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Comparing the data on mandatory childhood vaccination policies with the prevalence of autism in different countries is a complex task that requires reliable and consistent data sources. Here’s an overview of how you can approach this comparison:

  1. Identify Countries with Mandatory Vaccination Policies: You can start by identifying which countries have mandatory vaccination policies from the table at Our World in Data.

  2. Find Autism Prevalence Data: Next, gather data on the prevalence of autism in these countries. Reliable sources for such data include:

    • Government health departments or ministries
    • National autism associations
    • Academic research papers
    • WHO (World Health Organization)
    • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports
  3. Data Collection and Comparison: Once you have both datasets, you can compare them to see if there is any correlation between mandatory vaccination policies and autism prevalence. Here’s a simplified example with hypothetical data:

Example Comparison

Country A:

  • Vaccination Policy: Mandatory
  • Autism Prevalence: 1 in 100 children (1%)

Country B:

  • Vaccination Policy: Mandatory
  • Autism Prevalence: 1 in 150 children (0.67%)

Country C:

  • Vaccination Policy: Voluntary
  • Autism Prevalence: 1 in 120 children (0.83%)

Country D:

  • Vaccination Policy: Voluntary
  • Autism Prevalence: 1 in 200 children (0.50%)

Hypothetical Analysis

  • Mandatory Vaccination Countries:

    • Average Autism Prevalence: (1% + 0.67%) / 2 = 0.835%
  • Voluntary Vaccination Countries:

    • Average Autism Prevalence: (0.83% + 0.50%) / 2 = 0.665%


In this hypothetical example, the average prevalence of autism is slightly higher in countries with mandatory vaccination policies (0.835%) compared to those with voluntary policies (0.665%). However, it is crucial to note that correlation does not imply causation. Numerous factors, including genetic, environmental, and diagnostic criteria differences, can influence autism prevalence rates.

Real Data Collection Steps

  1. Visit the Our World in Data website to identify countries with mandatory vaccination policies.
  2. Search for autism prevalence rates on trusted sources like government health department websites, national statistics databases, or research articles.
  3. Compile the data for a comprehensive comparison.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure that the data on autism prevalence is from comparable years to account for changes over time.
  • Consider the diagnostic criteria and reporting practices, which can vary significantly between countries.
  • Be aware of the potential influence of other health policies and societal factors.


To conduct a robust analysis, you would need to gather and analyze data from multiple reliable sources. This type of analysis is important for understanding public health trends and should be approached with a critical eye to ensure accuracy and relevance.

quickly made a plan with AI help.

Fren if you have more time than me go for it, at least fo several countries

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Which countries have mandatory childhood vaccination policies?


If the ones with mandatory have significantly more cases on average populous than ones with recommended children's vaccines . Then we know for a fact.

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French/Swiss anons targeted his home at Geneva lake, I drove there recently myself,I will post a photo shoon. he and his family are not feeling safe anymore, anywhere. As they should

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I would never allow this, I traveled trough 4 countries during lockdowns to take care of my family. Nobody could stop me. I normally asked for permission the countries I traveled to.

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why cant wait for the nova? that would mean end of all life on Earth. Our beauty.

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yes, I think it was the same with Ukraine "winning" last year or the year before in a similar fashion.

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Nettles are your friend

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just look onto crimes against children from Israel and Hamas also Ukraine and everybody is silently against it but nobody is joining in saying - no more !

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Whenever I use China, or Chinese in couple of languages, I lose my connection to Twitter.

This is crazy because it repeated couple of times.

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