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They won't be able to walk down the street.

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Probably more of a CIA asset. Trained at The Farm just like Edward Snowden and Bruce Ohr's wife Nellie.

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It's hard and losing one takes a lot out of you. I've had Labs for most of my 71 years but for the last 6 years I've been dogless. I think for every Lab I've lost over the years I also lost a little bit of myself. Now I just don't think I have enough of me left to lose another one.

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it doesn't typically cause pouring rain or flooding

Tell that to the Vietnam vets, especially the SF camp that was flooded out when we used cloud seeding on the Ho Chi Minh Trail from 1967-1972. Yeah it works and it works with a vengeance. It worked so well it was mentioned in the Pentagon Papers. It was carried out by 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron motto "Make Mud Not War". It was called Operation Popeye.

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Wish I knew because the vax was the first thing I thought about when I heard about his heart attack. So far I haven't seen or read anything about his vax status.

Edited to add: As for my thoughts, I would almost bet he was vaxxed. I wondered the same thing about Toby Keith although the only thing I found was that his whole crew got vaxxed early on. So I have to assume he did also.

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That neck couldn't support his fat ass. The outcome of hanging would result in decapitation. But that's ok in my book.

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You keep believing that. Tier 1 operators (Pipe Hitters) like Delta, DEVGRU and 24th STS choose which sidearm they want to carry. Most of them carry a custom M1911 .45 aka God's Caliber.

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That was more of a frag grenade. It's going to leave a mark.

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Exactly. Pure comms. The shooter is the commanding officer and the ship is the USS John S McCain.

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Fun fact: They will also have to put his USSS detail in jail with him. And they are all armed with select fire MP5's and some probably held on to their Sig P229 in .357 Sig instead of opting for the Glock peashooters.

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You're correct, my bad. It was Soleimani and although he was deleted in Baghdad outside the airport and Iran weakly retaliated with a few missiles.

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The Iran missile attack were ineffective and intentionally so. Iran leaders simple had to save face. If you remember they did the same thing after POTUS took out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019. They fired off a bunch of missiles that didn't hit anything but sand. They even informed the US military that they weren't going to hit any bases.

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It was a joint operation of CIA and Mossad. JFK refused to let Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion have nukes. It got so bad that Ben-Gurion had to resign. Israel needed to get Kennedy out of the way and the CIA was scared shitless Kennedy was going to follow through on his promise to disband the CIA. Hence a perfect marriage of evil CIA/MOS. They are still connected at the hip to this day. Oswald was just a handy patsy. He may have been involved in some way but he was not the shooter(s).

The Battle of the Letters, 1963: John F. Kennedy, David Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol, and the U.S. Inspections of Dimona

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