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You can’t directly entertain such a bold faced lie.

#backtothekitchen is the right answer

You just say “you’re wrong and you have no place in that position”

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What if the other side are really daemon worshipers?

What if evils encroachment on humanity actually has crossed the line requiring intervention?

What if archangel Michael decided to dust off the sword again? He is represented in every word religion (including Muslim). Whether that character is a spiritual being or a being misunderstood and misattributed to spiritual realm by our ancestors, did a battle between the warrior of good and the ultimate evil occur and is it happening again, right now?

Hypothetically, what if Q posts about biblical and you won’t believe who is posting are truer than anyone could imagine.

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Uhh yea, I’ll say the quiet part out loud.

At least the dads could see the princesses, the kids could be submerged in the fantasy, and the moms could fucking check out for 3 days.

Now it’s just a bunch of childless fatties taking up space, princesses with mustaches, grooming and threat of kidnapping.

What’s the fucking point anymore?

Kids don’t even like modern Disney. Modern Disney is trying to pull a 2% audience. If kids don’t care, parents sure as shit ain’t spending the money to go.

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Keep in mind the official story is the dad bought him the gun

So the official story is the parents are fully fucking aware of this asshole psychos mental state and bought him a rifle.

Then let him near a presidential rally and didn’t notice the rifle was missing?

And told no one

Should probably strip their medical license for this absolute incompetence


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I’m sure the fact checkers will be all over this in live real time like they normally do, immediately publishing notes to Facebook to correct disinformation?


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How fucked is the entire secret service if these were the B team?

This was F tier “why the fuck weren’t you flunked out” shit?

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There should absolutely be female SS to protect some female assets in female sensitive situations,

But this was a joke

A public joke

This is not the profession to DEI

But this was exactly why they wanted to DEI it, so that they could get those retards assigned to trump

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I don’t know if we’re talking about the same “he” here

But I’ve seen enough “put on the full armor of God” references, too many divine interventions, too many parallels to a biblical war, too many

Why does a billionaire ready to retire and give it all to his sons take slings and arrows for the world?

Because archangel Michael (who is represented in Chrisatian, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim faiths) asked for my hand in a holy war against the evils of Satan, beezulbub, Baal, and countless others have corrupted humanity to the point requiring intervention.

I don’t have a reason, I don’t have evidence, I could be wrong, I’m probably wrong. I don’t care.

As an observer to all of this, if Michael made his presence known to me and asked for my hand, my body would be his for the remainder of this life.

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I believe the counter sniper was ordered not go engage

I don’t believe the shooter fiddled with the scope, it was probably pre zeroed to 150 yards

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How many coincidences before believing this is archangel Michael coming once again?

I don’t care what you believe or who you believe. I believe we are witnessing a biblical war

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He was going to get shot in the face retard

And not by a 22 to the kidney

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Clipping a target at 150 yards isn’t exactly amateur hour

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If in any way true I hope he’s immediately picked up by trump?

Or this is a double reverso where he’s plant they want in trumps orbit

Or it’s fake and gay

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Remember he was alive at the hospital

Remember he was alive when they took him to a secluded wing of the hospital and prevented most staff from accessing the area.

Remember they immediately said it was a robbery despite the attackers taking NOTHING and Seth still being alive to just fucking tell someone what the fuck happened.

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You can be sure that everything said is a lie, so just start trying to infer the truth from what is left over from everyone’s story

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If grays want to associate with pedos, then the whole lot will end up back on the other side of history as completely unacceptable social norms if not completely illegal .


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Yea sure but 8 people show up last time around or a group of dealer lot Jeeps show up to honk everything is fine.

Now it’s a problem though.

Glad they did this after the people had a chance to Vite the primary though. Otherwise they may have picked wrong

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When 2 known liers both lie constantly it’s hard to know.

If you were going to March across Europe, that’d probably be your position to until you were in a spot to continue.

However, keep in mind WW2 Germany was (and is) in a much different situation. They have no natural resources of their own. Nothing of value.

Russia does.

Germany conquering lands to acquire natural resources above 0 is obvious.

What does Western Europe have that Russia would want?

These military generals are either retarded or just pushing a narrative

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The only “almost” is that it was the navy did it after they found it in Atlantis.

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Every single regulation backed by chevron that tries to be enforced just needs a lawsuit immediately filed.

There has to be some lawyers willing, but maybe not seeing how they’ll destroy anyone willing to help trump see a fair trial

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At minimum you get one opportunity to watch the Joe Biden sniffing and groping kids video.

If you answer anything other than that’s completely inappropriate, you’re on the list

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