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Frens, With 3 days between us and the election, it has become readily apparent what happened and that this was a last, desperate attempt to destroy Trump. I believe this was also an attempt to put the 2020 steal in the rear view mirror for the average republicans voter.

While this almost worked - it is now failing spectacularly as normies are being redpilled faster now. I even saw my own father-in-law start working to redpill multiple people (and succeeding at it). The DS and their media pets are working overtime to discourage and suppress the will of the people and turn us against Trump in favor of their new approved puppets. BUT…like any lie the truth eventually comes out.

Right now is a critical time in the plan. There is real risk that many of the newly awakened may go back to sleep or simply lose hope. This is a culminating point in the battle and we must maintain momentum to win the day!

If you have not already done so, engage on every medium out there. Load the meme cannons with a triple charge of spice, smash every poll out there (be sure to share links for frens to smash as well), and engage in discussions both online and in person.

What to say? The message needs to be simple but clear and can be custom because we are not bots. Below are the three points I keep pounding and I think it is working as I have seen others start echoing similar sentiment:

  1. Despite the media narrative that Trump lost, he won bigly. Any other politician who had over 90% of his 180+ endorsements would be hailed as a leader of the nation. No matter how 22 elections turned out, the media story was that Trump lost.

  2. Like 20, fraud was everywhere. The only place there was no fraud was in Florida, in an effort to turn support away from Trump.

  3. The swamp is desperate to destroy Trump by any means possible. He is the only one they cannot control. Remember they fear him because they fear you.

  4. Ask yourself, what is the media trying to make me think and feel?

Get out there and crush it! Now is not the time for timidity!