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Yeah, I know. I don’t care, my comment stands.

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Sorry Dave, but Trump wasn’t even harmed on paper, or in the history books.

Deep State rekt themselves. And I’m loving every single minute of it.

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I’ve never done heroin. But I imagine the high I’ve been feeling all day seeing their “oh shit” moments in real time, is a pretty close facsimile 😂

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They’re so effing desperate and hysterical, and I just adore all of it!!

I could watch these panic videos all day 😆

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If they had anything on Trump, they would have thrown it at him long, long ago.

They overplayed their hand.

As they always do.

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I believe there was a plan to arrest Trump.

There were several theories floating around a few months ago that Trump’s arrest was going to be the October surprise.

I bet there are more than just a handful of second thoughts about that today, seeing how this didn’t go as planned for them 😉

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Oh I bet it’s definitely around 70-85%+

They either believe their own fake polls and corrupt paid shills, or they’re just gaslighting

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Hmm there seems to be conflicting information then.

Because I’m seeing Reinhart’s name all over twitter, mostly from conservative reporters, and in a several other posts here on GAW

Top comment in that post also seems to show how she wasn’t the judge

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“The month of August is traditionally very HOT”

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Beautiful! I’m going to sleep well tonight, super comfy cozy ☺️😴

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