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It is an hiv med pretty much. do not even pick up the pills.

Horrible long term effects

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I see where you are coming from but one, in countries like Mexico and Argentina skin color pecking order is real. Most consider themselves white thus blacks and pure indigenous people are looked down on

and also, all hispanics are 30% to full blown white depending on genetics/family. So...it is not that ridiculous ideas especially when blacks can be called uncle toms

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It is because of precedent. Alex Jones lost a suit and had to pay up and force apologize

Do you think Elon wants any of his users or his own platform to be sued the same?

And over bs? Who cares? Only a lower domain fool would die on a hill for Sandy Hook or 9/11 or da jooz

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QUITE a few (too many if you ask me) basic bitches of all political persuasions love yaoi so this movie will be a hit

3d yaoi is a lot uglier than 2d yaoi

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both sides are coming together because balenciaga is not the one doing it. Uniparty is pissed they outed it

Balenciaga will be a fall guy, pay close attention

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Further sauce, off the website

**We are taking a break from taking new orders for soft packers. While we’re catching up, we’re always here to help folks make their own!

They have not sold packers for well over a year from what I can see via cache and they never sold many. It is purely virtue signaling.

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Old news. This was reported in 2021 And they sell like one a year. It is just virtue signaling.

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This is absolutely necessary for people to know

It is literal human transmutation...these doctors are not doctors, they are occultists. This is what nazi scientists did....it should never happen in the free world

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I do not support the lgbt agenda..

But their laws are not those of freedom

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Yeah, that is what I was thinking. It has to be anon..AT LEAST I HOPE IT IS.

LVMH (louis vuitton) are Trump supporters and I know there are a lot of fashion houses that still have a good relationship with Melania


balenciaga is one of them. Children are a big priority to Melania so why would balenciaga o that?

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So what if this is the other way around? Balenciaga making a statement on trafficking and CP

it was my wife's gut reaction and I agree

Seems to me like Balenciaga is not projecting but exposing someone

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It seems more like someone in Balenciaga is anon and decided to out the pedos through a campaign

By this logic, the insta purge is DS trying to cover

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The Hunt For Red October [4K UHD + Blu_ray + Digital Copy] [Blu-ray] https://a.co/d/ibLT4ob

Anyone else think there is a weird comm here, with a BLUE cover instead of red?

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ashland thank you for posting. I posted too because I did not see this. Thank you for letting people know

I am sure between kids of the 90s and their parents who are both the kinds of people here, there are a lot of fans. I wish he had known Q..he might not have ended things the way he did

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Mutiple sources online. I instantly thought vaccine since he ran a dojo and did a lot of conventions but apparently he hung himself

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I just followed him and set notifications to ON For the single account

we know exactly what is coming!!

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if ashland works for the bee that is fine, they only pay him in kibble and I do not think enough dogs work for them to like unionize and demand actual money. So if he shills for them here..i mean a dog's gotta eat, who are we to judge?

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Because it is a single transmission and kb in data size.

A cell tower by a small neighborhood will have 1000 users off peak. Just simple web browsing or sending pictures can cause congestion, much less streaming video or video calling.

Think of your home wifi. You are right in the middle of the signal and your home still has deadspots. Now mutiply this times a hundred. Throw in multiple buildings, cars, foiliage, etc

Do you really want data throttling? do you want the fcc to decide what data deserves throttling? Do you think congested networks help emergency services, businesses, etc?

Someone here already mentioned how cell towers are low powered. Let's put it in numbers. If you lived right next to a tower, your absorption is 3mw/sq m

Any noticable effects do not happen til 80. Even if you held your handset all day you would not approach that.

If you are worried about efi, keep your router out of your bedroom and use band steering and qos modes to reduce your power output while maintaining netwoerk continuity

I swear, some of you guys are technophobes. For reference, your own bodies put out a charge. A gathering of a dozen reads higher than 3mw just off your own electromagnetic charge

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I know we don't like her because of the Clinton link

But the entire msm trashing her makes me think there is more to it.

Is her downfall perhaps the DS turning on her? What exactly led to losing her role...

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Seems like we are finding out who is truly loyal

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Weaponized frogs...perfect for scaring liberals

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