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At this point, I trust no one blindly or implicitly.

And I don’t think we’ve fully reached the point where all of the moles, plants and saboteurs have made themselves known to us — on both sides

I do hate the game, though. Possibly more than the players.

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I’m sure most here have heard pro-abortion advocates call fetuses parasites?

It’s almost universally used as part of their justification for why it’s just a blob of cells and not a baby, and therefore not able to feel anything so let’s go ahead and abort it without a shred of remorse.

Well, I’m saving this info to share with the next rabid lunatic I hear using that description.

Thank you for posting this

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Next up, “sars cov2 causes turbo cancer, so be sure to get your 23rd booster”

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Sometimes the clown show is so painfully stupid that it zaps every ounce of energy from my body

This episode is one of those moments

Because trust that there will be humans listening to his explanation who are willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, and an army of establishment media shills convincing them he made an honest mistake

Seriously, where’s the giant meteor when we need it

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Real Raw News is run by a foaming-at-the-mouth leftist who has stated he created the site and its outlandish claims and “news” items for the sole purpose of making conservatives look like crazy conspiracy theorists when they share links to the site.

He searches for “conspiracies” online and turns them into fake news items to mock us.

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“It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”

And now understanding the types of “activities” that take place in this club, and the corrupt, degenerate, evil people who make up the club’s membership, I drop to my knees and thank God I’m not in it

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and btw, what weaksauce answer she gave

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Just like everyone who is offended by anything “problematic” or “culturally insensitive” is always a white liberal

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Oh how I hope that the last point is true…

“every shitpost that makes them look like idiots actually infuriates them”


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“the cricket diet is starting to make sense” 🤣

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I’m so glad to hear that! I’ll see if I can find the video from the holistic doctor re celery juice, and post that as a stand-alone

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Exactly. Those blue state stats are lies.

Actually, I’d bet the red state stats aren’t fully accurate either

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If his retribution era truly comes to fruition, the excruciating pain of the past 3-1/2 years will all have been worth it

May God bless and protect him 🙏

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“Our own”? 🤔 Based on what? Who are these people in DC anyway? Why should we trust any of them? What have they done for us — for the country? Particularly, “our own”

Be honest, replace Boebert in this story with a squad member, or any democrat politician; would you be this generous?

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This video is what he tweeted, and then apparently deleted - even though he kept posting more comments showing how things weren’t adding up, calling himself a “coincidence theorist”

Gateway Pundit:


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Interesting update…

It appears twitter (or X or whatever tf it’s called now) is blocking previews of the video - at least here on GAW

The preview in the post here now reads: ! Not found

You have to click on the link to see the video (unless it’s just me that’s no longer seeing it?)

I guess the tweet struck a nerve with WEF Linda Yaccarino running the shop for Elon 🤔

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No it didn’t.

Look again and compare to the Fetterman from his early days on the campaign trail and in office

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Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter. This is tacky behavior


I find it awfully curious that the security camera had such a perfect angle on her

And I believe this dude she’s having an affair with is a democrat. Is he using her to set her up?

She’s a fool for trusting him, especially given how much the left hates her

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