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You are right, many are a waste of time. My redpill conversations are reserved for those on the fence.

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You really can't tell them anything. You can ask questions though.

Ask them why anyone trusts the corporate media when they've been caught lying to us and even tricking us into war over and over.

Ask if they think the 40 billion for Ukraine is covering up the crimes of the Biden, Pelosi, and Kerry families.

Avoid making statements. The goal is to get normies to think, we already know you are thinking.

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Why do they get so angry at us?

I've had real life examples of family members that wished harm on other family members over experimental shots...

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That was it, just watched it again. Such interesting symbolism and connections. Something odd is at play with Christopher Lloyd and his movies.

You might like this one too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_SZJ9vcfbc

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Democrats now love big government, big business, big pharma, and they stand against the rights of the individual. Sounds like a winning combo.

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Without assets in hand, anonymously - everything can be taken from you.

The system has shown itself to be untrustworthy over and over.

Bank accounts seized for beliefs, for telling the truth, for exercising our God given rights. What makes you think a trading account cannot be seized?

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Looks right, I'll check it out later. Thanks!

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There's a conspiracy theory about Christopher Lloyd. A video called something like Christopher Lloyd Christbearer explains it, but I can no longer find a working link.

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Dang...didn't know Fang Fang was killed.

The crater thing is insane. Planes will fight to fly level. As speed increases, so does lift, it's very hard to hold a dive for a prolonged period of time.

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Yeah, and that "capitalism failed" comment is just stupid. 90 trillion in government spending is the opposite of capitalism Kim.

But thanks for the warning. The world needs to wake soon, preferably before the famine begins.

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My suggestion would be to learn techniques that work without using any store-bought supplies.



Back to Eden Gardening

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======== Movies

Kill the Messenger (2014) The story of the reporter that broke the story of the CIA cocaine trafficking.

American Made (2017) The story of the Mena AR pilots and airport.

======== TV Shows

Dark Angel (2000) Girl escapes from genetic/MK-Ultra prison.

Dollhouse (2009) Pretty people programmed to be the playthings of the ultra rich.

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Here in the USA if you mention the beast system, most people have a general idea of the concept. Some apply it to every institution and requirement of modern society. Others might pick and choose various tenets such as the social security number, taxes, banking...the usually suspects. Yes, it's possible the beast is a past event, but most here think it is either fantasy or an event still coming...or possibly happening now.

"Locked here digitally." You are probably familiar with the extensive data collection various agencies world wide are engaged in. One of the most heavily secured buildings in the world houses much of the data. In Utah. I've read that a river was redirected to provide the necessary cooling for the servers. Perhaps that data is everything YOU. Every word, every place, every connection. Perhaps with AI the system can reconstruct YOU in a virtual world. Stuck forever. Perhaps....maybe....this is that world. How would you know?

Rights from a God. Many believe we are born with inalienable rights. Even our enemy seems to acknowledge it because we can see the schemes they have undertaken to trick us into consenting to their system. Whether or not the rights are god given doesn't matter, many still believe that you are born with all the rights that allow you to do anything you want as long as you do not infringe on the rights of another. It's a beautiful concept the world would be a better place if more were willing to fight for their inalienable God-given rights.

Money laundering is a fake crime. When I earn a dollar, what I do with it and where it came from is nobodies business. Especially not the government. Normies never consider this, many may disagree...but I can see it no other way. Money laundering as a concept is a scam to enslave us, track us, and steal our money.

Now... if we use money laundering laws to take down the cabal, then that is just poetic justice since the system was designed by them to be used against us.

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Same. The picture he paints for the events behind the world stage is intriguing. Try to find inconsistencies in his narrative.

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Is this sarcasm? I'm not sure so I'll just answer:

The beast system is the system built by something evil at the top of society and it's minions to entrap all of humanity. A system where you cannot buy, sell, or trade without the "mark". Perhaps a system where you are locked here forever digitally.

Digital ID's world wide. Those ID's came from years of beast system preparation -- welfare systems, demonizing artificial crimes such as "money laundering', drugs...you know, all the victimless crimes that shouldn't exist in a world built on rights granted by God.

If you need more, just let me know. If this was sarcasm, please forgive me.

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El = Chronos = Saturn = Satan = Time

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