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BTW... "Fossil fuel" is a misnomer... Oil doesn't come from fossils.

We all know that... right?

And what kind of name is "B.1.630" for a covidhoax variant?

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Def not the clot-shot... Facepalm.

My step mom in law's doc wouldn't even test her for cv19. He was sure she didn't have it.

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Rapey Bill... Sepsis is a vax side effect.

I hope its painful.

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anyone here have an original image? I'll post that shit every where...

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Here in central Fl... Not a con-trail in sight.


Flight board for Orlando shows flights arriving tho...

Not sure what is real... But FAA is saying the "staffing shortage" at JAX ATC are not covid vax mandate related.

And they would never lie 😉

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If they were opposed to the new clot shot why would they want the old clot shot?


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The Zionists (Pharisees) and the Bolsheviks (Sadducees) have hated each other for thousands of years... IMO...

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I thought the same thing... those eyes are too close together or maybe they are too small... facial symmetry is definitely fucked up.

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funny how no one has stepped up to defend these clowns as just regular patriots.

more proof they are glowies.

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facebook stuff was all staged.

FB whistleblower using Jen Psaki's PR firm and was part of the team that censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. she's a karen of the highest order.

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He was pushing that fake FB whistleblower story too...


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Controlled op. Its what the CIA does.

And he's a major douche bag.

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I worked there, in HQ, had a real mind-control vibe. And Dallas was a shithole. Glad I left.

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I hope he presses for his right to try a real cure.

But, a cured patient is a lost customer...

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