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... and that's when I'll forever part ways with X

Or is this just for paid users?

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I can't keep up with his casting changes anymore kek

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can last generations

That's heartbreaking. These people effed up their own dna and effed up the chance for the kids and grandkids to be healthy.

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What The Fuck Is Wrong With People.

Imagined the pitch meeting for this show in a crowded conference room. Yeah guys... we're uh.. gonna have a bunch of people get naked in front of kids.


Uh learning?

What the fuck.

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Nazis hated that community, banned their books, and wanted to remove that ideology from Germany.

But otherwise it hurt 0 alphabet soup people living today.

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I feel like we should possibly change the voting date too. The fact that we vote for our next president pretty much right after holloween has never sat right with me. Feels like a satanic ritual of sorts

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Could be an allegory. Or think robocop. How do you get real estate cheap? Artificially drive down the prices by creating bad neighborhoods through things like BLM/antifa. Buy up cheap. Implement strict control measures to push everyone out.

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It's kinda crazy when you first wake up and realize the world runs on punishment and humiliation

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I tell people all the time that we lost ww2, and they look at me dumbfounded.

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It doesn't always screw up the fingers, it just has a strong proclivity to do so.

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HR is too ironically. When the vaccines first rolled out, HR told me they'd never seen so many sick days taken at once but they couldn't figure out why and thought it was covid.... despite the only change being the vaccine roll out

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Interesting that In the post the chef is wearing a "There's greatness in our DNA" shirt. I know it's that one company, but makes me think of Q's DNA post about who wants your DNA, and then this guy gets offed in Obama land.

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