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Yes I heard after his court date in Washington he went to Pakistan to work at the Hillary connected law firm.

Thirty six routers he swapped out to spy on members of congress for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary.

He tried to flee the country with $100,000 from a legal home equity loan on a house he rented! Money given to him by the Congressional Bank, a bank I never heard of. The bank told Imran they couldn't give him the money because he was not the homeowner.

He was apprehended in Washington national airport. His mother already left. Brothers on the US payroll too!

Imran had a court date that George Webb covered as they brought him in a private car into a private garage and put the door down so he could not be seen.

Then he just went back to Pakistan. If he's sang like a canary it didn't seem to matter did it?

Where's Imran and what exactly did he do? We have a right to know.