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Yes I have. God's timing is perfect. He picked people who will stand and not be crushed by seeming defeat. My candidate started building an Initiative to change our state the day after the election.

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Trump endorsed Vance and LaRose and Yost in Ohio. ALL bad, bad, bad choices when we had citizen candidates to run against these absolute RINOs. It has turned huge swaths of people against him, saying they'd never vote for him again. I continue to believe it's part of a strategy. But it's difficult to live in Ohio and NOT doom with DeWine winning the primary. Sure feels like another installation.

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Elect citizen candidates to the Senate who cannot be bought. They won't vote for these criminals to be leader. We had one in Ohio who would never vote for McConnell but the Deep State sunk his chances by backing the carpetbagger Vance. Primaries MATTER!!!!

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The FBI and CIA were created to secretly be the tools of the Deep State. We just didn't know it.

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Those are from the Rachel Chandler drops showing CCTV of the underground of Epstein island. Neither Nan or Hils, it's a younger person.

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Don't forget the Albert Sensors on the machines. Set to only detect the hackers they didn't want to allow access to but not the ones they allowed.

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Thanks! I celebrated yesterday by my kids taking me to the local range for the first time, they had a Mother's Day special. Now to decide what I want to buy....

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My own bottom line is the FACT that for us humans........ Pregnancy is 100% preventable. 100%. Not a mysterious thing that just 'happens' to poor female victims. THAT is all.

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Leftists ARE children. Keep your own kids away from this crap.

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Mark Pukita. The only Conservative in the race. Gibbons is NOT MAGA, he is big banks... and btw- he's slipping as in senile.

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Endorsements are a quid pro quo game. People need to to think and choose the best candidate on their merits. People outside the state know nothing of Ohio swamp politics.

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