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They really don't know whose it is. The other countries have satellites already to surveil, so why even use this then?

Well, it may be for another purpose.

Some of us think it may be a Trojan Horse, that is, that it is carrying an EMP or a payload of Fentanyl or Pandemic #2.

Shooting it down would release what's in it or trigger the weapon.

There's just too much unknown right now.

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This deep fake is pretty good. But, the dialogue is quite erudite. Do you know who wrote the words?

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I also noted the statement from Hunter where he references 'OUR CHILDREN' to Hallie. Could he be the father of some of her children?


"Our children Hallie, OUR children are drifting away from you Hallie

They cling and monitor and worry and lash out, and act out and...

You place blame on every e brit (sp?)

You don't even acknowledge your roll in nay of it" (role in any of it)

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Sounds like you gave an exercise to Chat GPT to write a fictional story!

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I understand her frustration. But the truth is, a bullet shot from the ground cannot reach a balloon flying at 66,000 ft altitude.

All that shooting bullets straight up in the air would do is create a hazard of piercing bullets dropping from the sky at 150 mph, possibly damaging buildings, cars, people and animals. Bad idea!

And, as many of us have been saying, if the balloon is a weapon, could it house pathogens, viruses, or fentanyl? If so, puncturing it would release these toxins into the upper atmosphere, carrying them across wide reaches of the U.S.

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I like how your mind works.

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Prayers sent. You, your father and your children have been wrapped in a white light.

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A bullet shot from the ground cannot reach a balloon flying at 66,000 ft altitude.

All shooting a bullet straight up in the air would do is create a hazard of bullets dropping from the sky at 150 mph, damaging buildings, cars and possibly people and animals. Bad idea!

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Chat GPT is really being answered by live, woke Libs who are being paid to respond with a particular agenda under the guise of impartial AI.

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Yes and possibly Fentanyl. We know that China is likely the world's largest producer of this drug and is smuggling it through our southern border. Consider how they could have inserted hundreds of pounds of the powder inside, which would be released if the balloon is punctured/torn/shot down. The powder would spread throughout the atmosphere, raining down onto the people, the natural waterways and the animals, possibly killing millions.

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That photo threw me. He looks like a cross between Bill O'Reilly and Ted Cruz.

But yeah, he was definitely right.

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Ugh. They are just such pieces of garbage. Joe campaigned in 2019 and said he'd give us the cure as though he already knew what it was. 2 years in and nothing.

But, it doesn't matter. We already have figured it out by ourselves. We don't need them to pretend they had anything to do with it.

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I also found this quote by one of the authors:

"The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue in U.S. society, whether domestic or foreign."

—Noel Ignatiev, Abolish the White Race - By Any Means Necessary.

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This article triggered me. WARNING. Rant ahead...

Here are my thoughts. The book is titled:

"When Race Becomes Real: Black and White Writers Confront Their Personal Histories...."

Except it was written by a black man, a Jewish man and edited by a black woman, all whom shared their intense hatred of white people, and who focused the majority of their lives and careers highlighting division between the races, blaming white people for their issues, teaching and spreading critical race theory and scheming to destroy white people!

They said this:

"Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed—not 'deconstructed' but destroyed."

The persons who collaborated in the book were:

  • Derrick Bell - An educated black man who was born poor, worked his way through college and became an attorney, worked in the justice department in the Civil Rights Division. He and his wife were both Civil Rights activists, he was a member of the NAACP and eventually taught law at several universities, including Harvard, having friends advocate and pull strings for him all along the way making him the only black graduate or hire in a department. He was known as a critical race theorist, writing multiple books on the subject. He was also blatantly, vehemently, anti-white.

  • Bernestine Singley - an educated black woman who was an attorney and is listed as the editor for the book, but in her LinkedIn she claims the book is 'HER' critically-acclaimed, award-winning anthology! She says she was a Research Assistant to Prof. Derrick A. Bell, Jr. (one of the authors) and writes that she is known for her 'Race Studies', 'Race Dialogue Facilitation' and her memoir BEFORE BARACK: MY LIFE AMONG WHITE FOLKS.

  • Noel Ignatiev - a Jewish man who dropped out of college, and became a member of the Communist Party of the USA, helped form a local Marxist–Leninist Communist Party, worked in a steel mill and sold farm machinery parts. Later, he was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education without an undergraduate degree! [How does that happen??]. He then earned his master's degree, later joining the Harvard faculty as a lecturer and worked toward a doctorate in U.S. history! He also wrote or co-wrote several books, among them: How the Irish Became White, claiming that the formerly oppressed Irish people were not considered white in America until they began abusing black people! Additionally, he was best known for his theories on race and for his call to abolish "whiteness". He was the co-founder of the New Abolitionist Society and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor, which promoted the idea that "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."

Good Lord!

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There is another concern. The balloon may be full of Fentanyl that would be released if pierced or spores of a virus or pathogen that would be sent all over through the air. Worse, it could be carrying an EMP.

Or, it may just be surveillance.

I think it would be better to capture it and take it down to examine.

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Re the origins of the virus:

Well, China's Wuhan lab made Covid-19 - but only because it was started in the US and taken to Wuhan after it was banned in the US by laboratory workers. Then its continued development was funded by the US under the direction of Dr. Fauci & Eco Health Alliance, using taxpayer dollars.

How it got out and spread.... well that is up for discussion.

Re the Balloon:

'Don't shoot it down' order may make sense now, after all.

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Wait. Aren't there more pressing things?

Like getting Joe Biden and Kamala out of office or arrested?

Or removing the corruption in Washington?

Getting the homeless and the drug addicts off the streets everywhere?

Bringing prosperity and health back to the world.

Fixing the broken election system...etc.?

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