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Cue all the, "but if it was true, how come the news isn't reporting it?!" comments from all the lefties in my universe

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Both are very good points - and I would love to see college stadiums shouting Trump Won all day Saturday 🤣

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My question is - is Friday the best day to do this? Right before the weekend and it's late in the day on the east coast.

It'll definitely boost Trump's rally speech the next day, which will no doubt be heavily censored.

But I remember when the media tactic to bury a story was to release damaging news on a Friday night.

I wonder why they're not doing it either the day before, or in the morning... There has to be a rationale for this day/time selection.

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That's literally the best thing i've heard all day!

I hope James O'Keefe delivers a devastating blow that all the lawyers like RFK Jr, Robert Barnes, etc., can investigate and use for their cases.

So tired of this corruption

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Hence, "Report"

Doesn't say the report is true or even comes from reliable information.

What it does do is it gets a salacious headline out there designed to make all the media shill talking heads and their reliable leftie flying monkeys screech and reeeeee leading up to and after AZ releases their findings to 'refute it"

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I agree with you, to a point.

This would be the case if we were the target audience, but we're not.

It's the normies who need to hear and see this info the most. And we live in an instant gratification world, like it or not. So the initial drop can't be a dud that they'll easily pass off as a nothing burger. Because they'll lose interest.

I speak from experience, as that is precisely what happened last fall with some normie friends. They lost total interest in what O'Keefe shared in subsequent drops because the 1st one was lackluster.

Remember, normies get their news from MSM. All it takes is for the narrative to be, 'that was lame, there's no teeth to this whistleblower claim' for most normies to tune it out and ignore subsequent drops.

Don't get me wrong, I love Andrew Breitbart. But the slow approach worked better for a different time.

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It's two weeks after the 1st shot before getting the 2nd shot.

I don't think there was ever a quarantine. If you heard that, it must have been a short-lived fake rule they were trying out.

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This has been the most entertaining redpill so far 🍿🍸😎

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That would actually be amazing to watch - and we could use a few more redpill moabs for good measure!

Because I think that would finally get even more of the hardcore lefties to question wtf is going on.

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when you control the financial system and you're in cahoots with the supreme powers controlling the pandemic policies that directly impact the financial system, it's A LOT more than slimy.

this comment i think sizes up the corruption really well:

This has much broader implications than just corruption. This means that they were invested in the pandemic and are interested in keeping it going for as long as possible. It was never about anything more than profit.


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Listen to the framing of the news reporter, "...fans trust her medical advice"

People not following the approved narrative are offering "medical advice"

But the obedient ones who do follow it are merely stating opinion and doing it 'for the greater good'

This agenda better get exposed for what it really is. And soon.

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"pray on it" was the most offending part of the tweet that triggered the demons 😆

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Additional suspicious silence:

  • comey
  • brennan
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Everybody gets redpilled in their own time and becomes fully awake at their own pace.

Instead of expecting an immediate 180, we should feel encouraged that the scales are beginning to fall from more people's eyes -- and hope that it continues.

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Next Friday, Sept 24, is the deadline for pfizer to provide detailed data about the vax, correct?

It might be wishful thinking for me to think that they'll be open about disclosing negative info, as opposed to fabricating information or saying it's inconclusive. But I still wonder if those resignations and that letter are related to the the 24th.

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I mean, have you seen the backers of BLM? Because that description would be accurate.

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Some possibilities:

  1. disinfo is necessary - if he is, in fact, alive and faked his own death, i'm sure it was because he was in serious danger from the hillary killing machine (also recall his note to biden that circulated, i believe in his george magazine). so there would be no rational reason to put his life in danger again by exposing that he might still be alive

  2. if you go into witness protection or some other similar situation, you've essentially been given a new identity and your former identity ceases to exist for all intents and purposes

  3. rfk jr was trolling

  4. we may never know the truth

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lol, what will my leftie friends, colleagues and acquaintances do if this becomes a growing trend?! 😆

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