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No, that was a misinterpretation. They agreed to send the idea of withdrawing the votes over to the rules committee for consideration. A member from the rules committee spoke out saying all of their attorneys said there was no legal way for that to be allowed. So, it is not a done deal at all, yet.

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No. Please get updated. They just voted to pass it to the Rules Committee for consideration. And since then, the head of the Rules Committee - Robin Vos - said he has no intention of considering it.


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So that Gateway Pundit article says this:
"The assembly voted on the resolution to have passage to the Rules Committee, to get an opinion if they can go forward. They could have tabled it. They didn’t even have to hear it. But because it was found privilege, they had no choice. And now the legislation moves to the Rules Committee."

And then, there's this article: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/confusion-over-wisconsin-vote-to-recall-electors-speaker-robin-vos-set-to-kill-the-bill/

Speaker Vos told reporters — “There are some who believe — there’s one who believes — that we somehow have the right (to withdraw electoral votes) even though every lawyer that we have worked with in Wisconsin says we cannot undo the 2020 elections, “ Vos said. “You know, Rep. Ramthun has that belief. That’s his right. But I think that what we’re focusing on is not the past. We are looking at the past to learn from it.

Sadly, I think all of the rule committee persons are batting for the other team and will flush this.

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Oh, they are killing off and injuring a lot of the young and healthy. The dead/collapsed athletes number over 500 now, I think. And every day there is another nurse, doctor, airline pilot or young person in their early 30's who has come down with cardio or brain injuries.

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I think this is fake guys.... the video they linked does not address this.

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I could not confirm that this Wisconsin decertification actually happened. Someone produced a video from today, but it didn't happen in that video. Is there another one that someone actually watched and heard and watched this happen??

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I watched the video linked below and this did not happen in that video. Nowhere else is this being reported. Could this be a mistake/click bait?

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Very interesting. Surprising that twatter hasn't banned it yet.

Also realistic image of John John as an older man.

I want to believe!

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He got paid $100,000,000.00 (that's 100 million dollars) by Spotify for the rights to his music. Is he giving the money back?

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It appears that over 19 years ago, they patented the method to MANIPULATE THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM via Electromagnetic fields.

The use for this could be myriad. Think about it. You could commandeer our Smart Phones, Computer Monitors, Home Television Screens, Freeway Billboards, Concert venue surround sound video screens, Movie theater screens, Giant electronic Football stadium scoreboards, etc.

Could it explain the road rage, the Karen behavior, the Antifa behavior, and general insanity .....?

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In the FB comment the woman posted, her poor writing skills and missing words convey her below-average intellect. We see that she didn't even discern that the heavily taped and wrapped boxes might be an indication of dangerous and important contents. She also didn't notice that the wild monkeys she tried to pet looked different than her own kitty. She's lucky one didn't bite her.

After touching the filthy monkey boxes, she then rubbed her eye, giving herself a case of Pink Eye. We must ask - did she remember to wash those hands when she got home?

What about the monkey poop she stepped in? Did she get that in her car and then walk all over her home with those same pathogen-infested feces-covered shoes? Good Lord. How does this woman operate in society without a guardian accompanying her?

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Didja notice?

He said the Fed pays extra for the hospitals to give the toxic drug to their MEDICARE PATIENTS...

Think about that.

Kill them now - to remove them from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. Pay now - save so much more forever after !

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You wrote: "And then the CDC monkeys put a noose around her neck and yelled THIS IS MACAQUE COUNTRY"

Brilliant! So funny.

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TRANSCRIPTION of Dr. Paul Marik's 2-minute discussion from the above clip:

“If you look at the four independent studies including the large studies by the WHO, it shows you the opposite effect. Remdesivir increases the risk of death. Let me say that again. Remdesivir increases the risk of death by 3%, it increases your chances of Renal failure by 20%."

"This is a toxic drug. But just to make the situation even more preposterous, the federal government will give hospitals a 20% BONUS on the ENTIRE HOSPITAL BILL – if they prescribe Remdesivir to their MEDICARE PATIENTS."

"The Federal government is incentivizing hospitals to prescribe a medication which is toxic. So, it should be noted that Remdesivir costs about $3,000 a course. Dr. Kory spoke about Ivermectin.” [Dr. Pierre Kory, Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance] “Ivermectin reduces the risk of death by about 50%. It costs the WHO about two cents, two cents!”

“So, as regards Dexamethasone [anti-inflammatory steroid], this is the wrong drug, in the wrong dose, for the wrong duration of time, yet every clinician in this country will absurdly use this homeopathic dose of Dexamethasone. Why? Because the NIH tells them to do this."

"So, what the NIH and other agencies have ignored are multiple FDA approved drugs. These are FDA approved drugs. These are not experimental drugs, which are cost effective and safe and have unequivocally, UNEQUIVOCALLY been shown to reduce the deaths of patients in the ICU and in hospital.”

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Oh, thanks for the clarification. I was mistakenly under the impression that only a small percentage of the Jewish population had this. Now I've learned something.

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What a disgusting, horrible man. Ugly in face, ugly in behavior. He abused and used so many young women. Did they know what they were getting into when they were invited to one of his parties?

How many were drugged against their will with Quaaludes (amnesia promoting) and had no idea what was done to them? (I read where he admitting using that drug like Cosby did and for the same purpose.)

And truly, what woman would marry this gross, perverted man? Well, 3 of them did, and they bore him 4 children. How to explain this?

He of course cheated on every one of them, constantly.

What kind of things did his children witness in that mansion of naked women, drugs and pornography? How did it affect them?

Look up pictures of his second son, Marston. That kid looked like a real creep in the making when he was young. At age 21 he was arrested for punching his girlfriend and kicking her in the stomach and holding her against her will. She won that year's playmate of the year. Was that a reward for the abuse? Photos of that son are eerily reminiscent of Bruce Dern's Norman Bates character in 'Psycho'.

We learn the Playboy mansion had a whole series of tunnels underneath and an entire underground secure storage area where the videos and photos of celebrities, politicians and athletes involved in unwitting debauchery were stored for purposes unknown.

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