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"The arrests are starting." That would be wonderful.

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You don't think that would be interesting to know? If we were getting race targeted videos portraying opposite sides...wow.

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All the airlines with their covid tyranny on top of the remnants of 9/11 tyranny have pissed me off. I'll never fly again. Either car, RV, or sailboat for the rest of my life. Unless we unwind the bullshit.

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They think it was science, when really it was an attempt to enslave humanity through medical tyranny. We could see it, plain as day. That's why we were right and they were wrong.

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I'm going long on backyard chickens.

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Know a tree by the fruit that it bears.

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Is Peter Thiel a white hat?

He has funded seasteading projects, which are libertarian in nature. He is friends with Elon.

Counter point - he's a member of Bilderberg and has VC relationships with many tech companies that have been caught spying on us.

This new data point, that he precipitated the collapse of SVB is interesting, to say the least.

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It's been easy for the cabal to control public opinion. So Democracy is just fine for their purposes.

Until now...

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Programming in the brainwashing sense. Those shows constantly portray rights as an obstacle to justice. They also villainize anyone with a gun and no badge. Psychic driving, repetition.

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We gotta go easier on them. These people are in for a mental break.

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Lots of us are on this difficult journey with you. It does seem like we choose this ride, and it's tempering us for something better.

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