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Here's hoping that she realized that she better "disappear" for a while, until things settle down. She has done fantastic work and if so, taking a break for safety is well deserved.

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If true, this validates the voracity of her research. Having watched Fall of the Cabal, and many of the sequels, I was left wondering why they haven't taken her out. Well, there you go. So very sad. It's dangerous to speak the truth these days!!!!

I think of Rush Limbaugh. I'm betting that somebody put something in his environment to give him cancer.

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Musk is turning into another Trump. He's not afraid to say and do whatever he thinks is right. He can't be bought, bribed, or blackmailed. What a tremendous benefit to our world.

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So we have to ask this question: It is well known that communism is a movement that strives to destabilize and overthrow countries. Why do we allow CPUSA????

Maybe it's because our own government is infiltrated and plays along with the CPUSA agenda!!!!!!

These people are traitors and must receive a traitors invitation to appear in a tribunal.

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I used to get Popular Science in high school. I built a little steam engine in HS machine shop. The plans came from an ad in Popular Science.

The failure of the magazine is the result of idiots who don't know enough to put something meaningful together.

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Ugh!! My company is always sending out these ridiculous diversity emails. I just delete them without opening. Utter trash.

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I have repeatedly told people to wear white at my funeral. Death for a Christian is a celebration, that we finally get out of this messed up world and are ushered into the presence of Christ. In Him, there is NO darkness, so why should we be wearing black?

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Some statistics on the number of clunkers destroyed would have been good, and especially to show what percentage of older cars were removed. The author makes it seem like we just can't find cheap used cars any longer and so that is the sole reason why young people have no incentive to drive.

I maintain that this is BS. I can go on Craigslist or FB Marketplace and find a good selection of cheap cars. Additionally, the population of expensive cars get downgraded to cheap cars in just a few years, replenishing the cheap population. The greater reason that so many young people don't want to drive is sheer laziness and lack of ambition. They are perfectly content accomplishing nothing, with their faces pasted to games and social media on the phones or on the computer. They are complacent and comfortable living at home with parents, having all their needs met. This has nothing to do with availability of cheap cars.

I agree that Obama's goal with Cash for Clunkers was to remove affordable cars and possibly to remove low-tech cars that can be easily maintained. But everything Barry did was to weaken the country. As with many things that Obama did, he failed. We will come roaring back and Barry will be brought to justice.

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Have a good friend who got the jab, then ended up with a blot clot in his leg. I told him I wasn't getting the shot, not sure how much I warned him. Dr told him that it wasn't from the vax. F the drs!!!!!!

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How comforting to hear these creeps validating what we are hoping for. Bring it on!!! Swift justice with no mercy for traitors.

The best thing to prevent this from happening any time soon is for public hanging, or firing squad executions. Give miscreants a heavy dose of fear of being caught and punished for such crimes.

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Satan is not omnipresent, so he is in one place. But he has lots of demons running around doing his work. And then there are the dems who serve satan.

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Do not fear Islam, but fear Him who is able to cast both body and soul into hell.

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It will clean up real quick!!!!!

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Is it worthwhile to pick up a copy if Eyes Wide Shut?

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They don't need to investigate it. They already know everything about it. It was THEIR PROJECT!!!!!

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I sent that to my lib brother. He's as left as can be, but would still get a laugh out of it.

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They actually squawk AF1? Come on, are we so stupid as to advertise where DJT is when he's in the air? He probably puts the fake news in AF1, then rides in one of the escort fighters. /sarc

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