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Don't go to the kill sites then lol. The Ukraine stuff is constantly in the feeds as both sides are uploading the killing of each other. Drone footage from an attack, direct feed from the drones as they're doing the attacks, boots on the ground GOPRO's and everything.

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Yes. Once you clue in that being a lefty retard is exactly like narcissism you get it.

Lies, projection, manipulation, gas lighting, deceit, theft and cheating whenever they feel they can get away with it. It's 100% the same thing

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Right. As soon as they finally pulled AZT off the market, all the deaths stopped.

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I guarantee the Jennifer Klein one sucks dick like she owes money. It's either the ones having zero sex or the freaks that want to control the sex narratives

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Thank you very much for the information, I appreciate it.

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Maybe a dumb question, but not being American, I have no idea:

Are your guys' financial information / banking stuff off limits by the government without a warrant or something ( tax stuff not included )?

Here in Canada, our financial information isn't private protected under our Charter - the government can look at your bank account whenever they want. That's why they were able to do what they did with the Truckers Convoy people.

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These people are retarded. If they REALLY gave a shit, they would do something about the actual #1 killer in North America : heart disease.

Put the warning labels on the fast food joints and processed crap in the grocery stores.

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You must remember the big tadoo because people thought Jar Jar Binks was "black". Man, that was hilarious lol. It's a fucking science fiction movie and he's an alien LOL. Even back then they looked for it whenever they wanted to see it.

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Equal the suffering would be a good starting point : skinned alive. Get the Columbian Cartels to do it ; they're pretty good at it. Lots of clips of them skinning people alive on the kill sites

Servicing these scumbags with the respect of a quick death would be a great injustice to those that now have permanent health issues because of these shots.

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The user name is basically just for letting folks know I'm fully awake and on the right side of things. I also use this as my gamer tag, and I do randomly get asked in game - some people have heard the word so they're curious - and I gladly red pill them.

You wouldn't use this username for any reason other than letting people know that " you know". So, that's my angle lol.

I'm also not scared of shit - no man, no government, no police agency, so I have zero bones creating controversy if needed. I'm the type that will NEVER not say what needs to be said, I will NEVER not stand up for what needs to be stood up for. Zero fear, I will absolutely go down swinging full tilt with everything I have if it comes to it.

I'm not trying to come off as a tough guy, but as you read, I've been fully awake for a long time just waiting for them to do what they're going to do, which means I've had lots of time to prepare my home, my body and my defenses for just in case it does happen

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Well lol.. I'll be 49 on debate day and I've been full awake for most of my life. Asked a few questions in Sunday school, got in a lot of trouble, and was then approached by one of my older cousins and one of his friends ; the rest, they say is history.

I've mentioned a lot of this before ( on here ) but, I've known about stuff like Blue Beam, frequency weapons, and the N.W. O since high school. I've known for most of my life, the plan was world communism / slavery ; I just never thought it was going to happen in my lifetime.

As for the username : I'm not going full into it, people say bullshit, I don't care, I know what I ( and 2 friends ) saw and it was a little over 3 minutes of the actual " my username" video. It's real.

The original "Best Gore" website had still images pulled from the DW and it was exactly what we saw. Owner said it would leave the thread up for one day and then take it down. Not long after that, Best Gore was gone.

Sorry for the novel, I'm long winded sometimes lol

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There is a well, well known clip of a reporter in the 80s talking to a supervisor, or something, at the loading docks in L.A and they found a container stacked to the rafters with dead babies.

Here you go, some of the testimony from the workers is quite horrifying:


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Go back and check my posts : I have called this from day fucking one. :D :D

The lab in Winnipeg with the 2 Chinese Nationals that were removed wasn't long before convid happened. Trudope better fucking hang for this.

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But there's no racism against whites...

Funny thing about blood... it doesn't go by race or geographical location.

So yea... if you don't think they're trying to wipe out the whites, you better wake up.

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This is one of the main reasons why I have zero sympathy. What kind of stupid do you have to be to believe " No one is safe unless everyone takes it".

So nobody could think for themselves?

And, do not ever forget, they wanted us locked up. They wanted to take us out of society. My own Prime Minister openly stated about making life extremely difficult in order to force people to take it.

And if they got their way : we would all still be locked up unless we took it. Some of the people here seem to forget that.

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No sympathy here, none at all. My sister is a pharmacist and I feel the exact same way towards her. She vaxxed 2 of her 3 kids, for sure. The youngest was too young at the time : but if I had to bet, I'd bet everything I own she got him "up to date"

Everyone in the medical field is complicit. Every. Single. One of them are in a position to do what they went to school for, and none of them did it. Not one of them went "ok, wait second..." They all did what they were told.

Nobody in the medical field can say they were coerced, or forced, or they didn't know. How did WE all know and none of these local doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc?

Fuck them. Fuck every single one that pushed, administered, and advised people to take it. These same people wanted us in jail : stop fucking forgetting that part when you feel bad for these people.

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You, like the rest, fixate on the word "firmament". Funny thing in the english language, we have numerous words that are spelled the same, yet have two totally different meaning.

Firmament being one of them. Firmament also means a standing of ground IE; gravity. You know.. firm, as in, keep in place?

How would you explain gravity 6000 years ago? You'd have to have some explanation for why birds fly, but humans can't? Cause nobody would have EVER thought about something like that, right?

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Interesting.... as I saw something on one of the IG channels I follow that basically laid it all out how Pelosi was / is actually on the good guys team. She, apparently, and Trump played the roles they did to get the DS to expose themselves more.

It was quite a lengthy clip, but well over a year ago that I watched it. Not sure if it's still around ; I'll do some deep scrolling later lol

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Really? In Canada, they are apparently asking now before you donate. My ex's uncle works for Canadian Blood Services. We both bowl and he and I still talk.

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