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I'm not directing these questions to you Dogsoldier

I understand. Same questions I have about this and it's beyond frustrating.

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Love that pede! He lays it all out there.

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Do you have a link to the whole thing? I scraped this part out of Twatter.

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No idea. I bailed from NetFlix as soon as they hire Obama. But it says the genre is Comedy, Fantasy and Sci-fi. Take that for what's it's worth.

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Check out the Tippens Protocol. Scroll down to the last one if you are taking it as a prophylactic.


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All the fendendazole I've seen is a dry tasteless powder in 1 gram packets. Most people mix it in their dog's food. For human consumption is works well to mix it in a smoothy or a glass of orange juice, although you can just dump it on your tongue and chase it down with water or any beverage no problem.

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Just order it online. Lots of places have it. I ordered 5 tubes/syringes of Ivermax ($9.95) from Cool Horse and received them in 3 days.

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Q: What are viruses?

A: Viruses are small obligate intracellular parasites, which by definition contain either a RNA or DNA genome surrounded by a protective, virus-coded protein coat.


Q: What does Ivermectin, HCQ destroy?

A: parasites

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any other source for this?

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The Gospel of Q or Q Source is only a hypothetical theory. The book doesn't exist and there is no evidence that it ever existed. It's basically a theory dreamed up by people who can't fathom (believe) that God inspired both Mathew and Luke. They also say that this book, that no one has ever seen, didn't mention the death and resurrection of Jesus. All that crap is just another trick of Satan to deny Jesus was Divine.

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Pushing the boosters is my guess. Otherwise we'd never hear they had Covid and were vaxxed.

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Prophets in the Bible were inspired by God. Q is part of a military intelligence group. If you can't see the difference you are deluded. I've never heard an anon speak of Q as a prophet or divinely inspired. God has no need to "fool" the evil side, His will is going to be done no matter what the demonic try.

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If you don't understand the importance of deception in relaying open information in a covert operation then you are out of your league.

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