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Exactly. In my opinion the balloon was an American launched distraction/hoax from the latest Project Veritas video on Pfizer. - Plus Blinken was about to have his ass handed to him again by China. - The China meeting has now been kicked down the road, whilst massaging the anti-China fervor in the West.

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You realize that in the US the news is telling Americans a weather balloon is a Chinese spy balloon.

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Those are MH-6 Little Birds which is the signature of 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) "Night Stalkers". No idea what they are up to but they never run drills over civilian populations. That's about as taboo as it gets. So whatever they are doing it isn't training or drilling.

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Yep. Looks like you beat me to it. I checked and didn't see your post. Sorry.

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Reading the article tells us he wasn't charged, he was accused by McCarthy and Pompeo.

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As any planefag knows Google has balloons up at high alt almost all the time. They are usually around 75,000+ feet. Google = China, half a dozen of one six of the other.

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Window to the soul.

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I hope the White Hats are providing security for PV.

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If you don't read on the site Moon of Alabama you are missing out on a lot of good intel. There are some people there, many former military from US, Germany and other countries, that are up to date on conflicts around the world.

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Not really. The CDC, FDA, pharma and medical community have been brainwashing people for decades before they dropped the Covid bomb into the minds of the masses. People have been programmed for generations to believe everything that they were told by these entities.

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It's almost as if God planned it that way.

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And plants make O2 so that we can breathe.

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I like how he put it in he kill box.

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Promising the Abrams is mostly a big show by Biden and company. It will be many months or possibly even a year or more before those Abrams enter the war zone. They first have to train the Nazis how to operate an Abrams, train the mechanics how to repair and maintain them and stockpile tons of replacement parts.

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