 months and 10 days away.

Please God let us all live to see this come to pass.

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It will be worth it. Well done

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I was banned on superstonk already for that reason lol

/r/gme is for the less fortunate

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Other 25%, about 1800 shares at fidelity for various reasons. I want to make sure I'm able to get in the class action to sue brokers when they sell my shares for me or refuse to let me sell.

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they had to lock the thread to keep their feelings in check

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If I'm not mistaken they can offer / sell more shares with the next pump up to double their cash holdings again, that is what I was expecting. It will dilute and drop the value back down into the $30s.

I have an idea about selling some shares and this is not financial advice... but if the market is not melting down, gold and silver are not up 500-1000%, then it is not the real MOASS. Which means what goes up must come down, based on fundamentals. We won't ever see $10 a share again because they've got 4.2 billy in the bank. Average up, average down, but take some gains when it rockets so you can go in deeper or make life better.

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And those that are real don't even realize half the time they're fighting with bots

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oh you are not shitting, just the last one absolutely triggered half the forum

let those that are not on board sell their GME, I'll be happy to buy their fucking shares from them. xxxx holder almost xxxxx

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There's that midget holding her little pea shooter again.... just her stature alone is not suitable to protect 6'3" 250 lb Donald Trump. Reeks of a DEI SS hire.

This video settles some things for me. Clearly what happened was unplanned and unexpected, and they really have some shit heads in the secret service that have no business being in this business.

God truly saved our favorite guy from becoming another JFK. Shooter intentionally went for the head instead of center mass and Trump is alive because of it.

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