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The entire fahrenheit scale was setup so that 66.6 could be used for the human body. So either Mr Fahrenheit did this on purpose or something was working through Fahrenheit to make that happen.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

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66.6 is in all kinds of things. The average temperature for the human body is 66.6 degrees above freezing on the fahrenheit scale.

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Not leaving the office has nothing to do with still being President. After President Trump wins He will be sworn in January 20th at 12:00pm. At that point Biden is just a private citizen. Biden does not have enough support to play games. There will be no need for the military to remove him. Removing him does not mean physically removing him. It just means removing him from power.

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If the vote were somehow cancelled it would be no big deal. The popular vote does not vote for the President. The Electoral College votes for the President. The State Legislatators would get together and vote for their Electoral College canididates for each state Those canididates would then vote for President. There is zero provision in the constitution to extend the Presidents Term. They can try bluffing but it won't work. If for some reason the Electoral College could not get together and vote the problem will fix itself. On Jan 20th 2025 at 12:01pm eastern time the USA will have NO President.

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Everyone has been worried about hyperinflation. When the real problem wii be depression and a drop in prices on all things usually bought on credit.when this is over americas addiction to credit will be decimated. It's about time

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I think the simple answer would be to crush the cabal here and around the world. Including south america. Cut off all government payments to people here. Let them go home to their country that is opening vast opportunities with their new freedom

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Think about the vastness of space. hundreds of millions of light years away.

If someone dropped one drop of water somewhere in the earths oceans it would be easier to find the water molecules that created the original drop then to find other life in the vastness of space.

Vastness of space does not create more possibility it just creates more unlikelihood of finding anything.

Q said we are not alone. Q also said that God wins. We can see from some of the Q drops that Q believes that there is a God. If Q is telling the truth about God than you have to realize that there are other dimensions.

That is what the bible has been saying all along. People are just hung up on the idea that anything in the bible is religion.

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You are claiming that Q is talking about aliens from another planet.

I am saying that I believe Q is talking about extra dimensional beings.

There is more than the three-dimensional space that our 5 senses preceive to be all reality.

It makes more sense that we could be in contact with extra dimensional beings than beings that are 100 million light years away.

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I don't think Q ever said there are aliens. Q did say we are not alone but he could have been referring to God along with spirit beings

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Adam and Eve did not eat an apple. They ate fruit from the tree of THE knowledge of good and evil not an apple tree. (not the tree of knowledge as some claim)

They could have been in the garden 100s of years before they ate from the tree. We have no way of knowning.

This story has NOTHING to do with premarital sex. They were "married" at Eve's creation. Besides the ONLY sin they could have commited at the time was eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

The sin that Adam and Eve did is the same one we all do to this day.

Adam and Eve no longer did what was right in the eyes of God. They did what was right in THEIR eyes. They wanted to be god deciding what is right and wrong.

All evil stems from doing what is right in our eyes, and not the eyes of God.


There are not many different versions of the bible. There are many translations of the bible. Even many different English translations. Some groups add or take away different books. some groups attempt to twist their translations to push their falsh teachings.

The bible was written over a span of 1500 years so of course there are many different authors. I am not sure why you think that is a problem. Try to find anything else written over a span of 100 years and see if it all matches up.

Of course much of scripture is symbolic. The bible is not designed to be read through for understanding. It was designed to be read over and over and meditated on. As your faith grows the symbolic imagery takes on new meaning within your heart.

Bottom line for understanding the bible. It's not about knowledge. It's about relationship. If you seek God with a seekers heart and you will find God who is the truth. The more you seek God the more of God you will find.

So that would be my general answer for someone that wants to know the truth.

The truth will not be given to you, You must search for it and take it. The world despises the truth. The world will do everything possible to keep it from you.

In the end the truth is free but it will cost you everything you have.

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I don't buy that President Trump is a egomaniac. An egomaniac would not allow himself to be humbled in the sight of the world. His ego will not allow it.

Another problem with President Trump being an egomaniac. An egomaniac thinks he is the most important/powerful person in the world. President Trump doesn't think that HE KNOWS IT!

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I believe it will be faster than you think but not fast enough. It will last as long as necessary for the nation to wake up.

The recovery will be very fast.

President Trump has said there will be a nationwide celebration from Memorial Day 2025 until July 4th 2026.

That is not going to happen in a depression. But it sure could happen as we come out of a depression.

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That was an AWESOME read!!! They KNOW he is going to win and they are scared out of their minds.

It reminds me of the old McDonald's theme song.

ba da ba ba ba

I'm loving it.

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That's why I think a national draft is in the works. Both male and female. Only when it hits close to home will people wake up.

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I don't know who posted this on Instagram. President Trump has said repeatedly that he will only be posting on Truth Social.

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From what I understand. The Judge has already ruled President Trump is guilty. The trial is about how much money President Trump will have to fork over. This is going to blow up in their faces again.

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It doesn't bother me when someone disagrees with my views on Trump. He is the best President in my entire lifetime. If someone does not agree if does not offend me. I know it is a fact.

If someone starts with the leftist bs I very kindly say that I disagree. I tell them that they do not like the strawman that the media claims is Trump. I also tell them I don't like that strawman either.

The relationship is pretty much over. The thing is this. It is not over because of anything I did. I go way out of my way to be polite and courteous.

The relationship is over because I am not giving them any ammo proving that Trump supporters are racist lunatics. Since I am not supporting their world view I make them uncomforable.

I am not going to lie to them by pretending I am not a Trump supporter. When people with TDS see everyday sane people that are Trump supporters the narrative begins to have a tenuous grip on them.

As the great awakening continues many will start to see the truth. I do not want to be the one that holds someone back because of the way I treated them in the past.

THE ONLY way to win is with LOVE. Treat others as you would want to be treated. You may not see the results now but give that seed of love time to grow.

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Are they finally admitting that it will be impossible to cheat enough to win? We know they don't care about the actual vote. They have always been able to play with those numbers. Did somebody take their ball away and now they know they can no longer play?

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