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Happens all the time. I hardly know anyone who got what they asked for when selling their home. Pretty standard outcomes for the housing market.

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If it was really "alien ufo's" doing this, it would be happening a lot more often.

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because most bi sexuals are women who screwed around with another female friend at a party one time. Both of those women will tell you they are bi sexual.

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No, this started in 2016. Right after they shot that gorilla in the zoo, the next thing up was trans people starting with the bathrooms. This was going before convid.

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People's kids dropping like flies and now having permanent health issues from the vax aren't doing it.

The threat of taking their kids if they don't believe their 5 year old boy is a girl isn't doing it.

The faggots openly targeting and successfully getting to the kids ( that parade the other day where the kids were wearing lingerie ) isn't doing it.

All this harm being done to the kids and still, most of the normies are still asleep.

Not really sure what else needs to happen to wake these retards up, with these 3 things alone specifically targeting children. I figured parents would fight to the death about their kids. Apparently, not.

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When you also realize the rainbow is in the exact opposite order of the Chakras. Mind what each colour represents in therein of yourself - makes pretty clear sense once you see that.


Also should be clear this entire thing is an operation of sorts. The ancient Chakras are older than dirt. This is clear mockery of self awareness and saying personal sexual gratification is the most important part of self.

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I have an interesting tid bit from Canada. In my province of New Brunswick, the shots weren't mandated for medical staff. I didn't believe it.

Have quite a few friends that work at the hospitals and I asked - it's true. I don't know about any other province but here, the medical staff were given the option. I know quite a few people in long term care facilities ( old folks homes ) that never got the shot and were never 'made' to. It was just suggested apparently.

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Saw this on IG earlier, check out the professional level gaslighting on this psycho :

Sometime later that night, he woke up with a “massive head pain” and could not see.

While he screamed in pain, McKnight reportedly came into the bedroom and asked, “Mike, what did you do to yourself?”

And this bag of shit is a judge. Tell me the entire judicial system is corrupt without telling me the entire judicial system is corrupt.

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Just to add to this; I'm sure you will all remember way back when the trials data came out and there was a specific section about males to not ejaculate into anyone for like 2 months

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it's only getting worse and I think the real bad is going to start happening this year. We're a good 3 years into the vax rollout now and my city of 70K has been running an average of 5 died suddenlys a month since November 2022. I check the obits every week and tally. I don't look at anyone that looks over 60.

It's getting closer too. A girl I went to school with is married to a guy I have bowled with for 20 years - her brother did the died suddenly while on the couch watching TV Thursday afternoon.

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I've thought from day one that the de pop agenda with the vax wasn't straight death ( even though that's happening ) but targeted the reproduction areas of the body.

I saw a report from Germany ( on IG ) that an OBGYN was seeing a lot of miscarriages in UNvaxxed women. He tested their uteruses and found they were full of spike protein. He then tested the husbands and it turns out the semen sacs are spike protein factories.

I saw this a few months ago, so I'm sure it's already known news

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That's just exactly it. Narcissism is a self defense mechanism. When their trauma happened, their subconscious created a false persona for the conscious child to believe they are ; kind of shielding them from their trauma.

The do think they are normal, but at the same time they :

  • are aware they are pathological liars and manipulators

  • believe everyone else thinks like them

  • believe all of their actions are justified as they find a way to blame someone or something else for their behaviour

    "You made me... I had to... You gave me no choice" All of these are used to self defend their actions and blame the other person. They are fully aware they are doing this on purpose.

A narcissist gets their self narrative fulfilled by you believing their lies or gaslighting. Or someone who only knows them believing the stories ( lies ) the narcissist tells them about you. If you believe them, in the narcissist mind, it makes it true. They are also aware they are doing this on purpose.

They live in a world where they have to constantly gaslight themselves into believing their own narrative of themselves because reality is constantly telling them it's not true. A real definition of mental hell.

Everything a narcissist does / thinks / reacts is directly tied to so they never feel the same way again that they felt when their trauma happened. The avoidance of feeling shame is the driving force behind narcissism. Cowardice, however, is the driving behaviour. They're running from themselves, so naturally, they run from everything else ; responsibility, accountability, self integrity and self respect.

" If I can hurt them before they hurt me.. " is a pretty fair way to describe their overall view of others.

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I'll put my story here because I'm certainly not ashamed to say I went to therapy for awhile, and I do believed it helped me a lot.

My ex of 25+ years is a narcissist. I don't need a diagnosis or the actual label : all 9 character traits and behaviours are there. Going back in the mental replay : yep, there the whole time.

When that ended, I knew, based on my own personal research on DM5 behaviours and the path the empath / people pleaser takes, I would end up with someone exactly like her again, and I had to know why I stayed with her for so long ; it's not like I didn't know she was a fairly horrid person.

Therapy allowed me to go deep into myself to find the answers to why I have always done some of the things I do / responses to things / allowance of actions of others that are harmful so I can protect my heart and mind. Boundaries are fucking weird when you've never really had many.

It all boils down to having someone to talk to, to work out your problems.

This isn't wrong at all, but it does depend on a couple of important factors. The first being you, the one going to therapy, being completely open and honest with yourself and the therapist. You have to be able to be vulnerable like a 3 year old ; it's the only way the second factor can happen. The second factor being a good therapist that knows what questions to ask and when. Sometimes, that other person can ask you the questions you don't want to ask yourself - hence the talking to someone else. If that other person though, has the tools to ask the right questions to allow you acces to the doors of your mind, it helps a lot more.

Therapy isn't for everyone and I'm certainly not advocating that at all. Therapy 100% worked for me but it's because of these two factors, and I'm thankful for the therapist I was seeing.

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Yea... get in trouble and get yelled at. So as a kid you cry, obviously, and then my parents would get even more mad because I was upset. My dad used to blow his fucking top if I cried after being screamed at for being a kid - mind you, we're talking under 7 years old here.

Just conditions you to believe you're a horribly bad kid on purpose - at fucking 5-7 years old.

Core memories that transcended into never risking to show my emotions - you only get beat up for it.

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She's actually more informed than folks on here to be honest. Been following this woman for quite a long time on IG. She always has the goods, always does the deep dive research ( and provides it ), and is always bang on the money.

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It's simple. With an MRNA shot, they cure they cancer you have and give it to you somewhere else.

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So, the OP has an opinion on music. You, also have an opinion on music. Who says your list is better than his or vice versa? To HIM, these are the most important master pieces in music - that's for him, not you.

You, actually, are the condescending one. You called him a name because he listed two songs he likes and didn't include YOUR favourites? I think you need to relearn what 'pretentious' means - here's a hint, look in the mirror.

Imagine being that loser that's ripping a dude online ( in a shared community ) for his musical tastes. Maybe re read your posts before you hit "save" next time, bub. You are way over the top over this.

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And that, should tell you everything you need to know about who's running the show. Perverted sexual acts in a government building isn't even frowned upon. Bizzaro world continues.

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Part of the issue with God allowing free will was humans succumbing to evil temptations. God giving free will means you own your soul, not God. You can, however, give your soul to Satan and he then owns it for eternity.

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Yep, I used to be sympathetic to these retards ( my family included ) but, that faded halfway through 2021. I, literally, do not care any more. I've cut off all my family ( minus 3 cousins and 1 uncle + aunt ; I have 25 cousins and two sisters ) and all my "friends" who got the shot.

Of course, they're all having and starting to have issues. I went from caring about their health and outcomes to " you made your choices and you knew what you were doing the whole time"

It's not my fault I didn't make a bad decision based on what the TV told me.

Fuck ' em.

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Odd... the people who are absolutely not having any sex ( except with themselves ) are the ones that are the most vocal about sex, and also seem to be the ones who want everyone to conform to their idea of what sex is.

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I don't think she had much of a following to begin with. Top D list actor at best

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I'm going to expand on this :

The covid thing was supposed to happen in 2017\18 under Hilary. The patent for the covid vax goes back to 2005. Hilary wins, covid happens in 2017 and we would STILL be under lockdown procedures. They were never planning to release the 'vaccine' any time soon.

Years of lockdowns and closed down personal and small businesses would directly result in mass populations relying on government for survival - hello socialism into communism. The government payouts ( CERB in Canada ) was the initial run for universal income ( communism ).

Who was Trump before the got into politics? He knew everyone of these cocksuckers; knew how they played, knew what they were into. I full believe Trump was approached by the white hats eons ago to get the plan in place.

Trump knew their plans and he knew about the 16 year plan to destroy America. Trump talked about Ivermectin and HCQ long before the vaxxes got released. Trump knew that forcing the vax release would make the DS fast track their plans - Operation Warp Speed. We are still in OWS.

Funny if you go back before the vax was released, everyone and their dog said they wouldn't take a "Trump vaccine ". Hilary, Biden, Harris, Romney.,etc they ALL said it. Soon as Biden wins, all of a sudden the vax is good and everyone needs to take it or no one is safe.

They never planned to stop the lockdowns and they never planned to release the vax until we had been beaten down and defeated from the lockdowns. People would be so desperate to get some type of a life back that people would be lining up to take the shots.

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