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We were still half and half of Biden/Trump even with rampant voter fraud and thousands of bussed in Louisiana votes

We are not red but the idea we are blue is a lie.

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I am in Houston. Looks like my cozy is coming to an end, time to man the meme cannons if she actually runs

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Commenting just to be comment 17

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The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

Future proves past. Digital soldiers. Yeah

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We are near our final pope, he will not be antipope like the ones we have seen as of late. he will be a good man and lead people not to the Church but to Jesus. He will be one of Christ's favorite children, there is no need to fear

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You are not wrong.

Remember God created the entire multiverse, and it has a SET logic that can not be broken.

Every attempt to break the logic

BABEL TOWER Witchcraft REVERSE Babel Tower (CERN) Beast system etc

Has failed or will fail

The things even people here think are retarded, like med beds, chambers, etc

They are part of how we get from plain regular Earth to Post Q New Kingdom (1000 years of peace on Earth)

If he survives, he may see those advents and come out a new man




Death is the biggest lie of the cabal, faith of a mustard seed is enough to break it

but having that faith is sooo hard...zero doubt..zero fear

Trust, believe, have faith

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Cake for breakfast.

I am not lying.

Cake for breakfast got me out of bed ASAP

Bake a delicious birthday cake, chocolate cake, his favorite cake, without him knowing

and tell him there is cake for breakfast, he won't believe you the first time then when he gets to the table (mind blown)

Pizza for breakfast is also an option

I am trying to take the whimsical, sweet route by the way. I am sure there are other methods but my thing is...

I didn't have a tablet as a child (they didn't exist) I would still stay up in bed wondering what super hero would beat who or thinking about pretty girls. So even without screens, when kids want to stay up, they will stay up.

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Can anyone in FL or who spend time researching gender politics please provide non cucked perspective on the "girls have to report their periods" if they play sports story libtards are freaking out about

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Based on his life, he may have had stirring thoughts from the very beginning but his surroundings or self imposed mental limits kept him from realizing it

The checklists and mile markers of life don't make any sense to an awake person really.

Be born, go through 12 years of school, then either another 4-12 years of school or immediately become a wage slave, spend 10-30 years work to "own" a home (that the government and taxes really own) and raise children to do the exact same thing

In most cases existential and emotional growth will never happen. So you have loveless marriages, broken families, depression, mental illness, atheism, agnosticism, etc all as a result of an endless cycle that makes no logical sense whatsoever

I think it is one reason Trump often returns to talking of how we used to be pioneers, warriors, creators, inventors, artists, explorers, etc

At one point in time, we had kids (because it is part of nature) but we did not live an entire life cycle just to build a nest and reproduce..we managed to do all these amazing things in reforming and reinventing society, constant breakthroughs and realizations...

Now the most connected people with the most knowledge and information available..have been reduced to helpless birds

I do not blame anyone for just being a NEET

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Look at it this way, He is just a future autist! today it is mobile games and dog videos. tomorrow it will be hundred page declass files and archive.is pages

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I do not like Ron but this could also be a way to appear distant from Ron

That way Ron can ignore any NY requests without seeming biased

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My wife used to use a certain word a lot. everyday in many ways

Now maybe once a month if at all

I am very proud of her finally breaking the habit from her college days

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No wonder he divorced Katy Perry

Katy turned away from Christ

And Christ must have already been working in Russel's heart

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I am a Christian but the push for theocracy here is concerning. I had someone say teenagers who have sex should be killed. Everyone seems ok with full abortion bans even when most of them ban abortion even in the case of rape or incest.

It is very troubling

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Major corporations and organizations were still pushing masks and vaccines even a year ago. If you want to pretend that they wouldn't have crippled every state but Texas and Florida, be my guest. I am fortunate to live in Texas where lockdown was a joke but what about every other state?

Honestly even the Bible itself makes the statement of the end not being for everyone. Whether it be God knowing who his children are or the concept of the elect, the Bible has plenty of evidence that some people can't or won't be saved.

It would be easy to just blame Trump for the shot. But what if things had been different? What if the rollout had been like flu or meningitis shots? A slow but steady trickle of doses and subliminal programming convincing the world it is perfectly safe, and the side effects and died suddenlies are never noticed, until everyone is compromised. At least the way things are, at least half of the country is pureblooded.

The vaccine had to be pushed forward to cripple it because it was part of a much longer and sinister plan. Warp speed developed an incomplete and ineffective technology that would not accomplish the accelerationist plan of the cabal (thus why people aren't dying en masse quickly)

Here is an image pertaining to the goetia key, said to be drawn in the 15th century but originating from the esoteric mysticism of King Solomon. Literally the key to pushing forward end phenomena in philosphocal terms


What does that bottom right image look like?

"things that make you go hmmm"

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So you wanted the poison vax to not exist? So they could lock us down for a decade?

You wanted the poison vax to not exist, so that natural selection doesn't take place?

The same goes with Biden. The average person is being forced to contend with the idea corporate democrat policies do not work. Liberals hate each other, and in arguing about needing the party to go even further left, are alienating all their real non deceased or undocumented voters.

Furthermore, socially the pendulum is shifting so far left, that society will revolt and swing it right back without Trump even lifting a finger.

Everything is getting exposed, even the "wins" we have accomplished like abortion bans are all part of the plan of exposing corruption at every level. I assure you when the dust settles both sides of that argument will be very happy. That is just one small example of think mirror..the sides of every coin..that nothing is as it seems

You have been infected with Nihilism, and the powers that be INCLUDING powers amongst us are doing their part that nihilism takes root so strongly nothing short of the Christ Himself can uproot it

And in that, I tell you, it is BS. The dooming, the blackpills, the realism, the pragmaticism. It is all a lie. We are made in His image, we have the very same cosmic ability to create. Not even just procreation, but the ability to will dreams and ideal into fruition, into tangible realities. The key to uprooting nihilism is within you...

But you don't even want the popcorn, you will let it stay there growing stale and chewy...

While I am over here eating fresh batches, in the absolute confidence of the Lord that everything is going according to the plan

Breathe in, smell the air, feel the very fabric of existence telling you the truth. That is ultimately why I have faith in Trump and Q still..the very universe tells me to not be in fear.

If you can't, even for a moment, perhaps the end is not for you. Sad, but maybe true?

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Slay is slang for looking good or "I'm hot" it is like saying "I'm killing it"

It is pretty logical, actually decent slang but its is too often associate with lgbt idiots

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Someone should have been a pro wrestler, with that promo she cut

I remember stating those numbers and got kicked out of a discord for it

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I saw them live once, very fun

If you crave more Japanese girl does rock. Check out Roselia from the Bang Dream franchise


Probably one of my favorite songs ever

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