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Caption: Bill Gates smugly administers toxic and deadly pathogens into an unsuspecting family's son under the guise of protection.

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The younger ones might when they try to have kids...

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Remember their last investigation only lasted 5 hours?

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how long has this tech existed?

Well the collection mechanism for this tech started with Facebook (TIA (Total Information Awareness project) and continued by every other social media company along with most other components of the internet now a days.

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Literally first time I read that my very first thought was damnit they're gonna arrest Trump

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What has also risen is my anger and frustrated with all the wilful sheep around me.

I remember years ago, probably about the same time as this study, arguing with someone saying -- don't you find it weird that the democrats randomly and quietly stopped calling it "global warming" and switched it out for "climate change"?

I was trying to get the person to read Between the lines without success lol

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Bahaha I hate how much I can relate to this meme right now.

While my finances have quickly dried up since losing my job a few months back I am extremely fortunate to be very wealthy and prosperous with a loving family, their good health, and my continued drive to do whatever it takes for them.

Today I am thankful for the dirty dishes, because it means we ate. I am thankful for the dirty clothes, because it means I have some to wear. I am thankful for the roof over our heads and the patriots around.

Have a great day today frens

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Congratulations!!! Wishing all the wealth, health and happiness for your newest edition and your family. All the best.

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To any parents on here... are your kids on the internet/ social/ etc...? if you truly believe there is a 5g war being waged. If you truly believe the government is waging a propaganda war, then why are your kids on the internet? Get them off.


How do you get someone's money if they never spend it? Inflation.


How do you get direct access to kids minds if the parents are blocking you? The internet.

Please remember...

Practice makes perfect.

Repition makes habits.

The more we see something, the more likely we are to like something and the more we like something the more likely we trust that something.

So please remember... you may impart your views to your kids, but your kids go online and then immediately are bombarded with thousands of people, entities, organizations, let alone our own government and let alone your own family and friends with full on propaganda to hijack your kids mind. That repition... can be be deadly and create fractures in your kids belief systems, values, morals, outlooks etc...

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The 1994 bill did literally nothing. Nothing.

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Oldish clip but first time I'm seeing it and I have a raging freedom boner over it.

Good on this mayor

This is the fucking way

Charge them all

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And they're too embarrassed to admit it because:

  1. They're doing insanely illegal and gut wrenching things in there

  2. They can't admit it because it gives Russia a "win"

  3. They can't admit it because the most advanced military in the world, who's budget absolutely fucking dwarfs the next 10 nations has NO defensive capabilities against it

  4. It calls attention to (C) (EYE) FUCK YOU (A) activities (among others)

  5. Confirms Nato and US have been there all along

  6. Because Biden is a pedophile

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This reminds me how Google, Apple and Microsoft host the most child POROGRAHY than any other company in the world, inclusive of location data, device data, camera data, gps coordinates, demographic data.... yet they just can't seem to figure out who these people are, where they're at, their likes, affinities, places of interest, frequently visited place, time spent at place, travel history, post history, etc... despite scanning through all of their clients shit all day every day.....

Hmmmm.... 🤔

Good thing Banks can't see transaction history, transfer history, demographic data, recipients, frequency, amounts or otherwise!! Because then you know they'd be helping out


Fuck these banks

Fuck their executive leadership teams

Fucking fuck their DEI bullshit programs

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Why would they need to subpoena it? Banks at and financial institutions have America's values at the fore front of what they do and would have proactively told us that weird shit was going on with hunter! I mean some of us trust them with our entire life's earnings so they would be trust worthy with protecting America! ... right????...... right.....?????


Fuck banks

Fuck bank of pedos.. I mean bank of America

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Dear Frens,

I love you all. We don't know each other. We have never met each other yet we have all been there for each other through the good, bad and the ugly. When family and friends abandoned me/ us. When society dejected us. When we went through 24/7 full court psychological warfare against us... you were all there. We supported each other, felt for each other and encouraged each other.

For helping me get through all the hard times unscathed. For enriching my knowledge to better help the future and protect my family.

I am forever grateful and love you all.

See you all at the eagles nest for a drink when this is all over

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Bahaha jokes on me, after losing my job 4 months ago I have none to put any where lol

:( ugh

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I'm going to punch you in the face

punches you in face

Wow look I'm a prophet

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