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He has to know the MAGA dogs are on his trail and he's backed up to the abys. Tyrants tend to get more hysterical when panicking.

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So many events in history got us here. But I disagree that the entire congress is treasonous. There's a handful of legislators (house & senate) that know what's occurred and are doing what they can to keep our Republic free. I'm not going to name anyone because that make it a popularity contest. The voting record and the bills endorsed or sponsored tell us who is worth supporting and who is the problem.

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I think it's referred to as a natural selection process in which the stupid, misshapen and slow are consumed first.

This is a test.

This is only a test and no cause for immediate alarm.

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You mean like for the same reason Peter Navarro was jailed?

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Look at Grassley's voting record and remember he's supposed to be a republican. Grassley and Ernst are rino's.

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Jones will broadcast out of an RV on wally worlds parking lot. The man is driven and I will support whatever he comes up with. Even if you think he's controlled op he has been right about so much shit we had NO idea was even possible. Oracle or grifter Alex is unique. Got to give him his due.

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When they push it so hard that they give away hamburgers and marijuana for incentive you know it's a scam. I don't need some asshole globalist to discern for me what should be obvious to anyone who's been a victim of a grift...like taxes for example.

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I'm so thankful that both Missouri Senators now stand with Senator Lee's statement. Hawley will not disappoint MO. Eric Schmitt is going to be a great lawmaker. These 3 conditions must be adopted by the Republican Senatorial Conference. Wish I was as confident in the rest of the 39. What happened to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on this? John Kennedy?

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When the 1st person dies from a weaponized virus an arrest for premeditated murder needs to be charged for both of these criminals and the institutions who made it possible. Without SEVERE penalties this will never stop.

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Thank you sincerely brave Patriot.

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I've looked at the settings and I can't find a way to add yandex to the list on brave.

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Verbal noncompliance seems appropriate. And a fuck you as a personal addition.

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