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They shot it directly into their bloodstreams.

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Highest point comments go up, lowest go down. You do not see the points next to posts and comments?

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Kid Love Productions is not our fren. Wasn't he pictured in some sort of red shoes club?

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I'm as far out as I can be while still being able to access my customer base. One day, I hope to go much further into the country.

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Sometimes I think almost exactly that.

Other times, I wonder if Ai will discover patterns that lead to answers that no human has ever thought of before. This is something Ai has already done with complex games. Perhaps life and the Universe are just a few layers more complex.

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Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the OKC bombing did it for me.

But it keeps going back..Nayirah incubator babies, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK... probably right back to the beginning of human history.

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Where my free turkey? It ain't fair, those illegals get up early and take all the turkeys.

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Elon counter attack - crippling lawfare and soft disclosure.

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I thought we were talking about Jack Posobiec?

Jack Posobiec's allegiance is an unknown. I've heard nothing convincing either way. Claiming pizzagate is fake could simply mean he hasn't looked into it. Or it could be to avoid limiting his audience size by venturing too far outside the Overton Window.

Pizzagate is real.

Pizzagate was so named because of the use of 'pizza' code words in the leaked Podesta emails. The emails discuss body fluid rituals, odd ways of using 'pizza', and children as entertainment.

The media twisted the story into something fantastical about Comet Pizza in DC. Which has shady ties and a serious creep factor, but it is not the real story.

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Pizzagate could severely limit your audience as well.

Nothing I'm seeing convinces me either way.

If we know for sure he's CIA, then we have no way to determine if he's a white or black hat.

Which is always the case. None of us, unless we have inside info, know shit about what's in the hearts of these people or who they actually serve.

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I'm not sure what you are saying. My question is sincere, I do not know anything about Posobiec.

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Yeah, it's odd. My question was sincere. I don't anything about Posobiec.

Thanks for you response.

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No chance he was just plain wrong about something?

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Answering to the government every year...or ever...is completely against the ideals of the Constitution, America, and freedom.

No income tax is acceptable.

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