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You are not understanding the message. Q started out as something good, and ended up being co-opted. How many times in history do we see the cabal do this exact thing with anything good?

It has been repeated numerous times. Religion is a good example. Many secret societies are another. I ask the Creator to open your mind and heart. Seek truth within yourself.

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About your friend, know that no one ever dies, or it’s gone. They are their thoughts and emotions, their fears and ambitions, these continue existing all tho some might change based on their new found reality of existence… you are a spark of the infinite creator, you are the essence of eternal energy. Your friend, like you and I, was having a physical experience, but we are all spirit. May the creator heal your wounds. Much love ❤️

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Indeed. When you dream, the dream and what happens in the dream are not real, your thoughts and emotions within the dream are what is real. Your experience in the dream is real, but the dream itself is not. I hope this was helpful to you.

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Well even some folks here on this forum argue that the later Q drops are form an impostor or not credible. Knowing how the cabal operates, it makes sense that they would find their way into any stream of information and muddy the waters, as they have done with the many world religions from the dawn of mankind.

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Upside down pyramid means entity in control. My guess is the eye means providence. As in the eye of providence is in control.

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Idk. But it seems like google wants war with hackers. Let them

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The family has to let people know. They usually do so openly every 10 years.

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Cooper woke me up when he said. You expect anyone to believe that this CNN reporter was able to find Osama and interview him. When every intel asset is looking for this guy and where he is hiding, so we can either kill him or take him to trial. But a CNN reporter can just show up at his hideout and be let in for an interview?? At that moment I realized the CIA was one of the most dangerous and rogue agencies on the planet. This let me to operation mockingbird and their CIA assets in media and entertainment

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Thanks guys. Much appreciate it. The father of the great awakening does not get the recognition he deserves. Patriot, and good human being right there.

RIP sailor, your watch is our watch.

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At this point you need to get on a plane and become an American citizen.

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Thanks fren. ❤️ peace and love be upon you.

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It does not take much to see why these types seek political office. They know it’s their only chance at getting away with their narcissistic behavior and they will have the help to get there by their string pullers.

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Former my ass. These are like the ministry of interior in Cuba. They retire when they die only.

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yes, that is what it seems like. This practice is very ancient and still happens today, all tho the drug itself is made in labs now... the rituals still happen sadly.

now you know what purpose the abortion industry has for the blood line.

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Voldemort? just call them the Voldemorts lol

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soooooooo, the entire Biden admin has been and is a psyop?

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There is already a forest where fags crossdress and have sex. It’s called bohemian Grove.

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