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Ahhh the calling card of leftist fuckery.

ANYTHING but the actual cause is to blame. Same thing they do to excuse their own behaviour. ANYTHING but the actual cause to blame.

This is getting fucking retarded

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I've put this up before. A normal vaccine construction, testing and trials BEFORE being released to the public is an average of 5 to 7 years. MERS, for example, they are still working on a vax for that - currently on year 14.

Trump implementing Warp Speed FORCED the DS to release the stockpiles of vaxxes they've had for a while. Without a vaccine on the horizon, we'd be in permanent lock down for 5 years, easy.

Think about this for a minute. How many doses of the vax have been given out world wide to date? How long does it take to make this 'covid vax' and test them to make sure they're "safe"? Where are all the facilities producing these vaxxes? How are countries ordering MORE than their populations, and how are those supplies being met?

Nobody seems to know.

That would suggest ( which we all strongly suspect ) that this IS 100% planned and they've had the vaxxes made already ; years ago. What other vaccine have you ever heard of that needed extreme cold storage? Cold storage is for LIVE things that need to be suspended in time for a later date basically.

Remember, this was supposed to happen under Hilary in 2017. Nationwide lockdowns under Hilary for AT LEAST 5 years is what we WERE looking at.

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Simple answer to the covid cult:

"If YOUR vax doesn't protect you, how will mine?"

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But, just because you start evicting the rats doesn't mean your house is clean.

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Here's how I red pill Trump haters.

Question #1. What / who was Trump before he was president?

Question #2. Why was there such a HUGE backlash to him becoming president and the Herculean effort to have him removed?

1. A businessman who has been in bed with all these snakes for years and years. He knows how they operate, how the do business, and who does what business with who.

2. Re read answer #1

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I wonder if people look at the threads posted before posting their own.

This has been posted numerous times, and proven to not be true - Trump going to the island - numerous times. Gettin' old.

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A guy that works at the paint store told me a good one yesterday. His dad and his aunt ( dad's sister ) are extremely close. She had sore throat, chills last week and after a couple of days, Dude's father took her to the doctor to get tested, in a small pick up truck, no masks.

She tested positive for covid. He did not. He went back 2 days later, got tested again, negative.

So..... a positive case was in a small vehicle for an extended period, twice in one day , with no masks worn and only one of them tested positive.

Think about it for 2 seconds.

Tests are fake, or Dad has an immune system that works.

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Just like covid was simply the flu rebranded. Omni is just the common cold rebranded. Just read the symptoms of it. My allergies are 10X worse in mid spring when the pollen is flying around.

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Epstein was the middle man. He provided the services. He didn't "get" the kids, just provided them. Epstein knew the people who trafficked the kids, and Epstein knew the people who wanted the kids.

This is why he is not dead. This man made it so the DS could have all their little treats and money makers. This guy was THE reason the pedo ring has been successful for so long in modern times

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Believing in 'coincidence' is saying things appear out of thin air : impossible.

Causality. The undeniable only truth.

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The small image of the child is from another video, unfortunately.

I've seen 'the' video ; 3 minutes of it ; hence my name.

Not the same kid.

This is nothing new though. Most ancient civilizations have some sort of "drink the blood of your enemies" thing. Why would they do that? They always said to gain the "power" of that person.

Let's take it a step further. If you drank the blood of someone in a heightened state of adrenaline, would that do something for you?

A step further. What's the purest blood there is? That of a child. So, if there's something to drinking blood from a downed enemy to gain power, what would drinking the blood of a child in the same state do for you?

Red Shoe Club. It's been going on for longer than you want to know.

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Warp Speed made them release the vaxxes, that's the only reason.

Have a look at how long a vax normally takes to make it to market : 5-7 years. They're still working on a MERS vax and that's going on 14 years now.

With no vax available, what do you think we'd be looking at right now? We'd be Australia.

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I mentioned this in the other thread, I'll put it here as well.

Someone posted some Q drops that referenced Flynn. I took notice there are 2 separate drops that mention Flynn and "who knows where the bodies are buried?"

For that to be mentioned in 2 separate drops means something significant.

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Yes on the gulp part. I know one of the many things of really listening to someone when you think they're lying is they do something like this, right on the lie part.

I've seen a lot of what I call a throat click. It's like you HAVE to swallow right now and it makes a click sound kind of. I've caught many, many people in this. Almost like a hesitation of breath or breath to the vocal chords.

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I'll take "knows he's caught and now has to backpedal" for $1000, Alex.

A little studying of lying detection clearly proves this garbage pile is FULLY aware of the public perception of him. He's shows all the signs of someone who is guilty nervous.

I'll bet money he now takes a step back and goes quiet for a bit.

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It is very interesting that Flynn and "who knows where the bodies are buried" are mentioned in the same drop ; twice.

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They're just proving to the sheep how fucking dumb they actually are, without them cluing in they're being told.

It's simple. We have ALL KNOWN for eons that a mutation ( variant ) can, in no way possible, be stronger / more dangerous / more deadly than the origin from which it came.

It that wasn't true, we would've all died back in the Bronze Age the first time the common cold mutated.

What causes a mutation? Immunity and / or preventative medicine. When not enough people are catching it to pass it along, the virus HAS to change in order to survive. 99% of the time this means more easily transmissible, yet WAY less dangerous than the original.

We ALL know this, and have known this for a very, very long time.

If you vaxxed everyone, it's beyond 100% likely that said virus WILL mutate around the vax. It's why the fu 'shot' is not called a vaccine. Does not make you immune because the flu virus mutates like 4 times a season. It's preventative medicine.

Covid vax is exact same. Your common sense brain should tell you this. We live in a world where too many, for too long, have relied on the TV to educate them. The ability to think for yourself is a lost art.

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Lots of people dying 'suddenly and unexpectedly'. Coincidentally, within a few weeks after shot #2.

Here's one in my home town from just the other day. This guy had zero health issues. ALL his friends and family are just stunned - I am mutual friends with a lot of his friends. Make sure to take note the "sudden passing" and note his age. You don't just drop dead for no reason at BARELY 50 years old with zero previous health issues.

What do you think happened to him then?


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Just wait 2 days. Seems every libtard cucked faggot that 'calls out' the non vaxxed dies like 2 or 3 days later. Suddenly and unexpectedly, of course.

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Man, with this.

The queen DOES NOT run Canada. The queen has NO POWER in Canada.

Why do so many people believe this?

The queen is a figure head in Canada, her position is represented by the Governor General.

The queen has no say in our politics, how the country is run, how the government is run, how our laws are set up, etc.

The queen has no power in Canada.

We are a former British Colony and we pay tribute to that by naming our ( LOL ) naval ships after her.. That is all folks.

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Been dealing with that direct since my youngest nephew's birthday in August.

We look at like this : If you're all of a sudden a danger to your family, maybe it's best to draw the line and leave it. I certainly don't want to be around anyone that thinks I'm a danger to their kids; especially my own sister.

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Have a gander into BLM being one of the 'vehicles' that help move the kids. You think the average North American would even THINK this? Perfect cover if you ask me. BLM is one organization NOBODY wants to investigate = riots for months if someone wanted to actually investigate their 'organization'.

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