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Glad someone actually asked instead of blindly defending her :)

Here she is speaking at the Fabian society (2nd picture): https://imgur.com/a/YivdG3C https://imgur.com/a/Hfcm2qF

I already posted the tweet showing she had no idea what Q even was. Now she presents herself as an insider who regurgitates things other podcasters have claimed. This is grifting.

Look in Marc Zell another avid zionist: https://imgur.com/a/YU2Rsj4

And here she is spreading the ridiculous Trump for Speaker narrative https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE8pPW28sOU

Oh and here she is questioning Trump's psychological stability: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=iphone&p=dr+jan+harper-hayes+trump+psychological+disorder#id=1&vid=6c30ec809a3142852a51dc1fbf75fef2&action=click

There's quite a bit of evidence she's up to no good.

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As the community notes indicate, there's not actually any evidence for the claim in the tweet.

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She's a bad apple for sure. A member of the Fabian society. Should tell everyone all they need to know about her.

Also, she's posed as an insider who's close to the Q team and yet posted a tweet back in 2018 clearly indicating she didn't even know what Q was https://twitter.com/Biz_Shrink/status/1024672296269754369

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provide evidence

dismisses evidence even though it's directly from the person in question.

Alright man, you do you. You can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink and all that.

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This is why it's so damned important to call out lies when you see them. Even if it is inconvenient to your own beliefs and worldview. Always follow the truth, no matter where it takes you. You may be surprised where you end up.

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Honestly, he's probably being blackmailed or coerced into running like ole Ronny boy is if I had to take a guess. Not sure he's doing it of his own volition. What an analysis of the situation should probably tell us is that the DS is desperate enough that they're resorting to these sorts of last-ditch maneuvers. Too bad for them Trump is unstoppable.

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Correct. I see too many people falling for bad actors because they speak the truth on one or two particular subjects. Remember, 90% of what AJ says is the truth but his intent is to mislead you in the wrong direction. People need to start using a little more discernment going forward.

Sift out whatever truth is valuable from these sorts of actors but also recognize them for who they are.

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He literally just explained the opposite in the video. Did you even watch it?

"I take more votes from President Trump than I do from President Biden."

"Right, so why would that help him?" (In reference to Trump)

"It's not helping him"

Let the evidence speak for itself instead of superimposing what you want to believe over the reality.

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The holocaust is wielded as a blank check for ZOG to do just about anything.

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It's an easy argument to refute. The baby's body is not their mom's body. Just because the baby is within the woman's body doesn't mean the baby suddenly stops having a right to have its body protected.

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The truth is that atrocity propaganda is a disgusting tool used by psychopaths to try and justify heinous actions against the targeted population (in this case palestinians) and if it weren't an effective tool in their toolkit then they wouldn't bother trying to spend media assets on pushing this trash. Stop wasting your time in trying to prevent anons and independent journalists from debunking outrageous and false media claims.

Lies deserve to be debunked no matter what shape they take. Fullstop.

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